Donald Trump 1

I am so fed up with this Cheeto Faced Asshole who did not deserve to be President, the only reason he won because he was kissing Putin's Ass, yet of course he won't admit it because Trump Fears Impeachment, he's already done enough damage to this Country by pissing off Muslims, Mexicans, defending Police Brutality, and claiming the White Supremacists we're not wrong saying it's the fault of both; tell that to the woman that was run down by some sick fuck last week in Charlottesville. Now he's slamming those doing Anti Protests in Boston, it's obvious Trump is nothing more than Hitler reborn and his dumbass followers all need to be lined up against a wall and shot for voting this dickhead into Office. As for you Dumbass Webmaster the fact that you support this Carrot Faced Idiot sickens me, you are an embarrassment and a disgrace, you are a worthless, miserable, pathetic excuse of a man, and I don't blame your wife for leaving you, and guess won't I would never hire anybody who supports Trump because I would have them dead in a heartbeat, so fuck you Webmaster, if I ever did meet you in person I would wrap my hands around your scrawny neck and put you in a coma for the rest of your miserable life, and don't get all defensive behind your keyboard because you're not man enough to fight somebody like me, just like how all Trump voters and Trump himself isn't man enough to fight on their own. So fuck you Webmaster, and Fuck Trump, I hope this sorry excuse for a President gets Impeached or better yet hung.

*Note from Anger Central
Well, that took long enough. Donald Trump has been President for 8 months now.
FYI, Anger Central supports President Trump and wants people like this poster to know that you lost and we won.
Suck it up Buttercup! MAGA

The Dump Administration 2

Mr. Webmaster I hope you burn in hell along with all of the other uneducated, toothless, brainless, white trash inbreds that voted for this brainless orangutan in office. I'm so sick of Trump and I wish he would just get impeached already or assassinated along with Mike Pence so we don't half to deal with another sorry worthless excuse of a human being ruining the country.

Trump doesn't give a shit about the Country if he did he wouldn't be playing Golf just about every fucking day when he should be leading the Country. What kind of President spends most of his days in office playing Golf or going to his favorite state the inbred state of America, West Virginia and I fucking hate this whole goddamn hillbilly state they do nothing but tax their civilians into the poorhouse, bills that are too damn high, and yet these toothless inbred hillbillies still suck up to Trump and his lies. Fuck you West Virginia and I hope everyone in your state all suffers for your choices, including by your fatass governor Jim Justice and also Conrad Lucas can go fuck himself.

Also the Greed over People also should be locked up for taxing the poor and cutting taxes for the rich; way to go pretty boy Paul Ryan I really want to disfigure your stupid looking face for how much of a stuck up jackass you are. The rich doesn't need or deserve money from the poor if anything their the ones who should be getting taxed more not you giving our hard earned money away to your rich friends that you are in bed with all the time.

The FCC Chairman Ashit Pie should be deported from this country I don't give a rat's ass if he was born in Kansas I say let a Tornado blow him and his family back to where they belong away from the United States. Better yet I hope somebody burns his house down with him in it or skins his monkey ass alive especially making videos to mock those he took Net Neutrality away if I ever do see this fucker in person I would send his ass back to his sorry ass back to India or wherever his Family Immigrated from in an urn.

Like I said Ajit Pai should be deported from the United States not innocent civilians who have done nothing wrong; I say the ICE Police should be burned alive with flamethrowers. Fuck you ICE and I hope all of you BURN to death.

Let's not forget Trump tried to endorse a fucking pedophile Roy Moore as Alabama's Senator; guess what a much more deserving candidate won that honor, Doug Jones. It's no surprise that Trump would endorse such a morally corrupt person considering Trump has also raped and sexually assaulted underage girls but instead of being in prison he is our President; America what the fuck is wrong with you? You know what I don't blame players for protesting the National Anthem and you know what they should when you have Cops who kill innocent civilians and get away with murder when they should be stripped of their badges and locked up for a lifetime in Prison. Also David Clarke shut the fuck up you ugly sick bastard. I agree with what a ranter said you are the only black man that rightfully deserves to be called the N word; you are nothing more than a hypocrite and a disgrace to black people, to real Police Officers, and to your own family too and your sorry ass needs to be locked up and not be allowed food or water at all and see how you like it you sad, worthless, ignorant waste of skin.

