I don't think I'm racist (you might disagree) but I am getting totally pissed off by the huge numbers of immigrants coming to our tiny little country, New Zealand, whose language and customs are so vastly different from ours. CULTURES ARE NOT ALL EQUAL and I have the right to detest female circumcision, burqa wearing, killing pigs in backyards, Asian kidnappings, and the various other cultural "expressions" that are currently rampant.

Mainly, I hate the fact that I can no longer hang over the back fence and have a yarn to my neighbors in English. Oddly enough I do not speak Erdu, Cantonese, Hindi or Korean. Enough is enough already. Other cultures are valuable and interesting but only until they get to the point where they overwhelm the country where they escape to and then start creating the same problems they allegedly were escaping from. Our present government is SO POLITICALLY CORRECT that the present situation will probably only worsen. I AM TOTALLY AND UTTERLY PISSED OFF.

*Note from Anger Central
You do realize that the Webmaster's wife is an immigrant? And we do understand about the language thing. Be advised that Mrs. Webmaster is extremely militant about mastering English. (To the tune of 3 hours a day, 3 days a week and 2 hours a night 2 nights a week, along with a great deal of self study) She wants to fit in and gets a bit frustrated with the pace of her education. (She also doesn't particularly like the people from Central/South America. They spend their time in class chattering on cell phones and with each Spanish!)
Just thought you should know.
The Anger Central Management team


Immigration 2

I'm pissed because my countrymen are becoming such hateful bigots, when it comes to immigrants. They're also really ignorant of really basic shit. My parents immigrated here legally. Most of my family has been trying to immigrate here legally for thirty years.

ITS IMPOSSIBLE. The red tape, paperwork, and bureaucracy, and hoops they make you jump through are ridiculous.

I straight up recommend immigrating ILLEGALLY.

There's no point playing by the rules. It gets you NOWHERE, fast. My folks are doctors. My whole family is degreed professional without any criminal records or diseases. If WE can't get in (besides my folks, of course) after 30 years, how does ANYBODY get in?

And let's cut the crap. This is all about race. When Germans and Irish and English people showed up by the MILLIONS without papers last century, nobody freaked about THAT SHIT.

But the second BROWN people want to come, WHOA, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE THE DEVIL, nonstop on CNN and Fox, for years!

What a buncha hipocrites! If an American Indian wants to lecture me on immigration, that's fine. Or if black people do, that's fine too. They were FORCED to come here. But I'm not takin this shit anymore from white people. Where the hell did YOUR ancestors come from? And you're gonna tell me none of THEM stole land from Indians, or raped and killed them in the millions?

SHut your hipocrite ass up and get on your knees and THANK me for immigrating here. Immigrants coming to America are paying for your grannies SS check, bitch. Go to Europe or Japan and see what a country looks like when the birthrate hits 2.0 and the country doesn't have enough immigrants.

Newsflash: IT SUCKS. Just ask an Italian or Jap about their pension. Americans don't have to worry about this (or doing blue collar work for next to nothing, for that matter) because of immigrants.

Hipocrite bastards. Damn RIGHT I'm pissed. Well, not really. Time is our side. Better learn some Spanish, so you can understand what your grandkid is saying to you after my kid makes her a little brown baby with your

*Note from Anger Central
We are guessing you are either a troll or a moron. Which is it? You are obviously a racist. Immigrating to the US is a privilege, not a right. The Webmaster's wife is an immigrant and followed the rules. So is her sister and her nephew. You are a jerk. A spoiled little twerp who thinks someone owes you something. You can stay right where you are and rot for all we care.
And in case you're interested, Legal immigrants are even more enraged over people like you who won't follow the rules like they did.

illegal aliens 3

these lowlifes are jumping the queue that responsible foreigners must follow in order to get a green card...why should the US of A reward these visa cheats and border jumpers?

Answer: we should every one of them...I can mow my own grass and clean my own toilets...stop weeping and wringing your hands in support of people who have knowingly violated our laws and the sanctity of our borders, then stand around chanting about how unfair our laws are...mind you...these are the laws that these lowlifes have thumbed their unwashed noses at!! And then they DEMAND even more! A one way ticket back to their third world country is what I about you?

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