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This page is meant to keep all our angry fans informed about the goings on here at Anger Central


  • December 23, 2004
    We have completed the move to the new server and things seem to be going well. Some of you may hit our old site. This is due to DNS issues. The easiest way to confirm if you are at our old site is go to the Webmaster Online page and see if it is the webmaster and his wife, (With really silly grins on their faces), or if it is the webmaster alone in a green sweatshirt. If the later you are on the new site. If the former you are on the old site. Rebooting your computer is the easiest way to clear out your DNS cache. (You can also try ipconfig /flushdns from the command prompt if you are comfortable with windows systems). If this doesn't work call your ISP and ask how often they update their DNS servers. If it is longer then 24-48 hours yell loudly at them. :)
  • December 21, 2004
    At some point in the next week or two Anger Central will be moving to a new hosting company. Recent events with reliability of our present service have forced us to make the move. (Also the new company is cheaper and has more features) At some point the switch will be made and the site will be offline until we can upload it to the new servers. We haven't decided as to when this will occur, probably sometime after Christmas.
  • December 19, 2004
    Well the first week has been a good one. Mrs. Webmaster is getting her bearings, the Webmaster has arranged for her to call home as often as she wants, (see the links page for the service I selected), and now we have started looking into Skype as well. Mrs.. Webmaster made the comment to the Webmaster's father the other day, that the air here is so much cleaner. Because of this, she has been detoxing a bit. :)
  • December 11, 2004
    We're back! The webmaster has returned from China with his new wife in hand. Say hello to the new Mrs. Webmaster. :) We spent two weeks in China and went through a wedding a Chinese ceremony. This one has no legal basis since we have to get married in the U.S. for her immigration status. We did this for the new Webmistress and her family and friends. It was very colorful. Pictures will be posted soon. To celebrate we have reopened the Add page for you.
  • November 24, 2004
    You may have noticed that Anger Central has been unavailable the last couple of days. This was due to a sever server crash with our hosting company. They were forced to completely replace the old server with a new IBM xSeries server. The webmaster is very familiar with these servers. He has worked on a number of them. In fact the company he works for manufactures them, which probably explains why the hosting company has been having trouble getting the web sites back up and running. ;)
    Well we are off to china now. We just thought we would make this quick notice for our fans. See you all in a few weeks!
  • November 21, 2004
    Taking the high road to China! The webmaster is off to China to bring home his bride. After nearly 2 years the waiting is over! We will be back on or about December 11, and we promise not to blow up the site this time. ;) Meanwhile we have closed the Add page for now.
  • November 8, 2004
    It seems we have someone out there who objects to the webmasters impending marriage to his beloved future wife. The posters racism is only outweighed by his complete ignorance of the situation. The future Mrs. Webmaster owns her own business, and her family is rather well off. The equivalent would be middle class here. Since this poster has no idea what the facts our, we will be nice and not verbally blast his utter and complete ignorance about everything. Jerk!
  • November 7, 2004
    We had some weather related problems here at our data center this week. Due to high winds a rather large branch fell off a tree in the rear area and crashed into a fence belonging to a neighbor. The webmaster and the Angry facilities manager spent an hour cutting the remains of that branch up and clearing away the wreckage. The neighbor was a good sport. Anger Central lucked out with all this. The branch weighed several hundred pounds and just missed the neighbors garage. The fence was going to be torn down anyway to be replaced so Anger Central was able to avoid dipping into its petty cash fund.
  • November 6, 2004
    The webmaster has started preparing his travel plans to bring his Fiancée home at long last. He will be leaving November 26, the day after Thanksgiving and will be returning December 9th. Needless to say, we will be shutting down the Add page while he is gone. It should be reopened some time in mid-December.
  • November 1, 2004
    Great news!! The Webmaster's fiancée has received her visa!! Now the two of them are working on how soon they can get together. The future Mrs. Webmaster would like the webmaster to come at the end of November, (and he would love to go then as well), however one of his co-workers has already scheduled a vacation for that time. :( We will work it out of course. :)
  • October 29, 2004
    We have signed up with Google ads. No idea if we will keep them, but lets see if anyone tries them.
  • October 28, 2004
    Exciting news!! The webmaster was called at home by a Chinese law firm. His Fiancée was there getting prepared for her big interview tomorrow morning. The lawyer asked a few questions, and confirmed a few things. After that the Webmaster was able to speak to his Beloved Future Wife for a few minutes. He is now walking on cloud 9. This bodes well for the rest of us at Anger Central. However if the consulate in China should deny the Future Mrs. Webmaster a visa, well, the rest of the staff has a well stocked and hardened bomb shelter ready and waiting in just in case. The Webmaster's temper is positively nuclear when activated. <shudder>
  • October 27, 2004
    The webmaster received an interesting call today while at his real job. His lawyer called to let him know that she had just received a notice from the consulate that his Fiancée is supposed to go to the consulate on October 29 at 8am local time and also needed to fill out a number of forms and get a physical exam. The lawyer was very concerned because she didn't know of any way to get this done in the time allotted. The webmaster informed her that his fiancée had been notified a month earlier and was already down at the consulate waiting for her appointment later this week. The sigh of relief from our lawyer was rather audible. Just goes to show you how inept and incompetent our State Department is.
  • October 24, 2004
    We have activated the RSS feed and made it a permanent feature of this web site. If you aren't certain how to use an RSS feed, or of you click on the new RSS link, and get a page of code, we have linked to an application we use called FeedReader. This is an Open Source RSS reader available at Sourceforge.net We have placed a link to it on our links page.

