The common cold

This thing pisses me off so much! It seems that every time you get over one, the virus mutates so you end up getting it all over again! Damn you common cold!

panic attacks 2

Dammit! I hate always feeling like I'm going to die. My stomach hurts like the unholiest hell,I get headaches,and I have trouble breathing. This shit usually starts when I wake up in the middle of the night and I can't go back to sleep. Someone shoot me before I go totally insane.

Germ Spreaders 3

I am sitting here the morning after Christmas barely alive, after having run a fever above 100 degrees I'm sure. Why? Because just as I was getting over my previous bout with influenza, the woamn who I work for had her kid over and this little fucker was blowing snot and leaving his snot rags all over the damn place. The little darlin can do no wrong!!! I would dearly love to beat the piss out of his fat ass but am too weak and sick to do so. And I would really like to slap the mother, for giving birth to such an inconsiderate little fucker!! If you're sick, fucking STAY HOME, don't spread your cold and flu germs all over the damn place...

self health 4

I've got MS, I used to fucking moonwalk to the shops, now I hobble like a fucking old git.. Geriatrics overtake me with their zimmer frames. I get sympathetic looks from friends who never ever call me. Things have gone wrong and I'm fucking gutted, skint and full of impotent rage and vengeance. Fuck it, I'll get drunk on my own, does crying help? Everything sparks me off, especially down the local docs with a waiting room full of trashy teenage mums and their babies eating shitty fried chicken, the NHS is shit too, inhumane and over-fucking-loaded...Fuck this, What can I punch?

Sickness 5

I'm recovering from a bout of bronchitis that landed me in the ER and I'm "taking it easy" at home. What it really means is I'm so god damn bored that I'm climbing the fucking walls. I've spent money on Ebay crap, visited every web site known to man, called everyone I could think of that would be home tonight, tried burning some CD's (but that worked out well -- HAH) and played some stupid Xbox game and I'M STILL BORED!!! I can't wait to go back to work and go back out on call for the fire dept. GAAAAAAAAAAAH! I hate being sick.

vertigo 6

for the love of God & all things sacred & holy, PLEASE make the room stop spinning. i'm sitting down, & i feel like i'm swaying, even though i'm not. i don't wanna see food, smell food, & i sure as hell don't wanna think about it. ESPECIALLY EGGS. for those of you wondering what this shit feels like, imagine you're the poor, unfortunate lizard in the hand of the douchenozzle who brought it on the fucking gravitron. it feels like you're bouncing off the walls, & when the ride stops, you're still going. the sight & smell of food comes across as disgusting, especially fatty, fried food (which was gross to begin w/)(not trying to knock anyone's preferences). you get headaches from hell, your legs feel wobbly, & at times, your body temperature fluctuates to the point where you still feel like you're freezing your ass off if you try to warm up. an example, i sat in a tub of scalding hot water, & i was still cold. as for the treatment, the meds are no fun, either. sure, they give you pills to take. unfortunately, another med they give you is a fucking SUPPOSITORY, which is more fun than crawling on your belly through barb wire & then pouring salted vinegar on the gashes. gonna go see if sleep helps... it's either that, or ask one of my family members to give me three good whacks to the skull w/ the round end of a balpeen hammer.

Sinusitis 7

Unlike a typical common cold or other virus which has a life cycle and usually goes away after a few days, a bacterial infection in the sinuses just keeps on screwing about with your head for weeks on end and driving you bloody mad! Moving my head and talking alone creates horrible pain in my face, upper jaw and teeth. Mucus so thick which keeps your nose continuously blocked, and reappears after 30 seconds after getting rid of the last lot! The worst thing is you don't even feel "ill" as such, and have the energy to try and get on with life, but because of the headache, mucus, pressure pains etc... it's nearly impossible. I have been stared at by vacuous idiots in public who think my loud coughing, retching and grunting noises to clear mucus from my nose and  sinuses are un-necessary. How about you have the problem then, morons, you got no idea how much it HURTS, to get that relief. Nobody cares a shit do they? It's a real condition and I'm not "being weird" or anything it fucking hurts, you idiots.

Heartburn 8

I'll tell you why I am fucking angry at's 3 in the fucking morning and I can't sleep because every time I lay down my whole shit burns all the way up to my jaw. I'm so fucking pissed right now I've been stomping around the whole house waking up to share in my anger and misery. Fuck you, heartburn and indigestion. I'm so irritated right now I can hardly type...

Chronic/Terminal Diseases 9

Screw you, cancer in all your forms. Screw you, heart disease and strokes. Screw you, hepatitis B and C. Screw you, HIV and AIDS. Screw you, MS, arthritis, fibromyalgia, CFS, degenerative disk disease. Screw you, emphysema and COPD. Especially screw you, mental illness and addiction.

Thanks a lot for either making the people I love miserable or killing them. You suck, all of you.

Finally, screw you, doctors who think it's more important to cure erectile dysfunction than brain cancer, doctors who treat patients like idiots or animals, doctors who won't admit when they screw up or better yet, fix the problem. These are human beings for God's sake, not medical record numbers.

