Cell phones are the biggest fucking FUCKING FUCKING joke I HAVE EVER SEEN! So, why am I not laughing??? TRACFONE, you blow chunks! I have never had so much unnecessary aggrivation with one piece of plastic in my life!!!!!!!
I have NEVER been so angry!

First, you can't set the Goddamned thing up, then when you are finally able to (6 months later), it goes ape-shit on you, and you try to contact customer service. WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE??? HAVE ROBOTS TAKEN OVER THE WORLD??? YOU COULDN'T REACH A HUMAN BEING IF YOU WAITED ALL FUCKING NIGHT! So, you stupidly try the web site, which is equally shitty, and never up half the time!!!!!

So, you're stuck with a phone that doesn't fucking work, and a massive headache, and wish you had just been born and raised in a 3rd world country where they've never heard of fucking shopping bags let alone a mobile phone! Technology SUCKS!!!!! It will be the downfall of humanity, since I am SO angry right now that I could go to the top of the nearest post office and just start shooting everyone I see with a blasted cell phone! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! Stick to pen and paper. It's a Helluva lot more reliable, and cheaper too! No more will I waste my money on rip-offs like this! Fleecing of America? Goddamned right!

My Stupid Cellphone 2

I just switched over to Cingular from AT&T about a month ago. My old cell phone, an older Nokia (can't recall the # right now) was just perfect. I hardly had to charge it, it was small enough to put in my pocket but big enough to use efficiently and it was very reliable. But when I switched over, they gave me a Nokia 6011. I was excited because I could keep my same phone # and it looked like my old phone. It worked well while I was at home and for a few days after I went back to school. But the third week after I got back to school, it started dying on me for no reason. I had to start charging it every other day, and perform impromptu surgery on it by taking out its battery a few times. I hate this phone! If it was as reliable as the old one, I would have found out sooner about my sick mother and the broken dam near here. I hope Nokia realizes that this model of phone sucks and they should offer recalls or exchanges for better models.

Note from Anger Central
The webmaster just upgraded to a new LG VX7000 cellphone. He is having a great time learning how it works. The camera feature is cool even if it isn't the greatest picture in the world.

The Great Cell Phone Debate 3

My eye doctor has a new sign in the office saying "No Cell Phones". I inquired and learned that quite a few people have bugged the hell out of them with their cell phone use. So now they want EVERYONE to not use the cell phone in the office.

My wife has slapped me down for daring to make a call in a restaurant. What is sick about this is I speak much more softly when I'm using the phone in public than if I'm conversing with the person next to me. I don't fucking WANT others to hear my conversation. Besides, I'm just plain considerate.

A friend complains about drivers using cellphones. The Libertarian party sends me email regarding laws to ban cell phone use while driving. I agree with the Libertarians - no cell phone laws! I make an effort to minimize my cell use while driving. I don't think people should be slapped for each and every such use.

I'm tired of being punished for other people's rudeness and stupidity. Not every public cell phone user is a loud, fat, businessman fuck. Why does the whole class get punished when one kid acts up?

Thank you Angry.net for letting me vent

Rubbish phones 4

I am so pissed off at cell phone manufacturers! Fuck them all. There are NO phones for girls that LOOK good AND have good features and God forbid if there is such a rare phone...It doesn't work!! There is a great lookin phone Nokia 7370 but it has 10 mb of memory! What is up with that? Then there's the motorazr series which is bullshit so finally i got the W550i sony ericsson and in less than 2 months.... it stops working ! Now i'm stuck with this crappy piece and the warranty will only repair it not change the model THIS SUCKS


I know it's been said a million times, so let me be one million and one. Driving while yapping on your high tech accident enhancer burns my cork more and more everyday. What in the hell is so damn important while yakking and driving that couldn't be dealt with at home before you so carelessly backed out your driveway and into me?

Glazed, vacant, empty headed morons that have completely forgotten about the turn signal levers that came with their cars, only because that device you have surgically attached to your ear won't allow you to use it, and I have to wait until you are right at the turning point because I don't know if you are going to turn, or go straight. I swear that in a couple of million years, evolution will create a third (maybe fourth) arm to do the tasks you so poorly attempt today. Women are the worst at this, for their natural born ability to talk anywhere, anytime, about anything has now been brought to the highways, and the term "woman driver" holds more water now than ever. Take a three ton SUV, five screaming brats, a bottle blonde soccer mom talking to like kind somewhere else about how her husbands prick won't function as well as it did before she gained 250 pounds, and how her orgasms are nothing more than a faded memory, while stuffing down her second big mac with a fistful of fries, you now have the perfect recipe for disaster, not to mention that her tires are bald, and it's snowing. All of these factors are normal, until you ad the phone to it all, and that my friends is the fuse that links to the powder keg..KABOOM!!! Will what I say, care, or think change things? HELL NO! But I swear I'm not alone, and Non smokers who continually bellyache about my choice to puff, are next on my list! Have a happy holiday season, and give out cell phone jammers to all of your friends this year, I mean, it's the least we can do to the ones out there that truly piss us off...right? C-YA

