Unfair New York State Bullshit Taxes

This is ridiculous! In addition to the highest energy and electric costs in the great 48, now we are getting hit with higher taxes -- more and more sales tax, more property taxes, etc. etc. And, as if this isn't bad enough? Now they have come up with the brilliant idea of levying taxes on Internet and online transactions out of state. Want to buy a teddy bear for your child in Oklahoma? That'll be $2 for the state of New York, please. Governor George Pataki and the rest of the weak and spineless NY legislators can kiss my California born, Kansas corn fed and raised ass! I'd like to see these LOSERS try to collect taxes on purchases I've made in Japan and Hong Kong. HA! :-) Next they will come up with the BRILLIANT idea of taxing eating, breathing and taking a shit not to mention peeing. *sigh*

*Note from Anger Central
So why do you keep voting these scumbags in??

New York State 2

I am so tired of New York State raising the Cigarette Tax. The first increase was in 1999 for .55. Now the total tax is $4.35 a pack. How greedy is NYS? And why are they hiding that greed under the guise of "Cigarettes are bad for you, and we are doing this to help quit". If this was for our health, you'd just ban cigarette sales in NYS. No, let's just charge the addicted people and make them pay for all our government lost causes. The least that NYS could do after raping smokers is to actual use the money to pay for free healthcare in NYS. The increase in the cigarette tax is almost 600% more than in 1999, that should generate about 2 billion in revenues, everyone should get free healthcare in NY. Yet, every year my healthcare premiums continue to double and triple with larger deductibles. So what are they doing with all our "sin" money?

taxes 3

I am so angry. I am owed some tax because some imbecile over-taxed my earnings. I'm earning peanuts and I've already told the idiots that they owe me money. They sent me a cheque but it was out of date. I contacted them TWO months ago and they said they'd would send another one in four weeks. Still have had nothing. Have spent two hours on the phone waiting to be put through to someone and no one is picking up, just exactly what are my taxes paying for?

*Note from Anger Central
Need you ask? Say hello to Wanda the welfare queen and her 8 brats. If you're in one of the Blue states, say goodbye to that money. They won't give it back. After all, it isn't like it's yours.

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