They're dangerous and scary! Their teeth are too big. They're heavy animals; that combined with their humongous feet hooves means they have almost unlimited killing power.

If you "spook" them or stand behind them, they might get startled and throw or kick you and there's a good chance that you'll die. That level of douchebaggery is unacceptable. Horses are like a shell shocked Vietnam veteran who doesn't realize the war is over and winds up punching his wife in the face in the midst of a vivid battlefield flashback. They are DANGEROUS and they are UNSTABLE. You can't fucking trust them. You startle them for like a second, and they kick out your friggin face. What the hell kind of reasonable reaction is that?

They are so much like Lenny form "Of Mice and Men": brute force bundled with an uncanny degree of retardation. They'll murder you with all the feebleminded innocence of a six year old. And I ain't tryin to get killed by no grade-schooler.

Cats 2

I am damn angry about the many feral cats that roam around our area. There are so many of them sneaking and skulking about, I've lost count of them. There is a large wooden shed near here and the feral cats use the shed to shelter in and, of course, to breed copiously.

The owner of the shed put a lock on the door, but a local broke it off. There's also a large handwritten sign asking people politely not to feed the cats, but an area do-gooder is throwing out cheap cat kibble for this bird-murdering beasts. As a bird-lover, I find the cats' presence highly-objectionable and yes, I'm damn angry!

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