I enjoy the actual work I do (technical writing and editing) but the older I get, the less patience I have with the bullshit aspects of working. Let me elaborate:

I'd be as happy as a clam if all I had to do was write, edit and fool around with software (my actual work.) But this other bullshit is making me more cynical by the week. I've been in the workforce for 16 years, so I'm not just some spoiled kid right out of college. And unfortunately, I can't retire for a while yet. Oh well. Bullshit and more bullshit!

*Note from Anger Central
Be grateful you don't work for the company the webmaster does. They consider their employees to be liabilities to be jettisoned whenever possible. And the featherbedding at the upper management levels is unbelievable! (Close a plant, hire two new VP's. Lay off 10 people, hire a new director)

work 2

I usually like the actual hands on work I do, it's the other fucked up shit I'm so sick of after 25 years in the work force.

Like some women are a magnet for rotten men, I'm a magnet for stupid bosses. I'm talking incompetent, inept, don't have a clue ignorance. What is it with these morons? Do they get so egomaniacal they are blind to how they perform? Out of the seven jobs I have had since I was 16, only two of those jobs came with okay bosses, and I'm just talking okay as in don't want to zap them with a cattle prod most days.

Jobs offer less and less and want more more more. Fuck these blood sucking leeches that use you and lose you. CEO's offer less and less and get more more more. I hope there's a special eternal hell of cruel and inhuman labor for these over privileged, spoiled, ratfuckers. I'll even volunteer to go to hell with them as long as I get to be the whipcracker and enforcer of punishment and humiliation

My occupation 3

I've been a technical writer for nearly 7 years, and I DON'T recommend it as a career path. I'm angry that I wasted 7 years of my life on this bullshit, and here are my reasons:

1) The only halfway interesting topic I've ever dealt with is user manuals for desktop software. I like helping people learn how to do something.

Everything else - quality, business processes, procedures, etc. - is so mind-numbingly boring, it's no wonder that most people in business careers seem to be brain-dead.

"Quality" and "business processes" are NOT products. They're a lot of bullshit that generates a lot of paperwork. Steel mills and factories produce real products. Software companies produce real products. Farms produce real products. Stupid management fads don't.

2) As a tech writer, I have to deal with too many super-anal people who really *care* if a font is 9 points or 10 points. Sorry, but I refuse to lose any sleep over font sizes and margins.

3) Here's a biggie - the lack of permanent positions with benefits. They want you to have a degree and all these computer skills, but then all they offer you (in most geographic areas) is short-term temp jobs with no or few benefits.

The few permanent tech writing jobs with health insurance, 401(k)s, etc., are located in the known high-tech areas - where it's notoriously expensive to live. And tech writers don't usually make as much money as the "real" techies.

So, don't get into technical writing unless you're happily married to someone who has a secure job and can get you on their health insurance. Tech writing is not a job for the single or divorced.

4) It's so easy and repetitive that it's almost like factory work. None of the jobs I've had in the past 4 years have included *any* actual writing. It's really proofreading and editing. If you stayed awake in 8th grade English, you can be a technical writer. There's also some formatting involved, but if you know MS Word - and who doesn't? - you can pick that up. (Yes, there are great packages out there like Adobe Framemaker and RoboHelp, but I've worked for very few companies/agencies that are willing to spend the money on that.)

5) The higher the level of management you deal with, the more trouble they have making up their fucking minds what they want. This makes it difficult just to get your damn assignments DONE. And you do your best, fix their damn bad writing and their "I-failed-eighth-grade-English" mistakes - and then they won't listen to your advice, and they insist on doing it their way.

OK, whatever. We'll do it your way. Hey, I need the money!

6) Lack of respect. Tech writers are not considered "real techies" like network administrators or software developers.

There's often an assumption that tech writer = secretary, and we get asked to take fucking meeting notes too damn often. Take your own goddamned meeting notes, or else tape the meeting.

7) It's boring to work with things, as opposed to working with people. I'm tired of computers and business processes. I'm more interested in people and their stories.

