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Gov. Abbott to Maladministration on vaccine mandate: “Lets Go Brandon”

Good day all. President Bumbles Dementia once lied and said that he would never mandate people take the China Virus vaccines. Now he has ordered any company with 100+ employees to force their staff to get “the shot” or else. This has led to a significant backlash.

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American escapes from Kabul denied entry into the United States

Good day all. There are many stories out there, mostly being suppressed by the Communazi Propaganda Corps, about Americans who have managed to escape from Afghanistan. The State Department has been throwing all sorts of roadblocks to keep people from making it home. Now we can add the Department of Homeland (in)Security to the list.

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Biden tells press “I’ll take questions.” His staff panics

Good day all. Friday, (October 1st), Dementia Joe showed up at the Communazi Caucus on Capitol Hill to try and save his plan to bankrupt America. He made some remark to the press and then offered to take questions.

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DHS’s answer to illegal aliens? Let them go

Good day all. Recently, the maladministration decided to declare war on the Border Patrol after a picture came out showing one of the agents chasing an illegal alien on horseback. The Usual Suspects announced that the Border patrol was whipping the “Poor, innocent migrants.” It quickly came out that the picture just showed one of the reigns flapping in the wind.

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