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Welcome to the Angriest place on the web! Feeling annoyed? Has someone really pissed you off? Are you a disgruntled postal employee? Well this is the place for you. Why sit in your office and get all hot and bothered about that pointy haired boss, totally stupid co-workers, your mother in-law or anything else that makes you want to fly off the handle? Don't keep it in, share it with the entire world!

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January 1, 2023

Greeting one and all.

After much thought, we have decided to put the site into archive mode. The Add Rants page has been deactivated. Anger Central has been online for 25 years now and we have garnered ten's of thousands of rants, raves and insults. However, thanks to Google, we have seen taffic to this site drop to near zero, with the exception of spam.

We are seeing a lot more traffic to our sister page, The Musings of the Angry Webmaster. Mostly what we have been seeing in regards to rants over the last few years have been trolls, spam and other assorted garbage. The site has never been automated, and we have hand edited all the posts that have gone online. We simply don't have the time any longer to wade through the garbage looking for the very few pearls.

On the plus side, Anger Central has gotten several women out of dangerous situations. (They contacted us directly to thank us for our support and suggestions) We have also tried to aid our military with what little we could do, including providing advise to the wife of one soldier who had recently returned from overseas. (We have no idea if she saw it or if we were able to help her)

The Angry Webmaster will continue posting on our Blog site with occasional technical updates from the Angry Systems Administrator. We will leave this site up and hope that you enjoy the rants, raves and in some cases, flat out idiocy of people.

It's been an interesting 25+ years.

Thank you.

The Angry Management



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