Socialists are just so damn willfully ignorant. They care nothing about truth as soon as it collides with their high and mighty morality.

I know this one socialist that I argue with frequently, and every time it gets more and more pathetic. He simply assumes that the reason people are poor is because corporations screw them over. Oh no, it could never be because these people are irresponsible or just simply apathetic; it must be the corporations that provide jobs for them. Whenever I try to make an argument, he instantly starts putting words in my mouth and attempts to make it sound like I want to go around killing poor people and anyone who tries to help them.

Are these people all retarded? Not to mention that this guy, or any socialist I've met for that fact, ever gave to charity in his life. He actually spent a couple thousand dollars to go down to Chile, and he smokes cigarettes until smoke is coming out of his ass. Wow, imagine what that money would mean to a poor person.

None of his arguments are really based upon fact; they're based upon some strange assumption that I'm supposed to give a shit that socialism is considered a 'noble cause.' He always says that it's 'for the people.' Oh really? You know who else was 'for the people?' HITLER!! YAY!! Why actually use reason and logic when you can use catch phrases that are commonly used to brain wash masses of people into following a dictator?

Socialists 2

Socialists don't even care about helping people. Every socialist I've ever come across tries to destroy other people. A few days ago a socialist wanted to take everybody's guns, and told them to get cancer if they didn't like it. Today I found a socialist that falsely accuses people of rape and being sexists. They even think they are doing good in the world when they are trash.

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