Modern day packaging was designed my moronic freakazoids that do their best to keep you from getting to your product. The worst offenders have to be dvds and cds. Getting through the hermetically sealed shrink wrap is bad enough, oh yes it is, but it gets worse. You also have to pry off the thick plastic seals on the edges. I actually cut the shit out of my finger trying to cut through ultra strength shrink wrap on a cd. Maybe the recording industry wouldn't be in such a slump if they made cd's less annoying to open. There has to be a better way that should even be less expensive.

Those molded heavy plastic containers that you see all the time, I think they call them blister packs, are in a class by themselves. In fact my blood is starting to boil so bad I can't even talk about it anymore. Fuck all the packaging designers!

Prepaid Phone Packaging 2

You wanna know why I'm so fucking angry? Prepaid cell phone companies still use the plastic death-traps to package their phones. You know the ones I'm talking about; you try to open them. No pair of scissors will cut them (short of kitchen shears. they seem to do the job) and even if you make a sizeable opening and the scissors stop working all of the sudden, trying to pull it apart will end in fucking PAIN. Who the FUCK are you trying to keep out of this package? Really? If it costs $199.99 already and even if it's stolen, its SERIAL NUMBER needs to be scanned into the system for the company to activate it so it's useless anyway! If you're really that worried about possible theft, keep the shit locked away safely. I can't tell you how much I fucking LOATHE those plastic boxes. GIVE ME A REAL FUCKING BOX. Not only that! It totally detracts from the fact that I just spent a shitload of money for it. It feels like I'm opening a fucking toy, not an Android smart phone. When I drop down extra money for a phone just so I don't have to be tied to a contract, I want to feel like I'm actually getting a phone. For example, Company X is the prepaid subsidiary of Company Y. Company Y gives us an actual box. Company X gives us the plastic bullshit and charges us more for it.

Please, for the love of GOD, get rid of these fucking things. They're pointless, paranoid, and diminish the satisfaction of my purchase.

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