8) I know damn well that nobody ever reads the stuff I edit and proofread (I refuse to call what I do "writing".)

A lot of places only have documentation because there's some requirement that says they'll get in trouble if they don't. It's a waste of my time and the company's money. I feel like I'm doing bullshit work that makes no actual difference to anything at all.

I'm often tempted to sneak a phrase like "Nobody reads this," into the middle of a document - just to see if anybody catches it. With my luck, though, that would be the one time somebody bothered to read the text.

Work 4

I do not have a barcode and a label "made in Japan" stamped on the back of my neck. Therefore I am not a robot that is programmed to do non-stop repetitive tasks for eight hours a day, and to do them perfectly.

I am going to screw up. I am a human being. I'm not perfect. I'm not Jesus Christ and therefore I don't make miracles. And I'm also not going to remember to take every itty-bitty step that is required to do the job, as there are other, more burning things on my mind, and you can't expect me to be perfectly functional especially when I'm half asleep all day due to the fact that I have to get up every day at 5:30 in the morning just to show up on time. Not to mention its not like the job I do involves open-heart surgery or saving the world

And if you fire me because of the above, don't even think about complaining when I have to live off welfare until I get my next job. I have to eat and keep a roof over my head too.

This Job SUCKS 5

I cannot take this bullshit anymore. I am so freakin bored I could literally put my head down and fall dead asleep. Everyone is real quiet because it is Friday and you know that they are planning there early escape out the side door hopefully not being noticed by any higher ups. What a joke. I would like a real freakin job that matters or that runs. I could actually do work that is not yet due, or make up some bullshit but I am not a self starter type. if i don't have any work fuck it. I am not creating work. these fucks all around me create all this crazy shit to do, what the hell. what kind of job is this? since when do people create work. everyone is real paranoid too. the director may be out walking around, so look real freakin busy. what a joke. If there is no work give us a favor lay me off or stop hiring these fucks. start eliminating jobs. I want out, i am trying but I cannot find other employment. I am stuck here, i have a family and bills. this sucks. the other people here are all fucked up on drugs they are really out there in some fantasy land. this girl emails me every month for dates that she could fucking make up. i feel like i am playing office. yippie fucking skippie. this sucks. I hate days like this. it creates criminal like behavior in me. nothing serious just gets me thinking about how I could leave without being noticed. hell i left one day for a job interview in another state about 3 hours, and no one even noticed. what a fucking joke. i need out of here. what ever fuck it i will go walk around and try to look busy. this sucks.

Workplace drama 6

I'm angry because I got promoted and I can't be excited. I can't be excited because everyone else considered for the job hates me because they didn't get it. Well, they really can kiss my pink ass. I'm the most qualified, and all of them had better jobs than me anyway, so they can go fuck themselves. Blame management.. They're the ones who let you think you had a chance.. Not me. I'm easier to get mad at because they can't get anything from me, and being an asshole to me doesn't jeopardize their careers.. I'm just their scapegoat. But now I get paid more.. So suck on that.

Tired of my job 7

I'm an office manager in a small office, and I'm fed up with everything.

I'm tired of feeling unappreciated, and I'm ready to start looking elsewhere

favorites 8

I work my butt off and do everything my manager tells me to do. It is never good enough. Because I'm not young and flirt with my manager I get all the crap jobs. If something goes wrong I get written up with warnings.

Other people who I work with that are young and pretty and don't have acne don't get yelled at, They slack off and nobody says anything to them. But when they slack off I am expected to pick up the work. If I don't then I get attitude from my manager.

Sorry if I don't make jokes with my manager like they are my best friend. Guess what? They aren't! Anyone who has the power to fire me and make me miss a mortgage payment and then turn around and say "They are only doing their job" is not a friend. They never will be.

Because I am strictly professional at work and don't make phone calls to my manager to make a joke halfway through the day for no apparent reason I am apparently target for written correctives. I don't have attitude, I just say "yes sir/ma'am" and do what they ask. Then because I actually DO work, I am expected to take on more work than I had. It is because other people slack.