Illness 10

I fucking hate being sick! I get a 37.1 C fever like every 3rd day and it pisses the SHIT out of me!! I hate missing practice because of fucking illness, I hate not being able to go out just because I feel SLIGHTLY sick and I'll only make it worse if I leave the house. FUCKING ILLNESS, FUCK OFF FROM ME!!!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 11

I am so damn angry because this OCD has been plaguing me for 13 years. Every day for weeks has been a struggle to get out of the house. When I do get out, it's only to go to work and even then I can't concentrate on anything other than the stupid monsters in my head making me feel like a freak. I am especially angry that I was an hour and a half late to work this morning and when I did finally arrive I couldn't tell anyone I was having such a crappy day. Instead I have to smile and pretend everything is fine. I am angry that I have to pretend to my parents that there is nothing wrong with me and that they can only refer to my OCD as 'your problem'. I am angry that my boyfriend sleeps in every morning while I fight the monsters and end up and sitting in the bathroom crying. I am so angry that I can't even have some time off from it all and have a relaxing evening doing something that I enjoy. I am so angry because I know, however hard today was, I have to do it all over again tomorrow.

My post-anorexia 12

Because i fucking binge until my stomach & body is in agony for the entire day. And then the cycle repeats the following day. I don't want t gain weight and be the pig i was 2 years ago.. i fucking waste HOURS IN THE KITCHEN! I WANT A LIFE!! I HATE FOOD AND DON'T NEED IT TO BE REVOLVED AROUND MY EVERY MOVE, FUCK! I can't take this anymore. I'm about to give in and reach for help. :(

*Note from Anger Central
Yes you DO need some help. Please see a doctor ASAP. What you are doing will injure you and could kill you.


Well to be quite frank, it's my own body. In my case, it's simply the misfortune of bad genetics. I am *extremely* grateful that my husband and I had decided NOT to have children - as I wouldn't wish the shit I'm going through on ANYONE (much less our own offspring).

Brittle bones and kidney stones due to an unidentifiable malabsorption disorder. Nickel allergies, the direct cause of chronic eczema and psoriasis which means I itch EVERYWHERE - ALL THE TIME even WITH the constant use of steroid creams (this only gives relief for a VERY short time) - which, over time thins the skin and makes matters even WORSE. Thyroid issues. <----ALL of which have been taken care of.

Now? MORE kidney stones. Scoliosis, Degenerative arthritis, Lumbar Degeneration Disease, DEGENERATIVE DISK DISEASE ... AND NOW AN OVARIAN CYST. It's not like I'm in my 80's ... hell, I'm not even near 50!!

So now, it's a lifetime of steroid creams and ointments, disgusting shampoo, steroid injections into the spine and what now feels like a never ending hellish cycle of surgeries. I'm not a quitter but ...

EIGHT SURGERIES IN A TWO YEAR SPAN AND AT THE VERY LEAST FIVE MORE TO COME. I AM SO *F*U*C*K*I*N*G* SICK OF GETTING CUT ON! The end of *ME* will be a blessing - hopefully, it's with the next surgery while I'm under.

The next time I hear a HEALTHY person bitch about something they can't afford to buy, I'm going to slap the living shit out of them and THEN tell him or her exactly why I did it. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! What good is money if you don't have the GOOD HEALTH TO ENJOY IT? Be grateful for what you DO have.

Verruca's 14

Fuck Me! These goddamn fuckers won't leave my feet! I've had them for over three years because my big oaf of a brother brought them into the house and of course they spread to me! Fuck sake, started with 1, now I have like 6 of the bloody things and each foot! They are bloody disgusting - and the worst thing is that they are so stubborn - and they hurt to walk on! I've tried everything, gels, creams, duck tape, bloody banana peel - EVERYTHING bar sitting in the bath and digging them out of my foot with a razor! My god they make me angry - and self conscious too! Fuck, I found a new one today, I almost flipped out and started yelling at my feet. Ahhh! Doesn't help that I have ingrowning toenails too - I hate my feet! And I HATE FUCKING VERRUCA'S!!!

CoronaVirus Bullshit 15

I can't take anymore of this CoronaVirus bullshit, i'm so sick of hearing it and i'm especially sick when Governors keep interrupting tv for their bullshit and pointless speeches where they say the same shit everytime. Why is it the media only reports on deaths instead of those who tested negative or only give very little attention to those who died in car accidents or house hires? The Media clearly has a fucking agenda.

Notice how they say "Slow the Curve?" What about "Stop the Curve?" If it's such a big pandemic why aren't we spreading the message to stop the curve instead of slowing it? Also why are people demanding tests instead of a cure? I do not want a damn cotton swab shoved down my nose I mean that's dangerous and could cause severe membrane damage to the nose if something goes wrong, it would be a lot less painful if they just drew blood from a needle rather than cause potential breathing issues, fuck tests we want a goddamn cure.

I'm also really sick of sitting around at home watching reruns and not having enough food or toilet paper at home because of the media slaves who act like the world is coming to an end won't save some supplies for the rest of us who need that stuff way more than they do. It's these price gouging lowlives that want to take advantage of others during times of need are the ones I hope get sick because of their sick and greedy ploy to take advantage of those who need stuff like food, water, and medical supplies way more than these idiots do.

By the way I have been hearing a lot of shit in my area about doctors misdiagnosing a lot of their patients for positive testing just to keep counting their numbers to the media and even heard doctors threatening to kill their patients if they don't comply with their orders. I hear a lot of reports of doctors who can't do their fucking jobs right and are known for botching medication, misdiagnosis on their patients, and cancelling appointments out of the blue because they don't feel like doing their jobs. I would advise avoiding the Hospitals because it seems like Doctors are looking for any excuse to shove a cotton swab down my nostrils and believe me I will shove that cotton swab up the Doctor's ass and test him positive for being a dumbass.

Can we all please just move on with our lives from this CoronaVirus shit and just go back to work already?

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