I am 14 but I am already completely angry about everything in this bloody country. I am tired of other teenagers who are such no hopers that the best they can do is to get drunk and have sex as early as possible and to go and work in burger king. I am angry at the bloody biased media I am angry at the way people who detain criminals who attack them are themselves sued by the criminals I am tired of the people who can't see beyond the end of their nose I am angry at a world where anybody different is free game I am tired of people who think that they are incapable of being wrong, I am tired of successive governments who lie through their teeth are corrupt and continually degrade public services and who beat about the bush I am angry at the conservatives who criticize labour for struggling to sort out a mess left by the conservatives I am angry at the way companies mess the unions around at unions who head butt every problem that they face I am angry at a social service where if you go to correct an error your benefits are cut off I am angry at a country where everyone wants to know your personnel business and at government and bank staff who are so idiotic that they are worse than computers I am angry at sales people who don't know the stock I am angry at people who blame computers and I am angry at programmers who write programs that aren't applicable to 50% of the population. I am pleased with this brilliant website however which has saved me from insanity.

This Millennium 2

I'm beginning to fucking hate this Millennium, even though it started over four years ago. Why? You ask. Well, we have rabid censorship running amok on the radio and network television making the very same decisions that some dumb-assed parents should make themselves! The 21st century sucks because our job market is deep in the shitter, unemployment is on the rise while the rest(myself included) have dispicable low-wage jobs serving crazy-ass losers at some Supermarket, Wal-Mart or some theme restaurant! Just what we fucking need to face those $2.50 a gallon gas prices! Everyone yaks into their cellphone while they're driving like an idiot, while pissing off every motorist around them. The fashion industry has become even more "re-god-damn-diclous" with those slutty low-rider jeans and that shirt that has only one sholder strap! I hate this decade for it's endless variety of sexist,racist,crude(sometimes quasi-fascist)dehumanizing reality shows that fill the prime-time schedule. Are they cesored by the FCC? No. How many whores, assholes, stereotypes, evil sista's and stupid motherfuckers can I take? And don't get me started on these "Low-Carb Health Nazis" and this alternative healthy menus at Mc D's ARRRGGHHHH! I hate this Millennium mostly beacuse of the news media has mutated into a bitchy,bullshit, opinionated reality show-type popularity contest complete with psuedo-journalist (who gives a shit if they're Conservate/Liberal)"Himbos" and "Bimbos" that lie to us on a daily basis. I'm pissed beacuse the Music industry with all of their infinite wisdom(while having whale shit-for-brains) has no yet discovered why sales are down simply beacuse newer music is bland, tasteless, and it's processed by corporate labels. Oh, this millennium definitely sucks mainly because of "W" and our government. Both lied to us on numerous occassions on Iraq, 9/11, Social security crises, not mention reviving the draft...behind closed doors of course! Yeah, more young people to be put through the meat grinder to become homeless at the end of the war or limbless cripples! That's a wonderful fucking idea. Not! It has been a lovely couple or years complete with a devastating tsunami. So far from what I've seen and heard and experienced, this has and will be one fucked-up, schuked-up, overpriced, and mismanaged bullshit excuse for a decade. If you aren't angry at the shit that's been happening the world over and in America since the inception of this millennium you are one stupid son-of-a-bitch who isn't paying attention!

Judgment 3

I'm bloody pissed off with everything, i hate myself because of it. Can't people mind their own business, and stop throwing judgement about other people. "Damn, he's ugly", "Good Lord, you're skinny, butt ugly, and you think girls will fall for you, grow up", there's some of the judgement people's throw at me. I'm sick and tired with this sort of people who knows absolute nothing about me, and yet they have the nerve to put a judgement to me. Girls especially, yes, i know i'm physically ugly, but please, next time, try to know me better before throwing such tantrums or baseless drivels on me. God, i hate these people. Wish you all the worst of luck, and may God have pity on you.

Everybody 4

I am just pissed off at everything right now. I just want to go to bed and cover my head and be left alone in my misery. I wish I had a good supply of drugs, but I donít, so I must suffer this madness sober. Oh well I hate the world, it sucks ass.