I'm sorry, but having anxiety attacks while working in retail is not my idea of fun. Oh, and don't ask me to remember one transaction from ten days ago because your employees don't know the meaning of the word communication. I don't even remember what I ate 3 days ago. Gimme a break!

I tell the customer what you want me to tell them, I sell what you want me to sell, I sell the most of each of the things you want me to sell in each department, and because I forget to put a sticker on something you give me a written corrective.

You know, I didn't see you writing a certain flirtatious someone up because $20 was missing out of the till. Which is way more important in my opinion.

Sorry if I don't flirt with my manager. But I'm married, and my manager is skanky and just a total idiot.

Why are they an idiot you may ask? Because they play favorites.

I Hate The Office Mail 9

I am angry at the receptionist people. Why in the hell do you hire a new person who i train to do the mail and then you turn around every other day and ask me to do the mail. I HATE DOING THE MAIL! I hate you people for asking me. I have so much work to do and then you idiots take it upon yourself to ask me to do the mail. I DONT WORK IN THAT DEPARTMENT ANYMORE MORONS~! therefore i should not have to do the mail. Ugh! I am so angry right now,. I am having a bad day and then you stupid rejects have to add to it. Dont think Im gonna waltz up there with a smile on my face and dont think you wont get my attitude because you will. You know why? BECAUSE I DONT CARE ANYMORE. I have stopped caring and you people can just die for all i care. I HATE DOING THE MAIL!



*Note from Anger Central
Hope no one from management in your company sees this or you may join the 10's of millions of other people now enjoying Obama's "Funemployment."

Work Work Work 11

I'm getting more and more frustrated with the company I work for.

I'm salaried and have to work at least 45 hours a week, that would not be so bad, but I am 24/7 on call for anything that goes wrong with the computers at work. Every 3rd week I am on call for the entire week 24/7 (Saturday and Sunday as well) if any of our business customers have problems of technical sorts (T1 outages, calls not terminating correctly and so on. (I remind you that I do not get paid for being on call).

Then about 2 years ago they dropped another one on me... They told me I am the on call person if the burglar alarm goes off at work... wtf? I am not security... But I did not say anything in fear of losing my job.

Now they have told me that when I am out of town on business and it is not an "overnight stay" I have to pay for my own food on the road. I'm not out there on a leisure trip, I am out there working and making the company money. (They will write expenses off anyway, it's not like they're paying for it).

I have build our VoIP resale platform for business customers from scratch, they're now making 100% profit on any business customer that is being singed on. (Before I introduced that to them they were reselling it through a 3rd party and only getting 7% profit) do you think I received even a thank you for it?! I feel like I am not appreciated.

I have not received a raise in years, but again I am keeping quiet in fear of losing my job. I am living paycheck to paycheck (ex decided to cheat on me, divorce me and took me for everything I had... Great justice system...) so I can not go without pay for even a few days... which really sucks...

I'm trying to find a new job, but nothing is happening in that department there either, and it's not for lack of trying, moving to a different State is what I would like, but most companies don't hire if you are not already living where they are, I had phone interviews, but whenever it comes up that I have to move to the State they are in, I never hear back from them.

When I first came to the US from Europe it was great, but now I wish I could move back but I can no longer, I am out of touch with anything that goes on over there, plus how am I supposed to get a job when I can't even take a few days off to get an interview (and no money to fly there)?

Back home a normal work week consists of 37 hours and the workers have a lot more rights and freedom. Even salaried employees working more than 37 get paid overtime.

How comes the labor laws here are geared towards the businesses and not the worker?

Bottom line is, I need to get a new job with a different company in a different State.

It feels like I am doing everything for this company without compensation.

Thanks for listening...

*Note from Anger Central
This assumes you are in the United States.
Document EVERYTHING! Keep your receipts and anything the company won't reimburse you for, deduct it on your taxes. Talk to a labor lawyer. he may not be able to do much now, but he might have some advice for down the road. Make note of your hours. Be prepared to confront the company and if you do, have a lawyer do ALL the talking. Finally be prepared to drop "The BIG One." Call in the IRS. A company doing this is probably doing a few other things that are rather shady.