Phones 6

Fucking hell, I never ask much from my parents, hell, i dont even ask for anything for birthdays and such. But what is really pissing me off is how fucking scummy they are being. My bro and I were psyched when we got phones from old company sales people. We had those phones for years and now when one of them brakes, we get hold of an older, scummier piece of crap that was invented the same afternoon as the wheel. I don't ask for much, but i could at least ask for something new that i could call mine and that isn't someone's old hand-me-down. Especially when all i got for a birthday this year was a DVD and a phone sock (irony much?). Is it too much to ask for a new phone when your old one dies (after having it for years might I add)?

Iphone 7

why does everyone think the iphone is so fucking cool. well its not IT FUCKING SUCKS!!! I'd never pay 600 dollars for a fucking phone and whoever does is a dumbfuck! Fuck this obsession with oversized pieces of shit phones that just crack or glitch a few months later. Apple is going to take over the world. FUCK THAT. Macintosh sucks dick.

*Note from Anger Central
A few years ago when the Iphone came out the Angry Webmaster was in the market for a new phone. Several months earlier he had done a contact testing the Palm Treo. That put him off Smartphones! When he walked into the AT&T store he said 2 things to the clerk: "I want a new phone, but I don't want a damn IPHONE!"
The Angry Webmaster is looking at a new phone. Guess what? He isn't looking at Iphones are any smart phones. Here is the phone he's considering: Nokia 660F. If anyone has any first hand knowledge of this phone please drop us a line.

Smartphones 8

Hate my smartphone, but sometimes I like it. I hate when I am trying to type something like this and you constantly misspell it cuz the touch tone wasn't meant to type. Also, so annoying when searching online and as i scroll a new webpage always gets clicked by accident. There is hardly anyway to avoid this cuz you have to touch the screen. Then when the right page finally pops up i go to click and it moves so i click on the wrong spot and etc. I have to keep hitting the back button and then it kicks me out of the url and i have to start over. This causes my usage to go up which is what t mobile wants so they can keep texting me to upgrade. aalso annoyed with T mbile cuz before i got unlimited txting they kept sending me a stupid text about anything to rack up my bill like I got 3 txts about how the merger with at&t was off. Who cares? I figured they were doing this on purpose but I switched to unlmtd txting anyway and now t mobile hasn't sent me shiyt. I am done with cell phones after my 2yr contract is up. Only home phone and home internet.

Attached to phones 9

It really bugs me when I meet up with friends and they spend the whole evening texting and checking Facebook with their fancy phones. They just sit there *click click type type text text* all the fucking time! Even at a table when eating! Seriously guys, I didn't pay to come out with you just to watch you glued to your phones. I may as well be at home emailing you as that seems to be the best way to communicate now!

*Note from Anger Central
You haven't met Mrs. Webmaster. The Webmaster has returned home and found Mrs. Webmaster comatose with 4 portable and one cell phone surrounding her, all with dead batteries. ;)

Phones 10

We can't live without them, but I sure hate living with them...Phones are what’s pissing me off right now. These attention-leeching hogs, at least from my point of view. Remember the stereotypical teen girl who monopolizes the house phone? Or a parental figure being preoccupied with the phone on some “business call” or talking with some “long-distance” relatives. Sheesh! Whenever I hear “long-distance,” it translates to mean “at least half an hour talking with the phone super-glued to their ear.”

When one of my family members isn't being preoccupied with the phone, then there's the obnoxious ringing for the calls we choose to ignore. And these phones always seem to ring at a bad time. Everytime I'm trying to concentrate on something, it has to ring, and not just once, but constantly! And it's usually someone I'm not expecting, have no interest in talking to, someone I don't know, from like out of state, it being a wrong number, or just being one of the bank employees again. Fuck you bank people and your harassing calls. Try to nag me about something that I don't already fucking know!

If this were some kind of violent cartoon, nothing would thrill me more greatly than to set off an airhorn into these phones, smash the phone against the wall, or even more extreme, shooting the phone with a pistol (anyone remember that old cartoon where Porky Pig shoots the alarm clock with a shotgun? Hilarious!...).

Telephones 11

I don't like the damn fucking things. I'm always busy, and multiple times a day I get fucking callers interrupting me. Fuckers from hospitals, sales people, credit card fraudsters, wrong numbers, complainers, employment agencies I've repeatedly asked to get my number removed from their list but they refuse. I'm fucking sick of this shit. I'm cancelling my shitty landline phone and changing my cell phone number.

*Note from Anger Central
Two things. Although this deals with a landline, we don't have that sub-category and didn't feel like creating it.
Second, may we suggest Google Voice? The Webmaster has been using that since it was Grand Central and it has lots of nice FREE features including call blocking.

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