Can openers

I am furious with openers, particularly the manual kind. With these inefficient pieces of crap you usually open it, but after 10 minutes of hard work, and then the can lid falls into the can, and you cut your wrist trying to get it out. If i want a can, I'll get the easy open kind!

Washing Machine 2

It's simple. I went to see a play on Friday with my mom. I was wearing a pair of pants as all good citizens do. In my back pocket was my license. That is where I keep it. And it has never been a problem. Saturday night I decided to do laundry and threw that pair of pants in with the rest of my laundry. Of course I remembered to take the $30 dollars out of one of the pockets, but forgot that my license was still in my back pocket. The next morning my clothes were all dry and I was heading out to go pick up my boyfriend and was looking around for my license when I realized...I had left it in my pants. I checked through all of my laundry...I checked both the washer and dryer...I tore apart my room and my car. My only conclusion is that THE WASHING MACHINE ATE MY LICENSE. This all day event of losing my license to the washing machine has led me to search and research every place my license could possibly have ended up. My mom was the next to use the washing machine, in the hopes that my license would find its way into that load of laundry. However, my now eaten license must have blocked a drain or something because there are still suds in the washer. There is still water in the washer. Now we are ripping apart the washing machine to try and find my license. I accept partial blame for this...but come on!!! Washing machines never eat money. They don't eat coins or dollars, or safety pins, or string, or one of a million other things that end up in them. The one time I forget to check my eats my license?!?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Whirlpool washer and dryer 3

These fucking devices are a piece of shit. Never buy Whirlpool brand laundry appliances. They suck so much ass because they waste your time.

Let's start with the washer. It never washes your clothes properly. My clothes always have this fucking detergent feel to them after I remove them from the machine. I'm so sick of rewashing the shit repeatedly over and over just to get this nasty sticky shit off my clothes.

The dryer sucks balls too. The timer has a goddamn glitch. You try drying your clothes for any time at all, and the timer counts down until the seven minute mark, then the timer is stuck on seven minutes, and the machine runs endlessly until I shut it off.

This equipment completely stopped working once. My family had to call a repair man just so he could replace some shitty parts and get it working as it normally does. Normal being bad quality of clothes washing, just good enough to actually function.

Jesus, why couldn't my family just buy a quality washer and dryer? Just save us all some time and sanity, buy anything but Whirlpool!

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