Work culture 12

I'm so sick of work culture. I'm sick of society telling me I have to work my ass off for hours every day. I'm sick of never having free time to relax, play with my electronics, or hang out with my friends.

What's the point of having an official job? Spending hours of my day doing monotonous tasks while dealing with an asshole manager that only caters to brown nosers? Fuck that shit.

Guess what? I'd rather be an entrepreneur. I'd rather run my own businesses and own my own studios and offices.

My Work 13

Been sent home from work due to "sickness" well in as much of the fact I'm sick of the fucking sight of the place... Been with the company 3 years now, in the last month suffered TWO demotions (with little/no explanation) and my doctor has told me I either have liver failure (I can drink but not liver failure levels!) some wacky viral infection or depression. My work don't pay me while I'm off work so I'm sitting like a bum with nothing to do loosing money every minute - I'm making inroads, doing things that make me happy, but generally I'm just fucked off. I have no family near me, my girlfriend works so much that I've not seen her in 2 weeks and I don't think i've spoken to someone in days... Right. I'm going to the shop to see if I can get more than two words outta the person behind the cash desk because I'll fucking loose it if I don't.

Car Parking 14

I realise I'm lucky that my work has a free car park. But now management have decided that only team leaders can have spaces (there are about 5 spaces but we all box each other in which has never been a problem). Full time staff will be given permits to park in the rest of the staff car park for 1.50 a day but part time must park OFF site. I'm on minimum wage and work 3 hours a day - it sucks! But now 5 out of my 15 will go straight to parking just so I can go to work. Oh, and I could have up to a 10 minute walk to work as well. Why can't we just carry on cramming into the car park? And the car park isn't the only issue - organisation there is shit. Working hours are messed up each week. I've been told to wait 3 months for my contract - the law says I get it within 2 months of starting. I'm still awaiting a second shirt. Each staff member MUST be qualified - not a new initiative but I'm now going to be forced to take a college course I don't want to do just to keep my job this year. And now the car park to top it off - i just love my job...NOT!

My job 15

I fucking hate my job. I fucking hate that these bullshit nurses come waltzing through my door every five minutes to ask me some bullshit question about an order. I wouldn't put the fucking order in the computer for fun, bitch. Now do your job and get the labs or watch the patient. If you want to complain about having to carry out orders from other people, you should have pursued a job that would allow you to be the one doling out orders. Also I don't give a fuck if so and so refuses to take their Maalox. This isn't rocket science, and that person isn't going to die because they didn't take their Maalox. Maybe you could try clumping all of your stupid piddly comments and questions and only bother me ONCE. Also, I'm not your friend, so please don't stop by to chat about how that patient is "so weird" because I don't have time, especially when I'm covering a whole ward alone. Fucking leave me the fuck alone and do your fucking job.


For starters I work MY FUCKING ASS OFF.. while my co-workers hardly do shit, I've easily done the work of 5 of my co workers in any given day.. HMM smoke some pot at coffee and lunch stand around and bullshit with the boss and tell jokes.. now the jobs over with and guess whos not working!! ME even though I did 80% of the work for 6 months.. those other guys fuck yeah there working!! if you wanna call it that. I work my ass off trying to make a name for myself but it's only seen as I'm working too hard and can't be on the job because I make the other guys look bad! HOW THE FUCK IS THAT? All I did was MY FUCKING JOB!! If you spend any amount of time in a union and want to work hard this ain't for you!! I've been doing this for 10 years and all it's brought me is a steady unemployment check

Highway Dept. 17

I just cant understand why the people that play golf well or sucks tha cock get the good jobs? why? Because thats why thats the way it is and always will be. My boss is a mindless big boss fuck machine & the entire department knows it. Why must I endure her dumbfuckedness? All I want is a pepsi!

