Sopa Again 1

Why can't the fucking Government just leave well enough alone with the internet. Yeah after they triedto shutdown the internet the first time, instead of giving up they decide to bring back SOPA and now this time they plan to put people in jail even if they draw fanart and fanfiction and post it to the internet. Seriously this is bullshit, why can't the Government leave the internet alone, and take care of more important matters like the economy and North Korea. What is the Government's beef with the internet and why do they think they can dictate it? They might as well Dictate the whole country because they are too damn corrupt and are unfit to run this Country.

I encourage everybody who reads this rant to go out and stop SOPA again and tell the Government to Fuck the Fuck Off and stop trying to ruin the internet. If we want to post fanart and fanfiction of the stuff that we love than it's our choice, and if we want to make rants about why the U.S. Government is full of braindead morons who aren't fit to cook a hamburger at McDonalds let alone run the Country than that's our choice. so to all stop SOPA once and for all and to the Government go do your damn job right AND GET OFF THE INTERNET'S ASS AND GIVE UP ALLREADY ON TRYING TO DICTATE THE GODDAMN INTERNET!

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