Taking Meeting Minutes

Where I work, they're very anal about recording what goes on in meetings. IMHO, if a meeting attendee really cares about having notes of what was discussed, then he/she should take his own god damned notes, not make somebody else do it.

Not everybody wants to be spammed with meeting minutes. When I go to a meeting where somebody else takes the notes, and they send the minutes to me, I usually delete the minutes without even reading them. I take my own notes, and if something said in the meeting pertains to me, I write it down. I have no interest in the rest of the minutes.

Also, I am a technical writer, not a secretary. I resent being made to take meeting minutes. Like I said before - if you think it's so all-fired important to record this, then do it your own damn self! I've begun deliberately doing a sloppy job on meeting minutes - so I won't have to do it any more.

"Ice breakers" 2

I hate having to go to company and organizational meetings where they waste thirty minutes forcing us to go through asinine, childish "ice breakers" that are supposed to make us all quickly and artificially suddenly friends with each other. This crap is for kindergarten, not organizations where everyone is out to pull the rug from under you and stab you in the back.

group meeting time 3

Okay, so I'm at school, and we need to have a group meeting. People can't make it at certain times, so I shoot the group an e-mail saying that I'm available from 12PM to 2PM and then after 3:15. So I get an e-mail back that says "we've all decided on 7pm at the computer lab"

The fuck?! I didn't decide that! I don't want to fucking wait here all that goddamn time! BULLSHIT. Next time I'll be more specific as to how fucking long after 3:15 I'm available!

Monday morning staff meetings 4

On Mondays I have to be in the conference room by 8:30 sharp for the weekly staff meeting, which sometimes starts a minute or two early, so I have to leave home earlier than other days to make sure I'm there on time. At this meeting they read announcements and updates that could just be typed up and circulated as an e-memo for us to read when we feel like it. The meeting room doesn't have enough chairs for everyone, so I often have to stand for the whole thing. You can't look tired or look like you don't want to be there, because they base bonuses partly on your attitude, and the old battle-ax of a V.P. is always watching everyone. Do they think we really want to be here instead of at home still asleep? Fuck Monday and fuck staff meetings!

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