Rota organization 18

You want me to work extra and say you'll phone on Friday to tell me. I hear nothing. I then get a phone call on Bank Holiday Monday (when I cant phone my work because they don't have an answer phone) to be told my hours for the week - turns out they want me all day every day (I'm part time) and so will have counted me for the ratios so they aren't short staffed - except because I hadn't heard from them on Friday I've made plans for the week. For fucks sake "management" - get your bloody act together and learn to organize in advance. And don't you dare sigh and say "oh, we really need you" when I tell you tomorrow that I can't stay late.

No hours 19

I've been working at this call center for a little over a month while I go to college. The weeks of training made this place sound like a paradise to work at, but I should've known better. After a week or two on the phones, they said that they'd be changing the schedule because of "low call volume." Guess what that means for me? No hours. For two weeks. I've got fucking bills to pay, and you can't even give me a single shift this week? I guess I better drink my own piss.

My Tedious Job 20

I have been employed at the same company for just about three years now, and am starting to feel like a caged animal. I realize a person such as myself, who doesn't have a great higher education, has limited options. I also realize any complaints about my menial job can be countered with, "it's your own fault, you could have got a better education!". Yeah. I know. But I didn't, and really never wanted more schooling even though I technically had the means at one point. Fact is, I like easy work; I know it comes with pretty low pay and I am actually okay with this.

The problem is the PEOPLE at this job, and the relentless monotony. I am so damn sick of seeing their same faces every day, doing their same tasks, and talking about the SAME DAMN THINGS EVERY DAMN DAY. For some reason, working here has led me to develop some kind of social anxiety as well, so when I am around all these people I sometimes feel like they are all laughing at me or know awful things about me. Dumb, I know..but I still hate them. They are almost all so petty, being sweet as pie to someone and then backstabbing each other at every turn, yapping non-stop about boring things, assuming the listener is taking FAR more interest than he/she is. I suppose most of them are nice enough, but I need a break from all their faces and voices! Every day I wake up and fight the urge to call in sick. Unfortunately I've used all my sick days for actually BEING sick, so I didn't get to waste any taking a break.

The other part that grinds my gears, is the way management is so gung-ho about "getting everyone involved" in things that aren't work related, like these stupid potluck lunches, holiday gift exchanges, trying to organize things outside of work, etc. I get it. I really do. They feel they have to encourage this kind of thing to foster a friendly environment & make people feel part of things. Just don't get all offended when not everyone is into it!! I even got a "talking to" by my boss for seeming to not be interested in these things, and it reflected on my evaluation report!! I have my own friends, thanks very much, I don't need to be forced into social encounters with those I see more than I do my family!

here are some pointers for my co-workers/high-ups:

To sum it all up, I have to say I bitterly resent the daily grind, like so very many others. I know that unless I become independently wealthy, I'm kind of stuck working for someone else. I can deal with that. I'm even ok with not making much money. What I really want, is a job where I'm left totally alone, listening to my Ipod, doing data entry or stuffing damn envelopes!! To never again deal with inane small talk or having to feign a not-falling-asleep face at "weekly meetings" which are all about things nobody gives a flying fuck about. Company's doing really well? Guess what, nobody cares unless you're talking about raises, bonuses, or profit sharing! Show some appreciation for the people that MADE the company do really well! Today's going to be slow? Who cares, unless you're offering a chance to go home early instead of finding pointless tasks for us to do just to fill the time! I am starting to envy janitors, all alone with their cleaning supplies, humming a tune. Every time there is a storm outside, I pray for a power outage. One time I actually got one. Of course it came back on in 20 minutes, dashing my hopes of going home at noon and cracking a bottle of wine.

In a time where unemployment is rampant, I understand I should be grateful for my job. And on some level, I am. I remind myself of this fact in order to make it through the day, and so far I'm still putting in my time. Oh well, I guess it's time to hit up the job search websites again...

This Stupid Job 21

I'm not an engineer, if you would have told me about needing to have this kind of background when i applied for the job, i wouldn't have taken it.... i don't want to work here for 15 years, so please stop suggesting that will be my lifespan as an employee... i'm angry because i need a new job NOW!

