I'm a hairdresser. Guess what a heavy smoker's hair smells like, especially when warm water hits it? A steaming pile of old manure that's been marinating in the pasture. This goes beyond the stale smoke smell in their clothes and on their breath. Yep, the shit smell is the dominant smell. I hate what these nasty cancer pacifiers do to people. I have a relative who smokes at least 3 packs a day and every Christmas my gift smells like stale smoke. At least I don't have to do her hair.

Tobacco Free CNY 2

I started smoking again after 11 years of abstinence.This was due to a job loss, my lack of money, my lack of a permanent castle, and seeing a smirking prick of an ex boyfriend driving past, all on my head at once. Still chuffing away at it, to deal with this fuckeduption called life.

I know smoking will kill me. Big deal. We can't all live forever like people in the Bible used to do. So what's with the commercials on TV with fat being squeezed out of the aorta of a 32 year old and bloody brains being sliced up by a medical examiner like it was a Thanksgiving turkey?? The war in Iraq was bad enough but this stuff over my Cocoa Puffs is driving me crazy. They haul anti-abortion protestors away in handcuffs for standing on the street corner with pictures of 3 week fetuses, well I would like to see a few anti-smokers get taken to jail for this! Especially in light of the probability that the family of the deceased smoker did not give their written consent for their loved one's brain to be hacked up, to be filmed for the public airwaves! And who's to say the person did not have a hereditary predisposition to having strokes??

This is a big FUCK YOU to Tobacco Free CNY. Take your free nicotine patches and your whiny pamphlets and shove them up your ass. I'd write more but its time to go smoke another cigarette. <Stupid remark deleted by the Angry corporate Attorney>