they are so annoying when ever you get one.and thats not even the main problem.the problem is that there are different types caused in different ways. there are the standard noise based ones and then you got those ones which are caused by bright lights and make your eyes hurt. and then you've got the ones which are caused when you move your head to fast and then theres the ones which are caused by not having something your addicted to for to long and these ones make you all sleepy. why cant our scientists come up with an immunity thingamagig for it so that we can all be happy and head ache free

headaches 2

I am so angry at headaches. They make me miss hours and days of work staying in bed, therefore losing money and wasting PTO. Worse yet they make me waste my weekend and any other free time I may have. I take pills all the time for these stupid headaches and they almost always have crazy effects. When I don't take the pills I have rebound headaches. I can't win! I look like a crazy heroin addict wearing sunglasses in movie theatres and in teh car at night--but even headlights hurt! I'm always the party pooper requesting people to turn down the radio or TV. Why did I get cursed with this? I am so damn angry!

headaches 3

I hate my headaches. I am getting them more and more frequently, and I don't know why. It's to the point where I'm getting one every other day on average. I went to the doctor, and he ran some tests, but still found no real cause. Stupid stuff causes them. Most annoying is the heat. I can't really do anything outside from May until September. It makes me seem like such a wimp.

They're so debilitating. They break my concentration at the very least, and totally incapacitate me at the worst. I'm sick of having to lie around, wasting my life, waiting for my headache to go away. Medication sometimes works, but not always.

I suppose it could be worse, but then again, it could be better too. My father says he has never had a headache in his life. That drives me nuts. I hope you don't have the same problem. If you do, I'm so sorry...

headache 4

I am so damn angry because my head hurts, and I think the computer screen is making it worse. But, I am angry because of other things too! I am angry because I have to go to school. I am angry because I have to explain everything. I am angry because I am physically tired, but mentally ambitious. I am so damn angry because all I ever wanted to do was help people, but no one ever takes me seriously. I am so damn angry because I don't want to be so damn sad.

Headaches 5

These things hurt like a bitch, which makes me angry. Pain makes me angry, I dunno. When you get angry, the headache gets worse, which gets me angrier, which intensifies the headache, which makes me angrier... 'tis a vicious cycle.

Time for the next two fucking ibuprofen pills... GAH!

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