Please Take Initiative 22

Im a role model employee doesnt mean i'm a fucking retard that wants to be the run to guy whenever theres a mistake on your part. I should be compensated for all this extra shit.

Dead End Jobs 23

I fucking hate that all of the jobs in this town are dead-end. I was just unlucky enough to be born in a place where the two options are essentially retail or fast-food. But that wouldn't be so bad, if these places had any room for advancement at all. But that doesn't seem to be the case. You can work your ass off for years, every day and night, busting your ass, being helpful to co-workers and customers alike, getting your job done well and on time, every time, you'll still get no raises, no advancement, not even a trickle of recognition from anybody.

Of course, I know that nobody, not an employer or anyone else, owes me anything. I'm entitled only to the air I breathe, that's it. I've worked my ass off for many years to obtain what I have, and I know that hard work is the only way you'll ever earn anything. Unless you're just fucking lucky, or if you're pleasant looking, then you'll have an edge over the rest of us. Regardless, you would think that a good work ethic and a good attitude would lead to earning some sort of recognition. That doesn't seem to be the case.

Then, everyone tells me, you need to go to college if you want to be considered a valuable employee, you have to have a fucking piece of paper to be considered a valid person, now. Alright, well, how the fuck am I going to go to college if I have no transportation? How the fuck am I going to even get into a college if I don't even know how to do fucking basic algebra?

I guess, that means there's two options, if you haven't got a piece of paper that says you spent four years in some fuckin' classroom. You either work at Wal-Mart, or McDonalds, and live on the very edge of being homeless your entire fuckin' life because nobody can get a raise no matter how much they bust their ass at either of these places, or you go live in the gutter and eat shit and die.

Meanwhile, if you pick the first option, you'll deal with inept fucking management, who will make massive scheduling mistakes, fuck up the entire workday, and then blame you for it. It ain't my fucking fault if you don't know how to operate a fucking business. I'd gladly come in and bust my ass and get my work done, and keep at it for as many hours as you'd like me to, if only you'd fuckin' schedule me when I'm needed.

You know, rather than scheduling me on a slow ass day, then sending me home four hours before the end of my shift because it's slow and I'm not needed. Schedule me on the fuckin' busy nights, then, so I can actually work and we'll conduct business and we'll all actually make some money, huh? Might be a good plan.

The workplace 24

Fuck the workplace. Most of the workplaces I've been to over the years are really abusive. People that don't let you just come in and do your job. They harass you up the ass and gossip about people. Pouty coworkers, angry coworkers, managers that enforce 50 different rules that don't affect anything, they all like to get up in your face and yell in your ear and point their finger in your chest because they are miserable at work and refuse to fix their personal life. Fuck them. I had it with the miserable workplace and all the retards that actually defend this pathetic lifestyle. I'm quitting and becoming self employed because I deserve to be treated better. The hilarious irony is that these people are going to call me entitled, but they are the entitled ones for demanding that workers be controlled in every little way and refuse to respect the workers for coming in and supporting a complete shithole of a company. My favorite place to work was a couple years ago, the drive to and from work was beautiful, all the workers were great to get along with, and the work wasn't back breaking.

Work 25

Been at my job 8 months and already starting to,hate it. At first my boss was a bipolar old biddy but she retired and a couple Mormons took over. Welp they got caught stealing shit(this after they fired half the fucking crew) so, fired. Now the bipolar biddys sister is taking over and I work with the following:

The office gossip. Every, office has one well this one sticks her nose so far up everyone's anal cavity.,.right after backstabbing you to everyone

The cow. Constantly whines about having to work, cannot get the books or the audits right, refuses help. Well moo to you too.

The abused flower child. Calls in sick at the most inopportune times, because she's sporting a black eye from the piece of shit she is with.

About the only, one I can stand is the one, lonely house keeper.

My, new boss is another passive aggressive hamster brain, whose idea of leadership is calling meetings I can ill afford to attend on account of my, other job and passing notes saying "im the boss no, one else" uhhh nothing's changed since then?

Please help. :p

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