I am SO FUCKING SICK of colors! Redecorating my house is a big fucking nightmare. I can't decide on FUCKING COLORS for every damn thing! I thought this would be fun, easy and creative but now its just work. I have to get it done by the holidays, or have a shitty looking, torn up, unfinished house when my family visits.

Why the FUCK is it so god dammed important that everything in the fucking world has to "match" or "harmonize" with everything around it? Who the hell decides what colors 'go' with what? Why does everyone have stupid rules and opinions about what looks good together and what doesn't? Who am I decorating MY house for anyway, ME or OTHER PEOPLE?

Why the fuck is the whole world obsessed with the fucking color of everything? We have to worry about the COLOR of our fucking clothing, hair, makeup, car, furniture, walls, flowers, toothbrushes and everything else! People are so obsessed with color some even hate people of a different color even though we are the SAME damn species! Am I the only person who sees how STUPID all this is?

DECORATORS ARE ANNOYING TOO! Who decided the so called 'effects' different of colors? I kept hearing that red makes people angry so I switched to blue decor thinking this would soothe me. NOW I AM TWICE AS FUCKING ANGRY! Maybe fucking RED went with my angry fucking personality and that was why I liked it. But NO, all these books, decorators and bullshit ‘Feng Shui’ crap convinced me that my excessive red was making me irritable. MAYBE I WOULD HAVE BEEN FUCKING IRRITABLE ANYWAY! Right now ALL fucking colors are getting on my nerves with the exception of black, white and brown!

I have had EVERY fucking color scheme under the sun over the years. I'll like a color for a few years then I get sick of it. Now my whole house is BLUE ON FUCKING BLUE! Worse yet, everyone got me BLUE gifts for Christmas last year. Now it looks like I live in the ocean! I would go back to red but I already had a red house once and I am bored of it and have gotten rid of many red things. There are only so many fucking colors in the world and I have run out of patience!

I understand why people do boring, drab 'neutral' rooms. I am so SICK of looking at fucking colors. I am either going to decorate this place in black, white and tan OR I am going to say fuck it and paint it FUCKING RAINBOW! I just want to go buy whatever random, mismatched crap I like and throw it all together and say “FUCK everyone else!” It would be easier and probably more functional and comfortable too. At this point I am starting to not give a fuck what anyone else thinks, I just want this project done! If I look at one more paint sample or fabric swatch I AM GOING TO FUCKING SCREAM!

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