The Stock Market

I am so angry right now for the stupid stock market for even existing. Why do they make it possible for stupid people like me to trade stocks???? It is like, you see the stocks every day going up, up, up, and you think, wow if I had only invested a small amount of money I would be rich. I read the news every day and it says "next superstock" blah blah blah. So then I go and buy the dumb worthless stock thinking I am going to be rich too, and the day I do, it tanks!!!! You would think I would be smart enough to wait until it goes down to buy it but who wants to buy something that is doing so poorly? So then as soon as I decide I can't stand it anymore, seeing my hard earned money vaporize into the air without doing anything (I could have taken 2 months vacation, paid a half year's rent, bought a car...) I sell the dumb stock and what happens? IT GOES UP!!!! Actually, it is my stupid boyfriend's fault and is goddamn obsession with money that made me this way, it was his idea to buy this crap stock, to hell with him! If I had just sat on my ass and not tried to learn about this investing bullshit, I would be much better off.

*Note from Anger Central
The first rule of investing is identical to the first rule of gambling. Never put money in that you aren't afraid to lose.