I must have some dark demonic cloud that hovers over me whenever I have to do anything with a lawnmower. I am on my fifth lawnmower in 9 years. The longest I've been able to keep one is 2.5 years. I just bought a Lawnboy last fall, had it repaired already, and it does all sorts of weird shit--smokes really bad, guzzles gas, works fine and then all of the sudden--won't start for days. They're all just worthless pieces of garbage. When I was a kid, my dad had the same mower for like 15 years, never did anything except maybe change the spark plug and oil and it worked fine. To get a mower fixed in my area takes 10 days if you're lucky, more likely a few weeks. Fucking lawnmowers, they piss me off.


It pisses me off when neighbors buy loud ass lawn mowers then mow all the fucking time. I want to relax in my bedroom and get laid, but I constantly hear the mowers outside and they are extra loud in this room. I wish neighbors would buy quiet fucking mowers or fuck off because I fucking had it.

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