By the way Fox News is Fake News and you Trump are a Fake President and a Fake Man. You're hate filled speeches have caused nothing but problems and has corrupted the minds of the stupid who voted for you. Guess what Trump Voters if I see any of you all wearing your Trump Pence Shirts or Build the Wall Shirts, I will beat the fuck out of you and make sure none of you ever walk again. You Trump Voters want to fight so bad guess what i'll give you a fight and make damn sure you all lose. Also Mr. Webmaster I wish you would get off your computer screen since you respond to a lot of rants and get so defensive anytime someone says the Truth about a lying sack of shit that Trump is, how about I wrap my hands around your Pencil Neck and you will see why your poor choice in politics will be your downfall.

Yeah fuck Donald Trump, Fuck Vladimir Putin, Fuck Paul Ryan, Fuck Ajit Pai, Fuck the entire Trump Family, Fuck Roy Moore, Fuck Conrad Lucas, Fuck Kim Davis, Fuck Matt Bevin, Fuck Jim Justice, Fuck David Clarke, Fuck Papa John's, Fuck Mike Pence, and Fuck this entire Russian Controlled Administration; may your Border Walls get bulldozed and may America finally wake up from this nightmare and this entire administration all be put out to pasture. Trump and Pence for Prison 2020.

*Note from Anger Central
Very nice sentence construction, no obvious typos, obviously you didn't attend a public school.

Donald Trump 3

Ok anyone who tries to cross the Border illegally should just be charged with a misdemeanor but it is sickening that your dumbass Oompa Loompa President wants to rip families apart and hold innocent children hostage to fund his goddamn wall. Oh of course the idiot Republinazi Webbastard will defend Trump, well guess what I hope you get your sorry ass beaten for your blind asskissing to Trump's Pumpkin Ass. Webbastard you really think you're a God replying with your retarded footnotes thinking you are better when really you're just a fucking jackass who i'm sure would also kiss Putin's Ass Just like Your Hero did.

Trump has abused his power enough and it's about time he finally got his comeuppance, Trump needs to be Impeached and Meuller, yeah because we all know how much that name makes you cringe needs to have Trump taken away in handcuffs and have him spend the rest of his miserable life in Prison where he belongs along with his ICE goon squad who deserved to be burned by fire and you know what Web Bastard you can also go share a room with him you fucking moron. It is not the fault of Democrats that this is happening it is fucking Trump's Actions but clearly you have your head so far up Trump's Ass that you don't realize how stupid you really are. fuck you Webmaster and Trump, and your sick gang of Republinazi White Supremacists.

You don't want racist rants on this site, you call Neo Nazis scumbags but defended what they did in Charlotesville goes to show that you are a fucking HYPPOCRITE you are a racist asshole yourself Webastard I seriously don't blame your wife for leaving you, and I hope she marries a Democrat and takes everything from you.

Trump and Pence both need to be Impeached, sent to Prison, and Hung for their crimes and all of these lowlife neo nazi, white trash, neckbeard, racist Trump Lovers should all be executed.

*Note from Anger Central
We find you amusing. First, everyone here at Anger Central supports President Trump, so let's get that out of the way. Second, President Trump is ENFORCING THE LAWS ON THE BOOKS. The current immigration laws regarding children were passed by William Jefferson Clinton and the Democrats. Oops! You didn't know that? The last president literally did cage the children. The pictures out there are from the Obama administration. Oops squared.
As for Charlottesville, we haven't heard much about the guy with the car. The last we heard, there was apparent confirmation that a "Liberal" with a rifle was threatneing him and that's why he bolted. Then there was that pesky video showing his brake lights coming on. By chance do you have any real information, (As opposed to your usual drivel) on what the status of the case is?
Finally, you don't know us, you don't know the webmaster. The former Mrs. Webmaster, if you had bothered to actually read this site, is a Chinese national and an immigrant. Perhaps you might care to review all the crap they went through to bring her here lawfully. Sort of puts paid to your white supremacist manure. It really looks like you are indulging in the standard Liberal projection.
Finally, your threats of violence. Try it. just make sure your affairs are in order and your health insurance is paid up. You want to start something? You had better understand what you will be unleashing. The people you like to insult, attack and threaten are the most heavily armed segment of the American. The only reason you and your ilk haven't been shot in the back of the head and tossed into a mass grave is the fact the people you love to attack have great patience, respect for the law and Constitution and the rights of others.
Have a nice day!
If you really want to get what passes for a discussion with you, we recommend hopping over to the blog and commenting on the posts there. Of course, you might have to deal with others calling you out.