Everything 5

Why am I so damned angry? I'll tell you why, it's because these past two weeks have been some of the shittiest two weeks of my life. So, to start it off, half of my friends leave to go to Paraguay to build schoolrooms for the children there, this is something I would have killed to do. and the only reason why I didn't go, is because my parents didn't want to spend the money, right after they bought my older sister a $4000 racing bike she never uses. next, the robotics group I'm in is filled with so many fucking incompetent slack-jawed morons, that we don't get to go to the competition (something else I would have killed to do). also, in my engineering class, my teacher paired me up with the stupidest fucking partner in the entire class, and the only thing he manages to do is piss me off and get in my way. and, I'm staying up all night going through major anxiety attacks in order to finish a 5 page paper for my AP calculus class, and I'm so fucking tired, I can barely do the math correctly. and, if this weren't enough, I only got to see my girlfriend once in these past two weeks, and that one day was spent listening to her and her mother have the biggest shouting match on the planet, then watching shitty movies with her horrid grandfather while she does SAT practice. oh, and to make up for it, she promised she would be at my house afterschool before my parents got home so we could do some couple things alone. but, to end the week off on a 'good' note, it turns out that she changed her mind, and will be spending the ENTIRE day at my friends house, for reasons I don't know, and she won't explain. that's why I'm so GODDAM PISSED OFF

everything 6

I accidentally doubled up on my anti depressants and everything makes me angry now! It'll ware off by morning but I want everyone and everything to go the hell away and the only person I actually want to talk to/see is busy at work and can't return my txts but even though I know it's not personal I'm still angry that he isn't responding!


BEcause everything today is so god damn annoying, its put me in a totally hidious mood, and theres nothing I can do about it because everything fails so epically..... soooooooooooo sooooooooooooo epically, what is the issue with rent and houses and everything, and oh my god I think I want to die, I genunly am going as mad as the mad hatter. Meh hahahahahahahahahahahah ugh gah grrrrrrrrrrrrupm grump grump grump grump :-( :-(
going to wallow in self pitty for several hours and be discontent with everything. Everything. oh and by the way Job market, sort yourself out PLEASE please please, I need a job and I am highly Qualified, sometimes even more than people that wok even for you, its just no one needs any body at the moment cos their all so damn pooor P.O.O.R. .... maybe I should start working for the sex trade, I'm sure a pimp would be very understanding. Hmmm.

anything and everything 8

I have no idea why I am so fucking angry,it bubbles to the surface,simmers down and bubbles up again ALL throughout the day,every fucking day.I feel like I want to explode.It's like having constant pmt!My husband treads on eggshells and I'm constantly at the end of my tether with my 4 year old and trying desperately not to keep loosing my cool,snapping,telling off.Can't pinpoint it it's a bit of 1001 things that keep piling on top of me and I can't seem to manage the most simplest of things without wanting to absolutely explode ie....the dinner,tidying up,getting washed and dressed,finding my keys,the noise of the tele!! what the fuck is wrong with me?

Everything!!! 9

I dont know!!! I jus wanna fuk the wrld till i break it!! N thn watch it try n get to its feet n jus as its abwt 2 smash a slegde hammer across it n completely re-arrange it!!!!! And the saddest part is i'm not even an angry person!!!

Everything 10

Everything just feels like it's falling apart. I go by thinking that everything is fine, that I've outgrown all of these stupid fucking feelings and that I'm happy, that I'll make something of myself and that the future with be perfect, but then I'm thrust back into this fucking pit of futility with no warning. Really, what's the point? People go on about how amazing life gets, how many opportunities there are, but what is there behind that? God? Fuck that. If he exists he's a bastard.

I just feel empty. Drained. I know that it's stupid, that my life is relatively okay, but I can't stomach it any more. I can't go on playing up to the bullshit standards of success, drowning in a void of anti-intellectualism and playing along with the rampant fucking materialistic optimism whilst pretending that I love it. Everything just feels like a joke, except it really isn't funny any more. I feel like I'm the only one not laughing, the only one who hasn't gotten it. I hate myself because of that.

The worst thing? I'll wake up tomorrow morning and I'll pretend everything is hunky fucking dory, I'll say that all of this shit was probably just caused by fucking hormones and the whole cycle with start all over again. Build myself up just to come crashing down.

Gods, I want to die right now. I want to die, and I want it to be really, really painful, but really short. I want to feel like every single cell is on fire, like someone has poured fucking acid into my veins and I'm about to explode, I want my head to throb until all I can hear is alarm bells, until my vision gets hazy and I start hallucinating, I want to fucking beg to be put out of my misery for just a few seconds before I'm gone. I want to feel completely alive for a moment, just to have it snatched away. A test, maybe, of endurance. A test I know I'm going to fail.

Maybe one day in the future everything will be perfect and I'll look back at this and laugh. Maybe I'll hate myself because of that. Just fuck this. It's all worthless.

THe World 11

I'm pissed off at my computer.I'm pissed off at school and everything that crawls out of it's bunghole and onto my desk and calls itself 'homework' .I'm pissed at my girlfriend ,who thtinks it's sooo fucking hilarious to play mind games with me. And I'm pissed at EVERYTHING IN THIS GODDAMN MARBLE we call a PLANET that gets me just the slightest agitated.

