Gas Prices

One day, it's 1.39. The next, 1.75! It's ridiculous! You run out of gas waiting for the prices to go down, and they usually never do. It's such a shame how much pollution is getting put into the atmosphere every day from cars alone! Bush tells us that "the child born today will learn to drive with a Hydrogen powered car." WELL, let's get a move on, here! We need them NOW! Then, all we need is Hydrogen, which will only emit water. This would be SO much better! Gas reeks, it costs way too much, and it pollutes the atmosphere. STOP ripping us off with all the expensive, foreign fuel. START working on this new car. It's going to be the 80's all over again and we'll all boycott gas prices sooner or later. They'll just get to high to be worth it. I am a student, and I don't have money to burn on gas, but I need to get to school every day. So come on, scientists, HURRY UP!

gas prices 2

what the fuck? am i made of money? $1.80-$1.90 for the cheap gas? holy shit! just two fucking days ago it was $1.59!!! first it was the war that was to blame for the spike in prices, now these fuckholes are blaming the damn power outage out east and some shit going on in arizona. PUH-LEEZE! these greedy fucks want to line their damn pockets while draining the hard working schlub out of his/her money. that's it...bottom line! fuck you oil hogging assholes and fat cats! i hope some day someone fucks YOU this bad!

Gas Prices 3

You might be tempted to blame OPEC for these ridiculously high gas prices but before you do, take a look at the profit windfall that upstanding firms like Exxon Mobil are currently enjoying. To make an obscene jump in profits while its cost of fuel is jumping through the stratosphere suggests that they are not only passing their increased cost to the consumer, but also tacking on a huge premium to boot! I think you also need to look at the prior work history of our President and Vice President. Coincidence???

*Note from Anger Central
In answer to your question, Yes. We would suggest you do a little more research into why prices are going up and down. The so called "Big Oil" companies actually have very little to do with the prices. Most of it comes from speculators buying and selling oil futures. Also you have the OPEC nations who want to screw everyone, not to mention that over regulation has virtually shut down domestic production and refining in the U.S.
Recommendation 1) Seek help for your paranoia.
Recommendation 2) Use the internet to learn about how the oil business really works.
Recommendation 3) Have a nice day! :)

gas prices 4

gas prices are outrageous, i cant stand them! I had more than a 1/4 of a tank, and it cost $21 to fill my tank the rest of the way up. thats how much it costs when my tank is almost EMPTY! rumor has it that the prices are gonna stay like this and that pisses me off. i dont know what the problem is, but the freakin' government or whoever needs to fix it so we dont have to pay $2 for a gallon of stupid gas. maybe i should get into the gas business....i would be a millionaire! those people know everybody needs gas, so they're jacking up the prices so they can suck all our money out of our diminishing bank accounts so THEY can have that money and be rich off it. this is a sick world, i dont like it. like the saying goes, "this world must be another planets hell." true 'dat!

gasoline 5

i'm utterly pist at this liquid the country is so dependent on. whats worse is the government has started a fucking war over it its to expensive and the government should lower the price.whats that i hear? They have no control over the prices? utterly pathetic if the arabs have control of the prices, they should atlest try and compromise but no the government makes profit on the oil.this liquid destroys the ozone layer but hey, it wont last forever were almost at peak production(half the worlds oil is mined out) and only the shitty stuff the cars cant run will be left i'll be happy when its all gone. the the arabs will go into bankruptcy and america will go into economic meltdown and the look on the politicians face hahahaha!

*Note from Anger Central
Forgot to take your meds again hmm?

Gas prices 6

I’m pissed the fuck off about gas prices. Why? Isn’t it fucking obvious! You know gas prices are bullshit when you happy that it’s just under $3 a gallon. To all you other posters, SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS! You complain about $1.75-$2.00 try spending $4.13 a gallon. That’s right $4.13. Granted gas is only like $2.80 right now, it will probably be back up to $3.50 plus by September. Fuck gas prices and fuck whoever is in a position to do something about it and hasn’t.

gas prices 7

I'm getting angry about all you yanks moaning about gas prices being "too high" todays' U.S. gas is +/- $3/gallon

try living here for a while and pay almost $5/gallon (4.88/gallon today) if you want cheap gas, move to Saudi Arabia or Libya to pay only $0.60 - $0.70 , or to Venezuela to pay only $0.10

*Note from Anger Central
We'll take a guess that you're in the UK. Could be wrong but it seems likely. Now, the major costs of gas are taxes, especially in Eurostan. Now, most Eurostanians constantly underestimate the distances the average American drives each year. The Webmaster drives 60+ miles each day. One of his co-workers drives over 200 miles a day to and from work. There is NO public transportation available and never will be. When Daimler took over Chrysler a while back, there was constant fighting between the American designer/engineers and the German designer/engineers. The Germans could not understand the American need for lots of cupholders and other things.
They finally brought the Germans to New York, gave them a car, a credit card and a Map and told them to drive to Los Angeles. The Germans figured 2-3 days. It took them 10 days.
They then understand why American cars have things like cupholders and lousy handling. Long straight roads mean you don't need good handling and Americans practically live in their cars.

Gas Prices 8

I am surprised there arent more gas price rants. The most recent are when gas was like $1.50 WOWWW forever gone those days.

Its now Sep 2012 and in the US gas is like $3.85 a gallon. The reason I am now so pissed and have been many years is the fact that WE HAVE OUR OWN FUCKING OIL RIGHT HERE BUT FOR SOME REASON THE WHITEHOUSE DECIDES TO GET GAS FROM OVERSEAS!

We just had Hurricane Isaac and I saw a news report that said gas production had been stopped by 90% because of the hurricane.

I am so pissed can in the 70s a guy invented a car that would run off water but of course the GOV bought him out. I dont know who the hell thought it a grand idea to invent the electric car seeing that our resources for electricity are ever diminishing and in a power outage you better be lucky enough to have pre-charged your battery.

Yea so i guess in about 4 weeks gas will be around %5.50 - $6.00 here. I'm tired of the 'POWERS THAT BE' sitting by and allowing all these shortages to occur when they claim to be so damn smart and should have planned years ago what the next move would be.

Guess I will invest in a bicycle.

*Note from Anger Central
We're a bit surprised as well. Regarding Irene, this isn't a surprise. They had to close down all the rigs in the gulf as well as shut down the refineries in the region. Since most of the refineries in the United States ARE in that region, you better bet it affects the price of gas. As to that business about the water powered car. that's nothing more than an urban myth. The closest we've come is fuel cell technology and you better believe the oil companies are working on that. Why? They know oil won't last forever and would like to stay in business.  And do you really think the government can keep a secret like a car that runs on water? Pull the other one, it has a bell on it.

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