Racist White Men and Donald Dump 4

I have a message to my fellow white man, are you really a man if you put your hands on a woman, namely a McDonald's Employee trying to do their job all because you're some inbred Trump Loving waste of human life than you don't deserve to call yourself a man you are fucking garbage. If I was working at that McDonald's and saw you threatening that Woman I would grab you by your own shirt collar and throw you over that counter and beat the fuck out of you and run your face into the fucking fry grease. Also I find it bullshit how McDonalds sides with the Racists and fires the employee. It doesn't suprise me considering the name Donald in McDonalds guess what I will go to Burger King from now on and no longer give my service to a Racist Establishment like McDonalds, I would rather eat KFC at least Black People are treated more fairly there. If I ran a business I would deny service to any racist Trump Supporters I would tell them to get the fuck out and if they refuse to I would cut up their remains and cook them.

I'm so sick of all of these brainwashed losers who blindly follow this Fat Orange Jackass that includes the racist republinazi Webmaster here who I would love to beat the fuck out of for being a waste of human life and the same goes to any Trump Supporter. Trump your days are over, Mueller is going to put your fat orange ass in Prison for the rest of your miserable pathetic life especially for shutting down the Government causing me to not get paid all because you want your fucking Wall. I say we build a wall around every Trailer Park and around the house of every Trump Supporter in this Country and keep them the fuck out of society because it's not the Mexicans is what's wrong with America it's You Racist Inbred Hillbilly Fucks and anybody who defends Trump needs to be beaten with a hammer and have their fingers chopped off their hands. That means you too Adolf Webmaster.

*Note from Anger Central
First, it took us a few minutes to select the appropriate location for this moron's posting.
Now, what we have here, is a typical hard left moonbat who is projecting. He lost his argument the moment he started screaming "Racist!"
As anyone who has bothered to read the archives knows, the Webmaster has a nice "Rainbow" family.
The former Mrs. Webmaster, (now the current Angry Girlfriend), is Chinese. The Angry Brother In-Law is Puerto Rican.
The Webmaster has never given a damn about someone's skin color, since all that is, is a genetic adaption to local solar radiation.
As you can also see, this clown likes to make threats of cutting people up.
Obviously said Moonbat has failed to understand that the people he's threatening are generally very well armed and know how to shoot.
So, you cowardly little leftist punk, you want to dance? Come on then, let's dance. Just make sure your life insurance is paid up.
Finally, postings coming in are automatically stripped of identifying headers, so we don't know where this yellowbelly coward is posting from.
That is the intent here and always will be.

Trump Shutdown 5

We all know our idiot Right Wing Conservative Russian Brainwashed Webmaster will defend the Fat Orange Blob for a President because he is nothing but a Right Wing, Racist Republinazi. Trump has gone too far now from kidnapping, locking up and tear gassing children to shutting down our Government all because nobody wants to have a fucking Wall. Guess what asshole That Wall isn't even going to keep our Border safe other than endanger Wildlife and the Environment; fatso you are a danger to this Planet. One you said Mexico was going to pay for the Wall and now who is paying for your precious wall; oh yeah the rest of us who's money you are holding ransom by shutting down our Government that's what he is doing. Not only that but now trying to make building the Wall a National Emergency. Mother fucker the national emergency is the Morbidly Obese Oompa Loompa sitting in the White House i'm talking about you, fatass. You call Rosie O' Donnell Fat but yet you haven't seen your own planet sized gut that's too damn big for your pants. I say go ahead Trump you yourself can be the wall because you're so fat you can be the Border Wall yourself.

Trump you need to grow the fuck up, act like a man for once in your miserable pathetic life and open our Government back up. Guess what asshole, Meuller is coming for your fatass and sooner or later your time WILL be over.

Also I would love to punch this miserable old fart of a Webmaster in the face. Fuck you Webmaster; it's no wonder nobody comes around here it's because they are sick of your Right Wing Republinazi Agenda you push on here. I seriously would laugh my ass off if you left the house one day and get hit by a car and then it would be a sign of Justice so fuck you Webbastard and fuck Dump as well.

*Note from Anger Central
Progressive Delusion and Projection at its finest!

