computer desk

god dam it, this computer desk is dam cramped up in a corner, it is being held by a brick and my hands a getting blisters coz the desk keyboard area is so dam small, i also hate all the crappy music, i nkow good music and all that Euro-metal trash well can suk it if u know what i mean, WAT HAPPENED TO THE GOOD OL DAYS!

Furniture causing injuries 2

I rage when I accidentally hit my elbows, knees, and toes on furniture that I don't even like in the first place.

I am currently stuck at my parent's house, and I'm doing online work so I can rent an apartment. The desk I am sitting at has shit crowded all over it. I have injured my joints thanks to the bookshelf, extra chair, and set of drawers because I wanted to stretch out a bit.

I even hit my head on somebody else's computer desk a long time ago! There was a bunk bed on top of it.

Can't we all just design normal desks?

Cupboards 3

Why in the hell can't I get something out of the cupboard without getting assaulted by like sixty pounds of random shit? I open up the cupboard to get a cup, and I'm barraged by pill bottles and beer cozies and god knows what else. I try to grab some hot sauce for my chili, I get smacked across the forehead by a shaker of garlic powder. Hell's bells! Throw this shit away! Why do we have five empty pill bottles stacked along with the cups? Why do we have countless containers of garlic powder and onion powder when they're all like damn near empty and nobody's used any of it since 2001? Everywhere I look, there's a bunch of unnecessary shit stacked up!

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