Social Security administration

The speed at which they process SSA and SSI claims could be very competitive with the speed of molasses in January. The hoops that you have to jump through to prove that you have a legit claim are unbelievable. And then by the time they finally decide you are indeed eligible they sit on their fat fucking asses forever until they finally decide to send you a damn check. Try real hard never to become handicapped, insane or otherwise incapacitated -- if you have to apply for Social Security you'll truly be screwed.

*Note from Anger Central
Try getting a foreign national into this country so you can marry her. The webmaster is still dealing with the Bureau of Crack heads, Incompetence and Stupidity.

Social Security 2

Social Security is nothing but a scam! I'll probably never see a dime of my hard-earned money. I'm sick of watching lazy low-lifes claim bad backs to get out of work and disability checks for free. And shame on dirty lawyers for allowing them to do so. Bad backs my ass, you should see these total fakers sprint for the mailbox on check day. I've even seen one hurdle himself over a fence like an Olympic Champ to catch the mailman. It's enough to make one cough up furballs! If my spouse and I expired at the same time, our money is kept by S.S. and distributed to the likes above. That's bullshit! Those funds should go to our working family! And the legislators don't have to pay into S.S. - don't even get me started on their fat cat benefits at our expense! And you're right Mr. Web man, people have got to stop voting for these scumbags! Me, I don't vote - for what? they're all corrupt and priviledged. If I had my way, we would be free of government - damned communists for dictating our lives! How the wicked prosper! But I will never shake hands with the devil. All sales are final - at least God is negotiable. Thanks for letting me vent. Social Unsecurity Girl.

*Note from Anger Central
Start maxxing out that 401K and IRA. Save every penny you can and invest wisely.

Social Security Administration 3

I am LIVID with the Social Security Administration. Why you ask am i angry with a group that does so much for the American people (haa!!). I am livid because. About 3 and a half years ago my father passed away. In turn i started receiving social security survivors benefits. That was all good, until about 4-5 months after i stopped receiving those benefits. At which point they send me a letter stating that they over paid me by a few months. $2500 was the amount supposedly over paid (bullshit). I tried and tried to get in touch with them and contest that i was overpaid. Talking to these people is like pulling teeth! Anyways i refused to pay and low and behold they start withholding my tax returns. They are fucking useless and if i had enough explosives id blow them the fuck up!

*Note from Anger Central
We gather you never read the postings of the Angry Webmaster in regards to his dealings with the dingle berries of the SSA. He referred to the woman not helping his wife as a potential porn star. ;)

Social Security Idiots 4


I built bridges for a living. I used to.

In 1988 I was on a light rail bridge project in Long Beach, CA and one day I walked out from under one structure and a 8 foot 4x4 fell from the bridge about 80 feet and nailed me right on top of my hard hat. I wasn't right thinking for weeks.

Anyhow, in 2003 I had my first brain surgery and have had three more since then.

The Social Security bastards made me crawl for 2 1/2 years to get my disability payments that the same bastards forcefully took from my pay check for 30 years!! Fuck them!! I fought the rotten, damned USELESS govt. paper pushers and got my money!!

If I had been a goddamned illegal alien that just swam the Rio Grande river the cocksuckers would've chased me down to give me benefits that I never contributed to!!

FUCK YOU govt. pinheads!!! I kicked your asses and got my money WITHOUT a fk'n lawyers help!!


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