If I could, I would destroy every particle of this earth. Then, while I'm standing on the last chunk of rock that was the Earth, I'd pull a 'dramatic action movie ending' and plug the last bullet into my skull.

Guilty about being guilty 12

I am so fucking angry, because its not okay to be angry! WE ARE ALL FUCKING PISSED! WE ALL HATE SHIT! but can you say it out loud no. Can you be a human and talke with people about it. Friends family? No you can't! I got to write some stupid shit on some stupid wall, that doesn't really do anything about it! I Can't get a god damn job, not because I am stupid but because every fucking person I interview with is stupid! I am angry because I feel guilty about being guilty! Like I haven't done enough! FUCK THAT! I feel guilty because I hate my fucking life! But fuck that it derserves to be hated! Fuck all of you who say just think posetive. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! MY LIFE IS GETTING WORSE AND WORSE, even though I HAVE TRIED FUCKING EVERYTHING TO STOP IT! SCHOOLS WON'T ACCEPT ME, I CAN'T GET A FUCKING JOB! FUCK THIS COUNTRY, FUCK THIS WORLD, AND FUCK ALL THE BULL SHIT PEOPLE OUT THERE THAT ARE ANGRY AND DON'T SHOW IT! AND FUCK YOU IF YOU TELL ME I SHOULDN'T BE ANGRY! FUCK YOU! ONE MORE THING, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN IF SOMETHING IS MISSPELLED IN THIS, or there is any other grammer fuck up, ups! ITS THE FUCKING ENGLISH LANGUAGE EVERYONE FUCKS IT UP! THEY WOULD ALOT FUCKING MORE IF IT WASN'T FOR SPELL CHECK! SO DON'T FUCKING BULL SHIT ABOUT IT, and DON'T EVER PUT OTHER PEOPLE DOWN ABOUT IT, because the fucking truth is, me and you, all of us are all fucking stupid. AND! if you think you know better, and thats why you fucking put people down about anything! THEN YOU DON't YOU ARE FUCKING RETARDED and ignorant! CAUSE HOW THE FUCKING HELL DO YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON in my mind or anyone elses! YOU ARE JUST AN INSECURE PIECE OF SHIT! THAT HAS TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE FEEL WORSE, SO YOU CAN GO ON BELIEVING THAT YOU KNOW BETTER, or MORE THEN THEM SOME HOW! FUCK YOU, YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT! We want our kids to stop bullying one another! THEN we need to stop doing this stupid fucking passive aggressive shit with one another. ITS ABSOLUTELY OBVIOUS! AND IF YOU DON't think people notice it! THEN YOU ARE STUPID! YOU ARE A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT For doing it in the first place, and on top of that you ARE FUCKING STUPID! I just want to be HAPPY! I just want to have a good time! AND I DON'T WANT TO BE JUDGE FOR IT! I WANT TO BE MY FUCKING SELF, BUT I CAN'T! I have to play this stupid game, of who is better, when no one is. There is no point to it, and I am so tired of doing it. You know who you are... You are a shithead, that has zero fucking empathy. That person inside of that head you just insulted passively, feels and thinks the same way you do. Is it so hard to understand that?! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR IT! AND FUCK YOU IF YOU DISAGREE ME! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!

The world! 13

Father's day...yeah...lawnmower won't start today! I cant get a new job to pay more because i'm just not pretty enough. I can't fix a dresser to hold my child's clothes because i'm too stupid. I can't change anything besides my clothes because i'm too poor. I let my wife take a nap on Father's Day and today when I wanted to take a nap...oh there was way too much stuff to do! I went to an interview today to get a better paying job...I was waiting to mow the yard because it's like 90 degrees outside...Oh well! Keep moving and sweating because most men are only appreciated when they're needed. YEP tha'ts why prostitution is the oldest business in the world!

Erasers 14

This may be quite a trivial mediocre rant, but defected erasers piss me off. While it's great erasers have been invented so we don't waste paper on permanent pen ink mistakes, erasers still have their faults. When erasers get too dirty they leave annoying smudges, so it pays to scrub them with soap once in a while. Beware trying to use an aged eraser, as somehow these have hardened overtime and if you use them, they might leave permanent scratch-smudges, that can't even be erased by a newer better eraser, nor can the hard eraser get softened and cleaned. This would always annoy the hell out of me.

Now I do a lot of artwork and have taken my talent up to the more professional artist supplies, and let me tell you something about "plastic erasers." They're very good at erasing when they're new, leaving virtually zero smudges, but then after a while, I guess they age and harden like regular erasers and become completely useless, leaving scratch-smudges, just like grade-school erasers... Damn you lousy fucking erasers...

