my average wieght is 140, I have been in boxing for four years, so Im in amazing shape. But lately My breast have been getting in the way.. I HATE FUCKING BOOBS.. why DD?? Boobs do not run in my fucking family.. arrghhh.. what pisses me off is when girls are like.. I wish mine were bigger and blahblahbah.. NO YOU DONT>. they fucking suck.If I could have a breast reduction right now I WOULD in a snap of a finger. .FUCK..

my feet 2

My feet are so big, fat, wide and ugly. My big toe is fucking huge and I'm even embarrassed to wear shoes where my toes are exposed. Don't even get me started on being barefoot.. Also after wearing shoes all day they look kinda swollen and this saddens me..

Small Breasts 3

For quite some time, I've been pissed off about my small breast size! My age is 24, height up to 5' 9," weight less than 140, and yet my bra size is no fuller than a 34A, maybe less. Trust me, I've measured it countless times due to my self-consciousness of this. Meanwhile girls that are in my ballpark size (height and/or weight, still slender, not even heavy!) have been blessed with what could pass for C and D-cups! (and they don't even look fake!) What's up with that?! Everyone else I know, family or friend, have fully-developed breasts larger than mine. I've developed early at 10-11, but seemingly never grew beyond stage 4 of breast development. This pisses me off so badly, to the point of sad obsession, because I feel so cheated by Mother Nature!

And to all you large-breasted women who preach to the smaller-breasted...Yes! I get it already! I know REALLY large breasts (maybe E cup and above) can cause backaches and often get stared at first by immature guys, but I never wished for breasts THAT big and out of proportion! I just wanted a cup-size that was big enough to show and prove to people that I at least have a fully-developed chest, instead of looking like some too-tall, mid-pubescent, underdeveloped 12-year-old to everyone that doesn't know me. Neither polar opposite is pleasant, and there are 2 sides of the coin.

Heck, I could pass for a GUY with this chest size, as my cup-size looks no bigger than a slender man's breasts! Un-freakin-believable! So don't you dare patronize me or anyone else for having small, hardly-developed breasts! At least you can go bra-less, wear clothes that are tightly-binding (these practically flatten small breasts!) or loose and baggy (these bury and hide small breasts easily) and still prove to everyone that you have a chest! But if I so much as go bra-less, wear a strapless top, or wear those baggy bras that you use your own boob size to fill, I look virtually FLAT!!! And it upsets me to the point of tears! Damn! My puny cup size sucks so badly! Why did I have to be cursed with these...MOSQUITO BITES!!! Meanwhile that mean-girl slut Nicole was blessed with C or D-something-cups before age 13...

You wanna compare breasts to fruit? (apples, oranges, grapefruits, melons, etc.) Well, my breasts are less-than-small apple HALVES! And they're practically plum-sized as a handful! (Ew! Am I submitting a RANT or an EROTICA?) Meanwhile I see everyone else with virtually well-rounded out whole-fruit boobs! At least when breasts are too big, women can surgically reduce them by merely removing the natural fatty tissue. But how do woman surgically enlarge small breasts? Add some extra fatty tissue? NO! They falsely only get silicon bags of salt water (or something...) which I like to nickname "water balloons" and shove them underneath those breasts, probably messing up and damaging the structure of the milk ducts...That's all we get!

We no longer live in the 20's where small breasts were favored over large. Now it's nearly every guy's fantasy for women to have either larger-than-life fake breasts, or basically fully rounded out big breasts as distinction from flat-chested, half-developed, or underdeveloped juvenile breasts. Heck, guys even like the fantasy of having their faces buried between female breast cleavage, something we tiny-breasted women will NEVER have, and we also can't enjoy wearing low-cut tops either (we don't got the cleavage for it).

I know I'm not ugly, and that I have talents for things non-breast-related, but I'm still resentful of having small breasts. Yeah! I know that sounds self-critical, but I'm so sick of the cliche fluff talk: "Oh! Breasts aren't the most important thing! Guys who only like women for their breasts are not worth it anyway! Breasts will grow with age!..." Shut up! (To all those adults who assured teens that their small breasts will grow with age, YOU LIED!! I've had this size for over 10 years now with no results)

The second I discover a way to naturally increase my cup size to at least a full C or D, w/o implants, w/o hormone pills, w/o stuffing, falsies, and padded bras, w/o having a baby (would you breed a life just for your cup-size? No!), then I would to it in a heartbeat. At least I'll feel like a real woman for once. Screw backaches, ogling men, and females that forgot or never knew how it felt to be flat-chested, for over a whole decade! Now I'm going to go and put on one of my push-up bras, the last thing that's keeping me calm, and my sanity in check, or else I'm gonna smash that mirror if I have to see that ironing board chest of mine again... Life sucks and just isn't fair, I'll have to admit it...

*Note from Anger Central
The Webmaster, being a man, will notice females who are well endowed, but when he's walking down the street, the first thing he looks at is the face of the woman approaching him. That's what got his attention when he first saw the then future Mrs. Webmaster. Her face, her eyes and then in later pictures, the rest of her. (Recall that they met on a dating site) Big brests with an empty head just doesn't do it for him.

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