Donald Trump 6

Hey Dotards yeah you; you better regret voting for this assclown because he's going to really fuck over the country with his tarrifs. Do you realize how many fucking jobs will be destroyed all because of these dumbass republicans and their lust for greed.

To all of you inbred farmers out there, do you regret voting for this jackass? Than wake the fuck up before this Oompa Loompa takes your way of living away. This lso hurts imported goods like Video Game Systems but I bet all of you dumbasses out there who hate games would love that since a lot of you cousin fucking morons out there believe games causes violence. No dumbass it's you stupid ass Politicians and inbred fucktards such as yourself that makes me want to shoot someone wearing a MAGA Hat in public and anybody who does wear those hats in Public should be shot.

As for this Racist, Sexist, and also Ageist Webmaster here yeah I bet you're just going to make excuse after excuse. We know you're a racist, you clearly hate black people and Mexicans, you are a Sexist as you have more rants about Women on here than you do men, I do read the RSS Feed and to call someone a moron who had a problem with some old as fuck cashier is bullshit; if you some old hag decided to be a bitch to me at the Grocery Store I would cuss her old ass out, but all you do is defend all of these dumbass old dinosaurs or any of these trailer dwelling inbreeds but you want to call someone racist for calling them white trash. Fuck you, stop playing the victim you old fossil.

Fuck Trump and his bullshit and if he didn't have ass kissing sellouts like Turtle Man Mitch McConnell the Mueller Report would be released to the public and Trump would be on his way to Impeachment; and they better Impeach his ass before the next election and then throw his ass in Prison for the rest of his miserable life. Mitch Mcconnell and Matt Bevin are a disgrace to Kentucky and they should both be hung and you know what fuck Prison the only place that Trump belongs is hanging from a noose.

Oh to the dumbass ranting in Sports defending Trump and mocking Sports; go fuck yourself you fucking loser and I hope all of that Pot you smoke, sets whatever Trailer or Basement you live in on fire and rids lowlife trash like yourself from this world and I also hope this old Jurassic Slapass moron of a Webmaster here gets the fuck beaten out of him. You Wingnut Prick.

*Note from Anger Central
Once again we have a cowardly Liberal making threats and insults because it has no real argument. (Note that on the rant site, we do not track where the rants come from)
Saying that anyone wearing a MAGA hat shot be shot can be construed as a threat towards someone's life. At best, that would be a misdemeanor, (Depending on jurisdiction and local laws)
At worst, you could be shot and killed.
You like to call everyone who disagrees with you "Nazi!" and "Fascist!!", but since you have never studied history, you are repeating it, and using the same tactics used by real Nazis and Facists.
The garbage your side spews and the actions you take are designed to terrorizes those people who support President Trump. (This includes all at Anger Central)
To date, none of you idiots have been shot yet, and this is only due to the restraint by those you are targeting. You have no idea how close it's come to the "Right" saying "That's it, Game ON!"
You seem to want to have a civil war. Perhaps you think your side will win. You won't. You for get that a lot of Trump's supporters are former military with combat experience.
Think on that for a while. The side you want to attack is the side with all the guns. Push them to far and...well...It won't be a nice day for anyone.

Donald Trump 7

Hey Dotard why are you trying to blame Video Games for the reason a shooting happened at Wal-Mart. Video Games did not cause those shooting a Goddamn Gun did and let me tell all of you gun loving inbred hicks something that only a bunch of uneducated morons know that GUNS ARE THE FUCKING PROBLEM. The reason that loser shot up Wal-Mart was he did it for our so called idiot President all because he hates Mexicans. Trump needs to be Impeached and hung for all of the crimes he has committed, Moscow Mitch should be given the Guillotine, Also this Dumbass fucktard Republinazi White Supremacist Webmaster needs to be violenty beaten up in a dark corner and run over and I hope somebody kills the idiot running this site and shuts down this Russian Controlled Website. Lastly you want to do something with your gun, shoot yourselves with them and remove yourselves from existence. Games don't cause violence, Dumbass Politicians Do.

*Note from Anger Central
*sigh* You are getting repetitive. Anonymous threats, typical. Say, why don't you go to Portland and make a few threats against those Proud Boys people?
I'm sure they will probably laugh in your face and ignore you, right up until you do something stupid, which you will.

