Overkill Air Conditioning

This morning I was in a meeting at work, and the meeting room was like a damn meat locker. If I'd known about this ahead of time, I would have brought my winter coat. I did consider tearing the motivational posters off the walls and using them to start a fire in a trash can to keep warm. Don't get me wrong - air conditioning is great, and without it, life would be unbearable in a lot of places. But let's not overdo it. Nobody should have to wear a sweater in July in Virginia!

Turn it down 2

i work for my father in his office doing some paper work & mainly signing checks and i like it because it super easy and the pay is great but i hate it because he always has the AC set to like 60. No matter what, rain or shine, its 60 or below in his office. i am 5'2 and like 100 pounds so the air is brutally cold and sometimes i wear 4 layers just to stand it, then i walk outside to the 95 degree weather and look like an idiot with 3 long sleeves on. I hate the AC because no one here knows how to turn it down or off and my father loves it to be like this. sometimes i get so cold it literally hurts inside and i hate moving cuz i warmed up a small spot on my chair. So if you run the AC all day and night consider other people for once cuz were not all fucken polar bears.

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster has been known to run a small heater in July in his real world office.

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