Snap Video Camera 1

I got a Snap Video Camera for christmas and was really looking forward to making videos however this camera is the most annoying camera to try to fucking work with. First you had to charge the battery when you work the damn thing through a usb cable why the fuck couldn't the damn battery all ready be charged in the first place? Then I took it with me to take some videos on the road and guess what my damn camera wouldn't turn on because I had it in my pocket and this stupid camera can't turn on after being in a car with windows and doors shit up or in a pocket cramped up that's just stupid and I half to constantly charge this damn thing on my usb cord now I can't take this camera out with me I mean what's the point of this camera seriously what a piece of shit. Then I tried to delete a video I didn't like to do one over and the damn thing froze and I can't get it to unfreeze no matter what I do. Way to go digital blue for selling me a useless waste of technology that I can't take anywhere and now it's frozen you can fix my damn camera or give me my money back you damn conmen so I can use it to buy a flip camera or another video camera to make videos with since your invention is fucking worthless.

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