Excessive Perfume!

I cannot begin to tell you how much perfume disgusts me in general, but the absolute fucking worst has to be these stupid bitches who lather themselves up with enough of the stuff to kill a fucking rhino.

I've lost track of how many times at work I've walked through the parking lot, an EMPTY parking lot with nobody around, and some fucking pig has used enough perfume that I can smell it all the way into the building, wafting through the air. I can't imagine having to sit next to a piece of shit like this, but my GOD how disgusting. How much of this shit do you idiots use?

Another case in point, you walk up the stairs and you can smell this perfume shit for at least four flights in a row, with nobody in site. It just fucking lingers in the stairwell. I can tell you exactly what floor the piece of shit works on, because once you pass it the smell is gone. Fucking ridiculous.

I don't know about other people, but I'm pretty sensitive to this stuff. It makes me want to gag and I honestly cannot breath the stuff with getting nauseous after a minute or two. I absolutely cannot stand those strong perfumes.

The absolute, gut-wrenching worst scenario though, has to be the restaurant experience. You go there, you sit down, begin eating your appetizers and then suddenly it hits you -the waft of some disgusting perfume that someone over-applied in the next row/table over. It comes and goes as people walk by, but it is so overpoweringly strong that you can TASTE the shit in your mouth while you try and eat your food. It's that fucking bad. And you can't do anything about it. It completely ruins the fucking experience for me and I've gotten to the point where I'll just ask to be moved somewhere far, far away. If the server doesn't want to help, fuck 'em and they get no tip.

I swear, one fucking time, some idiot actually broke a bottle of perfume in their purse or something, right fucking next to us. Was this nasty old bitch with her husband and they were just arguing the whole time. Apparently they lost their sense of smell at some point because they didn't react at all, but I almost fucking gagged because it was so horrifically strong. I would have preferred to sit next to a rotting corpse than smell that fucking shit.

Of all the women I know and work with, all being educated and professional, NOT FUCKING ONE will use this shit. It's only fucking low class, trailer-trash piece of garbage that thing they can impress someone by dousing themselves in some over-priced shit from the latest celebrity-of-the-moment.

So please, to all you cock sucking pieces of shit, all you disgusting fucking whores that stink so bad you can't go out in public without lathering yourself up like a fucking pig in shit, do me and the rest of society a HUGE favor and just stay the fuck home. Nobody wants to smell the gallon of perfume all over you and many of us want to throw up when we catch a whiff of it. It's low class, it's disgusting, it's pathetic and it's fucking shameful. Nobody wants to fuck you when you stink like a chemical spill and interfere with their ability to breath properly. Get a fucking clue, take a fucking shower and stop stinking up every single fucking place you set foot in.

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