Energy Saving Myths 15

Now let me explain first, I try to take care of the environment the best I can. I make sure I put the recyclables in the recycling bin, I throw trash in the trash can and never litter it on the ground. I only do laundry when I'm near the end of my undergarment supply (about once every 3 months) Heck, I only shower once a week (because that's how long it really takes for me to look and feel dirty), I hate the thought of "daily showering" merely for the sake of being "extra clean." But what's really getting on my nerves is this sort of "energy-saving" nonsense: either the kind that's almost crucifying you to live like a poor person (despite being able to afford a middle-class house), or the kind where it sounds like you merely traded one energy expense for another instead of "saving."

One has to due with this damn air-conditioning. The energy advice for that isn't very constructive, and treats it as though we're broke and the AC's don't even exist. In the wintertime, the kids are cold, but parents blow them off with "Put on a sweater!" Well, I've begun to notice in this freezer of a house with a "non-existent heater" that I've covered my bed with several thick blankets, have worn a pretty padded jacket, yet I'm still freezing in this house! Meanwhile the parental figure who controls the thermostat and the AC investment money doesn't seem to notice or care about who's suffering in the family. The same shit happens in summer, only worse. I live in Arizona, and without a working cooler, it makes the house feel hot as a furnace, even in the middle of the night! Opening the windows or using fans as cooler alternatives hardly does any shit! I'm still frying miserably in this heat and losing my sanity. Please! Let's just get the AC set up, and then learn to invest for the next season ahead of time. Not torture the family tolerating these miserable elements as though AC's don't exist. Sometimes I have a feeling the only money you're really saving are a few pennies, not hundreds of dollars.

Then there's these so-called "energy-efficient" devices that don't seem to save energy/money, but instead you merely traded one expense for another. My ignoramus brother had to talk nonsense at Mom and me, telling us to use one of those spiral energy-saving fluorescent bulbs, but guess what? Last time I checked, regular bulbs cost about $3, but those damn spiral ones cost $10 each. I don't care if they "save energy" and can last years compared to regular bulbs! The fact that they cost 3 times more, makes it sound like I'm just trading one expense for another, investing in spirals alone. I don't see how that saves me any money; make them the same price as the regulars, then we'll talk.

Also, I just found out that these so-called "better" bulbs actually contain mercury. WTF?! Great, heaven help us we dropped a spiral bulb instead of a regular bulb. A regular bulb can simply be swept up and disposed in the trash, but for a spiral it's a frickin' code red, bio-terror crisis, opening windows to air the mercury out and using more special tools to clean up this "better" bulb. I'd say mercury hazards are never worth the trade-off in my book! I remember my college chemistry lab class issue that the college be "mercury-free" in regards to experiments involving mercury danger. I wonder what they'll think of spiral bulbs knowing the mercury hazard...

My grandma just purchased a new washer, the so-called energy efficient ones, but she's lately noticed some problems with it. This damn thing is 10 times noisier than the old one. What's up with that? What exactly are you trying to prove, Energy-saving Nazis? While this washer allegedly "saves water," Grandma's been noticing that it takes her longer to do loads with this new washer compared to the old one, and found herself doing more laundry work than ever! Not to mention I've heard reports that these energy-efficient washers don't wash the laundry as well as the older ones. What a rip-off! Just like I concluded earlier, one didn't save energy, (as environmentalists promised) one just trades one expense for another.

The government should quit making laws trying to make people drive their cars less. It just isn't gonna happen if you ask me. Many of us depend on our cars ( and our cars alone) to get to work or school. You wanna raise gas prices? Well, that'll just make us have to cut out other things non-car related, such as dining out, buying sweet junky groceries, and other extra-curricular stuff. Fuck off with walking, biking, or taking public transportation. I have my own safety concerns traveling without the 5 walls of a car to protect me. Good luck walking or biking in the harsh heat, cold, rain or when some bums try to make some trouble with you...That's just how I see and feel about it... Cabs? Buses? etc.? There's still the regular payment of them, maybe even more when it comes to long-distance, and all that transferring, hopping. No, I'm not gonna take any risks trying the subways...

Please...Dry your clothes on a clothesline instead of the dryer? Easier said then done. I can understand doing it for delicate, non-ironing fabrics in the hot summer, but anything else, and I say clotheslines have more cons than dryers do. My dryer takes 60-70 minutes at the most on a full load, but the clothesline seems to take the entire day, giving it about 6 hours?! God help us if it rains, strong wind blows the clothes down, birds poop on it, other animals mess with it, or worst of all: perverts secretly gawking at your lingerie, or a thief comes along and steals something if you don't keep a close eye, and check on the laundry frequently. (It twice happened to Grandma, she was so pissed off about it; I can't blame her)

I'd say Kermit the frog was right for a different reason, "It's not easy being green..."

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