status quo

What makes me angry is how people feel that they have the right to impose their belifs on others. This is America and people should have certain rights but with those righs come responsibility. Take the KKK for instance. I agree they should have the first amendment right to hate anyone they want,but if the burn their cross on my lawn, I should have the right to have an Uzi or an AK47 and pump their asses full of lead.

If a gay person wants the right to be gay, I should have the right to bitch slap the shit out of him for coming on to me after I tell him I don't play that way for the umpteenth time without being condemned as a homophobic. Although I am black I should have the right to say that

  1. Jesse Jackson is full of shit

  2. I am tired of hearing about Martin Luther King and

  3. be able to marry, date or have sex with a white woman if I chose to without having to hear that "self-hatred" hypocrisy that civil rights leaders throw around so freely.

I am pissed the people are so scared of independent thought that they try any and everything to stop it. Listen. I am my own person and I refuse to assimilate to popular opinion. So with that said I would like to say Fuck the war and Dubya and his can go to hell with gasoline underwear.