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Gun sales increasing in anti-Second Amendment states

Good day all. The collapse of American Society started in the Democrat controlled “Blue States.” The Ruling Progressive Democrat Elites flat out ignored and continue to ignore the Constitution of the United States, and in a few cases, their own state constitutions. We have been seeing the results of this. Increased crime in Democrat controlled cities, and people fleeing the states for the Republican “Red” states.

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Adam Schifthead eyeing Democrat leadership position

Good day all. Kalifornistan’s Representative, Adam Schifthead, is arguably one of the most corrupt members of the House of Representatives in decades. He has abused his position attempted a coup against the greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump, and has flat out lied about pretty much everything.

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After initial denial, Garland announces he approved raid on Mar-a-Lago

Good day all. There is a lot going on the last few days since the FBI raided the home of President Trump. FBI Director Wray blathered about the threats against him, Garland and the FBI. Now the corrupt Attorney General, Merrick Garland, has announced that her personally approved the order to raid the home of the Greatest President of the 21st Century, Donald Trump.

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Democrats are pro-violence, support attacks against churches, others

Good day all. One of the things Americans like to take pride in, is not indulging in political violence. When it happens, and it does on occasion, everyone immediately denounces it and works to put the people who attack others for their political views into prison. This crossed party lines. Sadly, those days are now gone.

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