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell 8

Since the fucktard conservative Webmaster refuses to acknowledge the real problem with this country than guess what it's about time to list the real problem and it's with the Fat Oompa Loompa sitting in the Oval Office who is running the Country into the ground. First let's talk about his tariffs on China; does this fucktard really want to create a second Great Depression by putting tariffs on imported goods; what is he trying to accomplish; is Humpty Dumpty so out of touch thinking stuff like Video Games causes mass shootings he's willing to make them less possible to but but making assault riffles easier to buy. Really fuck you Dotard, when are you people ever going to get it through your head; VIDEO GAMES DOES NOT CAUSE VIOLENCE. You know what does Trump and his fucking Racist Tweets and his Rallies; and guess what it's usually some Dotard Trump Supporter who causes a Mass shooting the very same people the Fake President calls "Very Fine People." You have no right to give your thoughts and prayers when you can't grow up and act like an adult and stop causing violence; here's an idea resign and let somebody who does know what the fuck their doing take office before your dumbass causes Armageddon.

Also We wouldn't have so many damn Mass Shootings in this Country if Mitch McConnell would grow a fucking spine for once but instead he keeps his turtle lips attacked to Trump's Orange Ass and stop trying to block bills preventing Gun Violence. Mitch McConnell should be taken out into the middle of the Street and Be Hung and so should Trump to. Also to the dumbasses who wear those stupid Red Hats guess what if you get beaten up in public for wearing one than you deserve to be beaten up; stop showing alegiance to some corrupt billionaire who sold his soul to become President and act like he's some God you worship how about you get some fucking help or better Yet Go hang yourselves instead. Also to the dumbass who made a rant defending Trump in the Sport Section yeah fuck you loser; I bet you never played a sport in your life, you probably spend all day smoking up your pot you fucking goat faced loser. Also to those who defend guns and clearly don't give a shit about the victims of Gun Violence, do yourselves a favor and go shoot yourselves. Also to the wingnut racist, republinazi Webmaster it's clear you have a superiority complex, it's no wonder you have so much misfortune happen to you and you know what may you get the fuck beaten out of you for your blind support of Dump and may Justice be served.

*Note from Anger Central
Last one. We recognize your writing style, along with your threats and general all around stupidity.
We don't have time to post your repetitive garbage. Why don't you go over and hit the blog? There is a dedicated comments system and you can make a complete ass of yourself to your heart's content.
Now if you come back with something that is original? we might consider posting it.

Donald Trump 9

It pisses me off this Fat Oompa Loompa has been acquitted all because the Senate we voted for is too chicken shit to impeach him. Here's an idea impeach the bastard and save the fucking Country you morons and who do we really blame for all of this; that ugly turtle looking bastard Mitch McConnell. Why is that old fart still senator of Kentucky, than again Kentucky is one of the dumbest states to even vote for such a idiot and it shows. Newsflash Moscow Mitch doesn't care about Kentucky vote his ass out, and vote Trump out too we all have had enough of this idiot and we're not going to let 4 more years of the Russian Mafia control our country.

Also get it through your fucking heads you dumbasses Trump is ruining our country he and his minions are covering up and they even swore to oath and how can these people sleep at night knowing how little they care about the American People. Also i'm really getting sick of seeing fucking idiots wearing Trump Hats in public and anytime I see one of these idiots I want to punch them in the face and tell them to go back to Russia. In fact if I owned any store and saw them wear a Trump Hat I would tell them to get the FUCK OUT OF MY STORE and if any of them dares get hostile with me the only Red that they will see if their own blood all over their face. These miserable racist inbred hicks, fat fucks, and stupid old people are nothing but racists and when they get attacked for wearing a Trump Hat then they fucking deserve it.

Also to the King of the Castle here you must really think you're a God when you are just a miserable old boomer. I really hope you continue getting sick and never recover. It's a sign from above for choosing a fat moraless pig for a President and may you and your fellow Russian Americans get what's coming.

