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Schumer Admits the truth on ending the filibuster

Good day all. Senator Charles “UpChuck” Schumer has been trying to pass the “Democrat Single Party State Act” to strip control of elections from the States and hand it to the Progressive Washington Bureaucrats. (Never mind the constitutional issues with this thing). Schumer has been stopped by the Republicans who see this for what it is. A straight forward power grab by the Democrat Party. They have been using the filibuster to keep this disaster from passing.

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Chicago’s Teachers Union needs to be broken, smashed and utterly destroyed

Good day all. The Great Panicdemic of 2020 2021 2022 has not been kind to teachers or, more importantly, to their unions. Since the Panicdemic started and panicking politicians closed the schools and ordered “Online classrooms,” Parents who have also been stuck at home have had the chance to see what their children have been taught.

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If Biden doesn’t run in 2024, who will be the Democrat Nominee?

Good day all. People are already speculating on the 2024 presidential election. While most of this centers around whether or not the greatest President in the 21st century, Donald Trump, might go again, some are wondering about the current infestation in the Oval Office, President Joe Poopypants Biden.

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Head of Teachers Union says Anti-CRT parents want to kill public schools

Good day all. The Teachers unions are beside themselves with anger over parents actually looking at what is being taught to their children and objecting to it, usually loudly. One of the current hot topic is the racist doctrine known as “Critical Race Theory.

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