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The Return of the MAGA King

Good day all. Once again, Dementia Joe Biden, the alleged President* of the United States, has shown that there is nothing he can’t screw up. Recently, he pulled a Felonia von Pantsuit and referred to people who want to Make America Great Again, aka MAGA, as the “Most extremist group in American History.

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Arkansas Governor says 2024 run is “On the table”

Good day all. Arkansas has a “republican” governor named Asa Hutchinson. He is term limited and is looking for his next gig. He recently announced that running for president in 2024 is “On the table.” His reasoning is that “It’s time to move on from Trump.”

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Mittens Romney wears disguises, hiding from real Americans

Good day all. Four years ago, the voters of Utah made a mistake. They elected the notorious TransRepublican, Mittens Romney, the former failed governor of the People’s Democratic Republic of Taxachusetts to replace the well known RINO, (and now safely dead), Orrin Hatch as one of their United States Senators.

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Who does Dementia Joe really support regarding the Ukraine?

Good day all. We coming up on the third month of the Russia/Ukraine war, and things are not going well at all for Mother Russia. Very early on, many private companies pulled out of Russia, and soon thereafter, other countries started imposing sanctions. One of these was to end purchases of Russian oil, which is the big moneymaker for Russia.

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