TSA Airport Security Staff

Holy fuck, am I really the first person to complain about the TSA on here?

Who the fuck decided that these neanderthals should have so much authority to hassle people? They have yet to prevent even a single act of terrorism on a flight, as far as I can tell, but they boast about picking up a few baggies of drugs now and then with their fancy scanner? Woo fucking hoo, that was so worth the billions of dollars wasted on creating all this security infrastructure and the harassing and delaying of millions of passengers every week.

What's worse is that the TSA hires the worst pieces of shit they can find, G.E.D. and Walmart rejects, 90% minority (and you know exactly which minority I'm talking about) thugs with an attitude problem. Good at pushing people around? Like yelling at passengers and hassling them just because you can? Apply today!

Have you seen how much they pay these brain donors? Try looking it up, you'll really be surprised. It's probably more than you make and it's certainly more than Walmart pays. I don't know why, but for some reason airport security is almost 100% black in just about every airport I've ever been too in this country. Most of the times I've been treated like shit, it has been by blacks working in the TSA, probably because I'm not black myself. The second worst offenders are the middle-aged, usually fat white women. They seem like they LOVE to hassle anyone that isn't white, especially men. I guess they figured that since they're too ugly to get laid, the next best thing is to be a rude bitch.

I swear, the TSA is a fucking breeding ground for all the people who get rejected for police and rent-a-cop jobs, all the narcissists who want an excuse to go on a fucking power trip.

Go through the metal detector, don't set it off, but I'm still gonna pat you down because I can. Fucking asshole.

Oh, what's that, you don't have a US passport in your hand? I'm going to 'randomly' pick you to swab your hands for explosives. Just like I 'randomly' skipped all the US passport holders in front of and behind you in line. If that's their idea of profiling, picking white people with a foreign passport, good luck.

I really wish all the people in this world with the whole "this is for your safety, your with us or against us" attitudes would just fuck off and shut their ignorant mouths. It's because of idiots like this who voted away their rights and freedoms that we all have to live in irrational fear and put up with this shit.

I really hope the day comes when these people have to watch their underage daughter being felt up by a middle aged pervert, or have them naked on a monitor for some pig in another room to gawk at, just to experience the privilege of getting on a plane that you paid thousands of dollars to be on. I wonder how that conversation will go?

"Now honey, you have a choice. Either the nice TSA officer can molest you and touch you all over, or you can have a different TSA officer look at your naked body instead."

Of course the TSA retards believe the whole "for your safety" mantra and see nothing wrong with what they do. I can picture these people wiping their ass on the constitution every single time they take a shit, because it's not like half of them can even read it, much less know what the fuck it is.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster is looking at writing something in the Blog but hasn't set keyboard to computer as yet. Also, as of this posting, Mrs. Webmaster is airborne on her way back from China. She will have to go through this shit when she arrives and changes planes.

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