Vending Machine

Hello anger central, as you probably know already, I am here and pissed the fuck off about something, why you may ask? Well, you probably know the general object of my anger from the title, but I am going to go into detail about just why and how I came to be pissed of enough to post on this site after not doing so for 6 months, so without further ado...

It was near the end of 2nd period of a typical high school day, my stomach was growling because I skipped breakfast that morning, so I was looking forward to my lunch period (4th) but I could not wait until then to eat, so when I was going to third period, I stopped by one of the many vending machines that the school has within its hallways, so I went up and bought a bag of Hickory sticks for $1.50 (Too fucking expensive) I put in the input needed to purchase it, so reached to grab it, (This is the good part) when I tried to open it, IT WOULD NOT FUCKING OPEN!!! They somehow blocked it from being opened up. So all I brought to school that day was a $1.50 for something to snack on. So I went to the south office to complain to somebody to either.

A: Get my FUCKING bag of Hickory Sticks
B: Get my FUCKING $1.50 back

So when I got to the office, There was one person in front of me, wanting to know his student number or some shit, so after the 5 minutes it took for the ONE person working at the south office (Taking as SLOW AS POSSIBLE I might add.) to find out this guy's student number, this dumb bitch of a secretary, instead of DOING HER FUCKING JOB THAT SHE IS PAID TO DO! Decides to engage in idle conversation with a teacher that happened to walk in as this kid left, for another good 10 MINUTES!!! She asked in an annoyed voice "So, what do you want kid?" Instead of cussing at her like I wanted to, I said "I bought a bag of Hickory Sticks at the vending machine down the hall, and it..." Before I could speak any more , she says to me "I don't know anything about the vending machines, so call the number on the front of them,"

So after I left (And she probably engaged in another couple solid hours of idle conversation with the teacher, holding up the 8 people that lined up behind me during those 15 minutes of pure bullshit) I went to the closest vending machine (down the hall to the one I used) to call the number that was on the front, it was the I realised that I was 16 minutes late for class, so I texted my friend to tell the teacher that I would be late for class.

After I did that, I went to the machine (The bag of Hickory Sticks was still there) to call the number on the front, I searched all over the machine, and guess what, NO MOTHER FUCKING COCK SUCKING NUMBER!!! Not even a scratched out piece of paper where a customer service number could be. So I went back to the office to ask what the number was, and the lineup (Now about 30 people, YAY!!!) Were there, I asked one of them "where is the secretary" and he replied "She is on her lunch break" (WHY THE FUCKING SHIT IS NOBODY THERE TO ANSWER STUDENT'S GOD DAMN MOTHER FUCKING COCK LICKING ASS RAPING QUESTIONS GOD MOTHER FUCKING DAMN IT!!!)

So at that point, I just say "Fuck it" and go to my class (I am now 23 minutes late, JOY TO THE WORLD!!!) on the way there, I notice that the bag of Hickory Sticks is no longer there, so the douchebag who takes the money from the machine probably took the bag of Hickory Sticks for his own greedy ass. When I got to class, I was, obviously, pissed off (And not to mention starving!) And could not focus on the schoolwork, so now, during the 4th period, I decided to go onto the good old computer and bitch about it to anger central, thank you for reading my post, and thanks for the Angry Webmaster for making this Ranting and Bitching a reality, oh and guess what, I am still hungry... fuck.

P.S. I wonder how many times I said "Fuck, shit, cock, bitch" or any other profanities throughout this post? Probably A lot... I also hope I wrote this well enough so it actually gets posted on the website, but if I does not, whatever. Thanks for letting me vent.

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