The Stupid People of Denver, CO

Yes, you are a bunch of dumb shitheads. Did you know that when you voted for the new football stadium that it would raise your property taxes? No, you didn't know that? Well then, you should not be allowed to vote. Did you know that when you voted for the new prison, it would raise your property taxes? No, well then, you should not be allowed to vote. Did you know that when you decided to let the state borrow billions of dollars that it would raise not just your property taxes but that you will never see a tax refund for ten years (read never)? Well then, it appears to me that you are so fucking stupid that you should slash your wrists with your voters registration card. I am going to have to move from this city. I hate the idea of working extra hard for a bunch of dimwits. Fuck you all.

People who vote for fat cats 2

I hate people who vote in rich people who have no idea of how people actually live. I mean seriously, are you crazy? You vote for someone who has never had to try to juggle bills, had to worry about the kids' college, how to put food on the table, etc... This election coming up is a prime example. A guy who comes from not much at all and had to do it all for himself is running against a guy with multiple houses, a huge bank account, and is so out of touch he can actually look at the camera and say "I like to be able to fire people." Let's say nothing of him belonging to what 2 years ago a lot of people would call a cult with people whose faces you would slam the door in when they came to your house too early on the weekend. Congressmen who don't make a bunch of money, but don't have to because they get everything free, are voted in over and over until we have to prop them up with with sticks like the late Strom Thurmond, who was also an ex-Klan member. Meanwhile, we're saying "that's our guy!" with a stupid look on our faces while they sell our vote to whomever they owe a favor for getting them that house by the beach they wanted at a reduced rate. THINK people, for God's sake.

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