After initial denial, Garland announces he approved raid on Mar-a-Lago

Good day all. There is a lot going on the last few days since the FBI raided the home of President Trump. FBI Director Wray blathered about the threats against him, Garland and the FBI. Now the corrupt Attorney General, Merrick Garland, has announced that her personally approved the order to raid the home of the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump.

This is, of course, a breaking story. Garland has also said the warrant will be unsealed. There are going to be a lot of questions from Congress about this, with the Communazis who currently control the House and Senate running interference. Here are some of the details we have from Fox News:

Attorney General Merrick Garland said he “personally approved” the decision to seek a search warrant for former President Trump’s private residence at Mar-a-Lago, saying the Justice Department has filed a motion to unseal the search warrant and property receipt from the FBI’s raid, amid “substantial public interest” in the matter, while defending the “integrity” of law enforcement officials. 

The integrity of the FBI agents who rifled through Melania Trump’s closets and underwear drawer? Did they think that the documents were hidden in one of her braziers? From what I’ve been hearing, everything was locked in a storage container and they knew right where the documents were because President Trump’s people told them.

The raid was related to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) effort to collect records and materials the former president took with him from Washington, D.C., to Mar-a-Lago–a matter the agency referred to the Justice Department. 

“Since I became attorney general, I have made clear that the Department of Justice will speak through its court filings and its work just now,” Garland said. “The Justice Department has filed a motion in the southern district of Florida to unseal a search warrant and property receipt relating to a court approved search that the FBI conducted earlier this week. That search was a premises located in Florida belonging to the former president.”

How about the 30 million documents Obama walked out of the White House with? Are you going to send a raid team after those as well?

Garland said copies of both the warrant and the FBI property receipt “were provided on the day of the search to the former president’s counsel, who was on site during the search.” 

“The search warrant was authorized by a federal court upon the required finding of probable cause,” Garland said, adding that “the property receipt is a document that federal law requires law enforcement agents to leave with the property owner.” 

That’s not what we’re hearing. The word is that an agent basically waved the warrant in the general direction of the lawyer who was on site and he or she was not allowed to read it nor was it or a copy left behind. Obviously, I’m no expert on these sorts of things, but I thought that the warrant had to be left on site and be provided to the owner or his/her representatives at the time of the search. I’ll let those better schooled in these matters comment.

Garland said the Justice Department filed the motion to make public the warrant and receipt “in light of the former president’s public confirmation of the search, the surrounding circumstances and the substantial public interest in this matter.”

People would also like to know why it was sealed in the first place, and why it wasn’t unsealed as soon as it was served? (Oh, right, they didn’t actually serve it in the first place, did they?)

“Faithful adherence to the rule of law is the bedrock principle of Justice Department and of our democracy,” Garland said. “Upholding the rule of law means applying the law evenly without fear or favor under my watch. That is precisely what the Justice Department is doing.” 

“All Americans are entitled to the even-handed application of the law to due process of the law and to the presumption of innocence,” Garland stressed. 

That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Pity the DoJ and FBI can’t be bothered with little things like the Rule of Law and the Constitutional rights of the American people. (Good thing that there are juries and judges who do care about the Rule of Law)

Garland said that much of the department’s work “is, by necessity, conducted out of the public eye.”

“We do that to protect the constitutional rights of all Americans and to protect the integrity of our investigations,” Garland explained. “Federal law, longstanding department rules and our ethical obligations prevent me from providing further details as to the basis of the search.”

“At this time, there are, however, certain points I want you to know,” Garland said.

“First, I personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter,” Garland said. 

So it looks like Garland IS going to “Take one for the team” as it were, after denying knowing anything about it.

“Second, the department does not take such a decision lightly,” Garland said. “Where possible, it is standard practice to seek less intrusive means as an alternative to a search and to narrowly scope any search that is undertaken.”

That is a flat out lie. Since the raid, more and more information has been coming out regarding the documents in question and the FACT that President Trump was working with the National Archives. The most recent load of bilge came from the Washington ComPost. They brought out one of their “Anonymous sources close to the investigation,” meaning they pulled it out of their collectivist asses, and said they went in looking for top secret nuclear documents. There are no such documents and if the GSA had accidentally packed documents of that sort, President Trump’s people would have called in the proper authorities as soon as they discovered them and returned them.

Garland then addressed “recent unfounded attacks on the professionalism of the FBI and Justice Department agents and prosecutors.” 

Oh this should be amusing.

“I will not stand by silently when their integrity is unfairly attacked,” he said. “The men and women of the FBI and the Justice Department are dedicated, patriotic public servants. Every day they protect the American people from violent crime, terrorism and other threats to their safety while safeguarding our civil rights. They do so at great personal sacrifice and risk to themselves.”

No, the DoJ and FBI are no longer considered to be dedicated patriotic public servants. They are now seen as a direct threat to the United States, The constitution and the Rights of the American People. The FBI is now being compared with some of the worst sorts of police state entities. The East German Stasi for one. There are now a growing number of people who are calling for the disbanding of the FBI and the gutting of the DoJ.

President Trump has basically exploded over the flat out criminal behavior of the DoJ and FBI. They have been working with the National Archives and apparently were shipping documents to them as recently as last month. When his son called him and told him about the raid in progress, they watched the agents rummaging through things that had no connection to the documents in question. This included Melania Trump’s closets and dressers.

Trump, shortly after Garland’s remarks, posted on his TRUTH Social account that his “attorneys and representatives were cooperating fully, and very good relationships had been established.” 

“The government could have had whatever they wanted, if we had it,” Trump wrote. “They asked us to put an additional lock on a certain area – DONE!” 

“Everything was fine, better than that of most previous Presidents, and then, out of nowhere and with no warning, Mar-a-Lago was raided, at 6:30 in the morning, by VERY large numbers of agents, and even ‘safecrackers,'” Trump continued. “They got way ahead of themselves.” 

There are rumors that the FBI was actually looking for a binder containing information/evidence of criminal wrong doing by the DoJ and FBI with regards to the Crossfire/Hurricane investigation. This is probably why the broke into President Trump’s safe, and found…nothing. The safe was empty.

This raid was nothing more then yet another intimidation tactic by the Biden Maladministration. It has, as everything always does with that pack of incompetents, blown up in their faces. Now you have state’s Attorney’s General now stating that there will no longer be any cooperation with the FBI or DoJ, and in some cases, may arrest federal agents they catch violating the laws and the Constitution. Congratulations you morons. You have moved the nation one step closer to Civil War. I hope you’re happy. (I’m not)


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