Junk mail

I am so goddamned sick and tired of everyday retrieving my mail and 95% of it is junk mail or mail that belongs to the people that lived here before us. How hard would it have been to fill out one of those FREE change of address forms at the local post office. Apparently way too much trouble for them because I now get all of their mail. For the first couple of months I would note on the envelope return to sender or moved, or whatever. Now, hell no. It goes straight in the trash. I don't care anymore. Stupid fuckers. They keep getting legal notices for their delinquent son, cell phone bills, what looked to be like something from the IRS. They probably don't WANT this mail coming to them but fuck, I don't want it either. I have collected enough of their fucking crap to probably convert the paper pulp into a small forest in my backyard. As for the rest of the mass mailings from fucking real estate agents, local doctors, vets, dentists, repairmen, department store advertisements EVERYDAY godforsaken day of the week, stupid local municipal newspapers with NOTHING of interest but a bunch of stupid yocal local drivel -- it ALL goes in my fucking TRASHCAN you bastards!!! Nothing anyone sends me can compel me to choose their service or come into their store. And as for those rip-off artist banks --the highway robbers that cater to people with bad credit, etc. by sending you a "check" to cash immediately for a couple thousand bucks with an interest rate that is out of this world: No thanks. Fuck off. You should be in jail for trying to steal from the poor. God, don't get me started. Anyway, I have complained to the postman as well as gone to the post office (about the previous owners) and I am STILL getting their shit. I even have a routine now. I sort the mail in the garage and it goes in the can before it even hits the front door. And the catalogs. The woman of the house subscribed or purchased something from every tacky catalog apparel retailer possible. Also the hideous household "country Americana" decor. Vomit. So thats all about the mail. I've just reminded myself of about 3 more topics to bitch about while composing this one!

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