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Stick the fork in, Flaming Cuomo is all done

Good day all. This is a breaking story, however, it looks like the sharks are circling and the vultures are orbiting Govno Andrew Flaming Cuomo. He has been under investigation for harassing women sexually and the report has come in. It looks like Flaming Cuomo broke both state AND Federal laws.

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DoJ threatens states that return to pre-panicdemic voting rules

Good day all. Since the attempt by the Communazis to centralize control of elections in the federal government, they have started looking toward the Department of InJustice to push their agenda forward. One of these things is preventing the states from moving back to pre-Panicdemic status on how elections are run.

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Cuban people to be free! Not according to the Democrats

Good day all. A couple of weeks ago, the Cuban people began protesting the communist government, demanding an end to the tyranny they have been living under for three generations. Most people in the United States began cheering them on. One group didn’t.

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Trump: I Stand with the Cuban People

Good day all. A couple of weeks ago, the people of Cuba finally had enough of their rulers and took to the streets. They were met with the usual tools of any communist regime when dealing with unhappy serfs. Beatings and automatic weapons fire. We also have been watching the Progressive Liberal Democratic CommuNazis tie themselves into knots trying to not criticize the Cuban Regime.

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