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About Dementia Joe’s promise to NOT raise taxes? SUCKER!

Good day all. Dementia Joe made a lot of promises during his basement campaign, one of which was to not raise taxes on the poor and middle class. Like all of his promises, this one came with a shelf life.

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Fake President: Science? I say wear masks peasants!

Good day all. People have had enough of the orders to wear masks or else. Many states are ending the constitutionally questionable mandates that people must wear them, and now actual studies are being done to determine the actual effectiveness of wearing masks. (Here’s a hint. It’s minimal) However, the Fake President isn’t about to let Freedom are actual science stand in his way of good totalitarian governance.

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Globalists want to institute a world wide tax

Good day all. One of the things that the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump did was lower the tax rates from the extortionate levels they were at. He also cut the corporate tax rates significantly, which led a lot of companies to move money they had parked overseas back into the United States.

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Fake President waives ethics rules for Union bosses

Good day all. There are two words that should never be used in the same sentence. Joe Biden and Ethics. Dementia Joe has always been one of the most unethical political hacks in Congress, and he is continuing this in the White House as the Fake President.

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