Pop Culture

I'm angry about how fucking rampant pop culture makes retards of us all.

The idolization process begins when the average American kid barely has the afterbirth washed off of them and their typical middle-American soccer mom/dad parents are raising their crotch nuggets on shit like Disney, Dora the explorer, Hannah Montana and fucking video games, thus creating a bunch materialistic brats that become sheepish trend-followers obsessed with fictional characters and fantasy worlds and develop a desire to be constantly entertained and a COMPLETELY distorted view of reality. Hence the reason why kids act like such assclowns nowadays.

I'm repulsed at the average person in the developed world who thinks that Britney Spears gaining 2 pounds, Paris Hilton making an ass of herself and other pointless celebrity bullshit is fucking news. WHY DO YOU IDIOTS GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT THESE OVERPAID, ATTENTION STARVED PERFORMING MONKEYS!? These fucking knuckle draggers wouldn't give a shit if Kim Jong or Osama Bin Laden fired god damn nuke up their asses just as long as they can buy up whatever trendy junk is being mass marketed, listen to their crappy top-40 "music" that MTV told them to listen to, and watch their fucking movies and Prime Time TV while stuffing their faces with Starbucks and McDonalds.

Hollywood movies are pure fucking GARBAGE. Hey, there's some dude who can walk off bullet wounds and blows to the head and take on a whole army by himself and jump over buildings with a car. Fuck off. Anyone who tried that shit in real life would be fucking meat. Not that they would because the plots in cheesy, cliche-laden action movies (that any no-talent retard can come up with) DON'T FUCKING HAPPEN. And then there's the Romantic Comedies. Sorry ladies but romances like those don't happen either. And another thing: Those fucking CGI "cartoons" When these things came out, they were considered a novelty. Now they're redundant along with the kid show-with-adult-humor format that they all have. And remakes of old movies/other media, comics, etc. Can we say "lack of originality?"

TV is even worse. Ever-so-present reality shows up the ass, untalented jerk offs making idiots of themselves on "American Idol" (which people would rather vote for over federal elections) Thugs and blow-addicted sluts all over MTV, Boring-ass dramas and sitcoms that AREN'T FUNNY. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE THAT WOULD WATCH THIS HOGWASH!? IT'S NOT ENTERTAINMENT, IT'S GARBAGE.

Yea sure the sleazy corporate machine is doing it's part by creating this schlock and shoving it in our faces, the real problem is the ASSCLOWNS WHO BUY INTO IT. They are the reflection of the pop culture they indulge in (and modern society for that matter) ; stupid, uncultured, uninteresting, hedonistic, and superficial.

Shame on all of you.

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