I am not angry. I am just bewildered by the tiny hamster minds of some people on this planet. I picked up my daughter from the Cabrillo marine museum today. When I got there, they had one of those gate ticket dispensers for parking. First off, it's not close enough to the curb so you have to stop and get out of your car to get a ticket if you're not hugging the curb. Next, the attendants are not helpful. On my return, my daughter had moved the things off my seat so she could sit down. Yes, my front seat was messy. forgive me. The ticket was on that seat. When I got to the gate to leave, I didn't see my stub. That will be twelve dollars, "Lost ticket pays full price." They just opened, the gates are locked, yet they want to charge me a whole day for 10 minutes of parking. Too make matters worse, they made the whole line of traffic back up so that I could get out of line to look for it. Totally ridiculous.

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