I am fucking furious at censorship / political correctness that has invaded America full force. "Oh no, you can't say black person, they're African American".

What. The. Fuck.

African American makes no sense, it's like grounded aviation, or undersea astronomy. Even if I know the person, I still get bitched at.

Moving on.

Censorship is the biggest load of bullshit I've seen in a while, and I did two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Wake the fuck up, it's called a penis, I have one, my brother has one, everyone with a fucking "Y" chromozone has one. Whooptie-fuking-doo. Hell, I was in Brazil, and they have stripping weather. Some chick is literally talking about the weather and stripping naked at the same time. (I never did catch the actual temperature outside watching it.) They seem to be happy with it, and, although I know how backwards that country is, people aren't going around raping people because of it. They're raping because it's damn near a 3rd world country.


Thank you Angry Webmaster for helping with this.

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