Roadside Memorials

I really get angry at seeing all these roadside memorials where someone has died as a result of an accident. People erect crosses and decorate with flowers, they visit the memorial and endanger themselves and the people driving past that are rubbernecking. We have cemeteries for this kind of thing people. I really don't want to be reminded that some drunk whacked a tree going 110 mph by a cross or a sign in some cases. I think the cross is a show for people driving by, Look at me I'm visiting the site of the death. When I have the chance I run the crosses over, I beep my horn and wave when I see a gathering on the side of the road. Go to the cemetery if you want to remember without someone like me bothering you. I am respectful in a cemetery because that is the accepted behavior. When I drive down the road I should not have to endure your showmanship on the roadside. Why can't you keep it where it belongs? If we must continue this non-sense we should do our research and put up a cross in every single spot someone ever died from the beginning of time or as close as we can come. Are you possibly starting to see where I'm coming from? I will continue to run over roadside memorials and do burn outs on the flowers left there, I wish I had a job cutting grass for the highway dept, those guys always have to drive around the little crosses, have to work a little harder to not offend someone's non-sense marker, I would throttle up, get those blades spinning good and keep on trucking, make those wooden crosses into toothpicks. I feel better now.

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