I am in the heat of RAGE right now. It was so educational and so much damn FUN to take apart a cheap plastic bathroom sink trap and put it together three times, thinking a bowl would catch the drips, but having to use about 20 yards of paper towels to mop up the cabinet again and again. The blockage, I discovered in futility, was in the upper drain pipe anyway!

Whose brilliant idea was it to put a lever mechanism and a rising/falling stopper in sinks? See, there are these things called HAIRS that can't flow past the complex plastic shape of the stopper! When you can't remove the stopper except by extreme force, the hair tends to build up into a major blockage. Yeah, you're right, "upgrading" from simple, easy to use rubber corks was pure genius! Before, the drain pipe was just a round cylinder that rinsed itself automatically. Even the busiest family MIGHT need to fill the sink twice a day, so having the 24 hour convenience of raising and lowering the filthy, germ-encrusted stopper, I see now, really pays off!

And WHY, for the love of God, do people have to build bulky particle board cabinets under sinks and use them for storage anyway? You wouldn't want to use logic and make the pipes easily accessible now, would you? Or take the sensible step of installing a floor drain in the bathroom to handle overflows? No, absorbent, mold-breeding, pitch-black boxes with no air circulation are the best way to go. You gain SO much in counter space (almost 1.5 square feet!) not to mention having several sharp 90 degree angles finished off with ugly laminate ready to scratch your body merely by brushing by! I want a high quality wall-mounted sink with real metal drain pipes NOW!

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