*Note from Anger Central
The day is coming and you will not like the results. You and your political ilk continue issuing threats, and in many cases physically assaulting
people you don't politically agree with. You might want to consider that these people are the most heavily armed segment of the American population.
If they decide it's "Game on!" your side will not last long.
|The fact is, that you and your fellows are just the same as the Fascists, Communists and Nazis. Pick the totalitarian party of your choice, you wall fit right in.
We're going to say it. You don't like it here? Move to a country that fits your politics. You are all liars, traitors and cowards.
Your side had Obama for 8 years and we're still trying to repair the damage he did. You just hate it that someone that most people generally agree with defeated
You candidate, the "Sainted Felonia von Pantsuit.
(FYI, Kurt Schlichter did not coin that name. I know the person who actually did as does Schlichter)

Trump Supporters 10

Hopefully come Wednesday this will be the last time I half to make a rant on these vile miserable pathetic excuses for human beings who support that dumbass Donald Trump. Any President than tried to incite violence while in power needs to be removed but since Mitch McConnell has done everything to prevent that from happening that turtlefaced dickhead also needs to be removed as well because neither one of them should be in power they should be in Prison.

Some ignorant white trash hick tried to attack Joe Biden supporters in Texas while Biden was supposed to have a rally. How is this shit allowed, that dumbfuck to interfere and not spend jail time because if that happened here that white trash loser would be sent to prison and also Donald Trump should be disqualified because any candidate that is purposely trying to sabotage their opponent, incite violence, and interfere with the election should automatically lose.

Every weekend I see some dumbfuck Trump supporter in a black track waving his Trump Flag in everyone's faces like the white trash loser that he is nearly causing car accidents and nearly running into other cars at Walmart because he's an uneducated piece of Garbage who I seriously hope gets into a wreck and dies because the world needs less garbage like him.

A bunch of dumbfuck Trump supporters were holding up traffic on a bridge rallying for that moron, why don't some of you morons run these dumbfucks over or push these losers off a bridge, their lives don't matter period. Fucking Rednecks have about as much of a right to live as Osama Bin Laden, you ignorant hicks hate America just like they hate everyone else including themselves, well guess what you hateful ass inbred fucks if you hate life so much than please go take your guns that you love more than your own families and fucking kill yourselves instead of wasting air for the rest of the world.

Also to the dumbass whining about the NFL please shut the fuck up and stop watching it, it's obvious your some unemployed loser with too much time on their hands who i'm sure is smoking all of that dope and coming on here just to kiss the idiot Webmaster's ass spewing your dumbass propaganda. Trump doesn't live rent free in anyone's minds and his ass is getting evicted this Tuesday but i'm sure a loser like you probably lives in your parent's basement and also don't tell people like me where to work dipshit, as a loser like you is far more qualified to work at Wendy's than I am so shut the fuck up and go fuck yourself you ignorant piece of trash, loser.

Also Fuck The Webmaster of this shitty ass site too. Obviously the Webmaster is a racist but denies it instantly when most everyone knows he is, and is just some ignorant, right wing, white supremacist, wingnut who has no set of balls, and needs to have the shit kicked out of him for his hate spewing propaganda he pushes on this Website. Did you ever wonder why you have less rants than usual it's because no one wants to look at your Pro Trump Hate Filled Propaganda, and the only people on here despite people who you childishly label as Moonbats are just some losers like the dumbass sports fan bitching about the NFL just looking to kiss your ass.

Fuck Donald Trump and all of his ass backwards, proud boys, inbred white trash supporters, Trump will lose Tuesday, get used to Biden, and if you hate it so much fucking kill yourselves because the rest of the world has no use for trash like you so feel free to remove yourselves from this planet you white trash losers.

*Note from Anger Central
This came in just as we were about to update the site. Perfect timing.
What we have here is a typical hard left jerk who is so full of hate that he/she/it is frothing at the mouth. Typical of the ilk, this poster is projecting what his/her/its side has been doing.
To top it off, the poster is literally calling for a repeat of what the Nazis did to the Jews, only aiming it at Republicans and other Trump Supporters.
To which we say....
Bring it on. Your side has been pusing for a civil war for almost 5 years now. There is a reason that firearms sales are through the roof and ammunition is hard to get and expensive.
It isn't the normal gun people stocking up, (They're generally all set), it's new, first time gun owners. They see what your side is doing and have decided that they must take precautions to pretct themselves,
Their fasmilies and their property.
If you want war, then bring it on. You will be going up against the most heavily armed segment of American Society, many former military with actual combat experience. We also have lots of earth movers.
That you so hate the Greatest President of the 21st Century, that you would elect senile, crooked third rate party hack who has predelictions of pedophelia tells us all we need to know.
You want it? Bring it on. Unlike the last civil war, there will be no reconciliation. The Democrat Party will be ended and the Housecleaning will be horrific.

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