Financial Aid

I'm angry because I'm a broke college student who still has to disclaim her parents information on the FAFSA. What does this mean? That I will get no financial aid what so ever. Which makes no sense to me when my parents have reached financial ruin. They can't pay for my school. But apparently they make to much- despite an unemployed parent. I'm footing the whole bill. Every last cent given to the College is coming from my pocket. & I'm angry because I can't afford that. Oh wait? I've got a great idea! Scholarships- ohh, but that's right. I'm too privileged or not tall enough or I don't have the right last name or my major isn't specific enough or I'm not going to the right school. What's my point? I'm pissed that I don't get any help from anyone [even [programs set up to help those in financial need] anywhere that isn't going to screw me over in the end & leave me massively in debt once I graduate. I put in all this hard work to get where I am now I'm not even sure if I'll be able to pay my way through. Great.

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