SLUM LORDS of Lousyana 1

Yeah, I spelled that correctly: LOUSYANA. What exactly is the problem? I'll tell you. There are *NO* laws against them in this ass crack of a state due to the fact that well, we're still a billion years behind the times due to still following "French Civil Code". Know what that means? In plain English it means: "if you live here, you're stuck AND you're FUCKED". Meaning, if you reside in another state, or better yet, another country - the grass is definitely greener on your side. We've been stuck in this monstrosity of a shit hole for a little under two years now. BOTH my husband and myself are sickly to begin with - now, we are infested with GERMAN COCKROACHES AND BEDBUGS due to the fact that the land *cough* SLUMLORDS are too fucking cheap to spray every month like um, yeah, CIVIL landlords would do. My husband has even commented that he has *never* seen me this ill in all the 20 years we've been together. I have been ill with one thing or another MORE than half the time we have been here (which has been documented with my personal physician). I'm not even going to admit to how much money we have wasted on spraying the living shit out this Godforsaken place - it's too embarassing. If it weren't for that, we more than likely could have been living elsewhere by now! Oh, and let's not forget how the fucking VETERANS ADMINISTRATION IS TAKING THEIR SWEET TIME IN GETTING US THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, they are doing NOTHING about the complaints we've made to date (GREAT way to thank a man whom has served his country during a WARTIME PERIOD HUH?!). Oh yeah, and the assholes didn't do JACK SHIT about trying to help us stay in our home ... NOW DO YOU KNOW WHY THERE ARE SO MANY HOMELESS VETERANS?? OR WHY VETERANS ARE STUCK IN CRAP PALACES TO LIVE?? It's because they use you up, LITERALLY SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF YOU, give you nothing but the run-a-round and a TON OF BULLSHIT LIES when you KNOW DAMNED WELL YOU ARE ENTITLED TO FULL COMPENSATION BENEFITS DUE TO LIFE THREATENING COMPLICATIONS BECAUSE YOU WERE DOUSED WITH AGENT ORANGE ON ALMOST A DAILY BASIS! Ah yes, and here's another nasty little secret THE Veterans Administration will NOT tell those BRAVE men and women whom had served during the Vietnam era: IF you were stationed in Osan, Korea - and your duty was to pickup/deliver mail from the Kimpo APO1101 IN THE DMZ, where you were essentially DOUSED in AGENT ORANGE a.k.a. or Herbicide Orange (HO) DEVELOPED NO THANKS TO DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY ON A DAILY BASIS FOR YOUR ENTIRE TOUR ... well, GOOD LUCK IN BEING COMPENSATED FOR THAT! NO MATTER HOW fucked up your life is and continues to deteriorate physically! And yes, this MAINLY DOES APPLY IN LOUSYANA. Why? Well, if you are one of the very few residing in this state of *HELL*, it is *supposed* to be based ON THE *PRESUMPTION* that *YOU* (understood) had developed DIABETES MELLITUS (Diabetes type II), P.T.S.D, Hodgkin's Disease, Multiple Myeloma, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Acute and Subacute Peripheral Neuropathy, Prostate Cancer, Respiratory Cancers, Soft-tissue Sarcoma, Spina Bifida (for the children of Vietnam Veterans),
B Cell Leukemia's, such as Hairy Cell Leukemia, Parkinsonís Disease, Ischemic Heart Disease - in other words, ANY of those "lovelies" DIRECTLY DUE to being exposed to said chemical (according *directly* to the Veterans Administration as well as other affiliated organizations whom are *supposed* to help you with your claim - *NOT* LOSE them in the case of the V.A. whom we have been fighting with for ***YEARS*** over this very issue).

So, why the lengthy rant on SLUMLORDS, LOUSYANA AND THE VETERANS ADMINISTRATION? Because if they would do what is RIGHT BY MY HUSBAND AND MANY OTHER VETERANS ... not ONE of us would be in this position. Do they even KNOW what the word "presumptive" means?? If they did, not ONE SINGLE VETERAN in this particular sick state would have their claims lost, not ONE SINGLE VETERAN NOR THEIR FAMILIES would be homeless, not ONE SINGLE VETERAN would have to ride the Administrations ASS FOR AGES to get what they are ENTITLED TO - NOR, would any Veteran be subjected to the utter *HORSESHIT* that we have been for at least the past TEN YEARS. We have actually learned from quite a number of other Veterans whom had some of those same exact conditions - that in other states, "presumptive" means *exactly*. In other words, the (*VICTIM*)Veteran in question (unlike in this CRAP state) IS *NOT* subjected to tons of red tape, nor do they have to jump through tons of hoops nor perform numerous back-flips in order to receive what they HAVE BEEN and are *RIGHTFULLY* entitled to.

In closing, I - the proud wife of a Vietnam veteran, wish to offer my most heartfelt thanks to ALL active duty personnel, those in the reserves, ALL Veterans whom have served our Country during peace and wartime as well as their families whom have made far too many sacrifices to even begin to mention. I pray that none of you have to undergo or are forced to experience *ANY* of the ordeals that we have been so harshly and wrongly subjected to. All my love ~Anne Ominous

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