Fucking pimples I hate you. Why are you so goddamn irresistible to pick? My face looks like a goddamn pizza. I hate you I hate you I hate you DROP DEAD!

Lip line blackheads 2

I hate lip line blackheads! Is there anything more pathetically disgusting than having your lips outlined with blackheads? And they can come on fast too! I recently went on vacation with my significant other. Our lovely hotel did not have a properly illuminated mirror in the bathroom so when I looked at myself in it, I thought I looked ok. Then two weeks later I get home, look in my own bathroom mirror-it is PROPERLY ILLUMINATED-and what do I see? UGH How gross! I haven't had the nerve to look at our vacations photos yet.

Back Acne 3

Dear God, none of my boyfriends/lovers can get erections when all they see are the filthy zits ALL over my back. I look like a leper or some kind of demented leopard. It ruins EVERYTHING. I'm tired of having to issue a disclaimer every time I take off my shirt. God, it's disgusting! I just want them gone for good, but short of paying out my uterus for expensive laser surgery, there is little I can do except take these pills that damage the female reproductive system (if you use them for an extended period of time) and these cleansing pads that smell funny. It's horrible. I am absolutely disgusting.

Acne 4

I'm fucking angry because my pimples are all over my fucking head and it makes me look like a dumb ugly ass fuck hole and no wonder I cant get a fucking girl friend its because every time I'm talking to a fucking girl she's looking at some big asshole of a pimped on my chin and for fuck sake there's like a big ass ring of zit fuckers around my mouth and then when you lift up my fringe there's a fucking party of pus on my fucking forehead fuck this I just want my fucking pimpled gone so I can look fucking normal and get a fucking girlfriend and not look like a stupid dumbshit fucking freak I hate my pimples so much and every time I try and fucking get rid of them I just give up cuz I'm a sad lazy fucking loser

shoulder and back acne 5

What the fuck is the point of fucking acne? It's so fucking worthless and makes people look like shit!! I had acne on my face 'til I was about 18, but even to this day I have acne on my fucking shoulders and back. It's so fucking disgusting!! I'm a pretty good looking guy with a pretty nice body, but when I take off my shirt and people see my back, I always hear the same shit, "does it hurt?" "isn't there anything you can do?" Fuck! There's nothing I can do. I've tried everything to get rid of this shit, but nothing works! Shit!

Acne 7

I am so angry at acne. I especially hate the scars it leaves behind. It makes me feel so bad about myself, and it seems like no one else in the world has the same problem. When I see other people my age with perfect skin, it really makes me feel terrible. I have no self confidence because my face can't look pretty for one day. On top of that, I feel like I can't ever wear a bathing suit or a dress without wearing a shirt or jacket. Also, my mom got my sister special medicine for her skin, and now my sister looks great. My mom won't let me use any medicine though because she says it's too dangerous. I'm to the point where I would almost rather not even be seen in public. I just want to look and feel pretty. It just really depresses me, so if you feel the same as me, just know you aren't alone.

Acne 8

I have scars on my face and feel like a real dick. You know when you hear "you look really good today." that just means, "I didn't almost puke in my mouth when i looked at you, yay."

I wish acne had an ass, cause I would stick my medium sized penis in it with fervor...

and what the fuck is up with that God, I get acne, AND a medium sized dick. small dicks are a neat sight even, but mine, is just not big. "medium dick acne face", that's my epitaph.

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