    Also we have looked into plane tickets to China. Because of the complicated nature of the Webmaster's trip, (A single round trip ticket and a single one-way ticket), the Webmaster went to a travel agent. He was ranting about plane fares when he returned. Apparently, he has to complete his trip by December 9th, or the costs will double. So, he is looking at about $1500 total of he leaves on December 3rd and returns on the 9th. Otherwise his costs double. Damn Airlines!! Ok people, lets not be shy. feel free to donate to the Webmaster's "Bring his Fiancée to America" fund.
  • October 22, 2004
    The webmaster has just had a message from his fiancée. She is now in Guangzhou preparing for her interview. Needless to say the webmaster is very anxious right now. The future Mrs. Webmaster has had the required physical and is in good health. More details as they become known.
  • October 16, 2004
    We are working on an RSS feed for Anger Central. We aren't certain we will keep it, but we will try it for a bit.
  • October 11, 2004
    This came in from the Add page, but it is not a rant. We also thought it should be posted, but since this doesn't meet our criteria we decided to just put it here in the news section:

    Well, I will tell you, my eyes were opened today as we went and looked at a new automobile and the salesman was a very nice ex-Marine who had just returned from Iraq. He had served 8 years in our military and was very proud. As an American, family we thanked him for his service and told him that we are proud of all our people over in Iraq. We asked him his personal opinion and he said he could go on for hours but wanted us to know, in his humble opinion, after being on the frontlines that WE HAD DONE THE RIGHT THING. He said that his company had made friends with some of the Iraqi people and that they would come and visit them (if they could). These Iraqi people thanked them for being there. He told us that he had not had a shower for 2 months and that one Iraqi gentleman kept coming when he could and offering his shower and home for their company to rest. The man that was offering his home was an educated engineer and was not able to work for years. His children were not allowed to go to school. His family has been oppressed for years due to Saddam's regime. Those were the man's words from his mouth. He told the young man we were working with that if it weren't for the U.S. coming in that their country would never have had a chance at having anything and that they hoped we would not leave before the job was finished. We talked with this ex-Marine for about 20 minutes about his experiences. As we were leaving his parting message was, I am voting for George W. Bush and I am proud that I was able to do what I had done in Iraq and would do it again. It is too bad that the media will not let this and other good messages out to the American people so that we can have a clear mind when voting this election year. Thank you for your time and I hope that each and every one of you can seek out an ex-Military person that has been on the frontlines so that you too can get accurate information straight from the horse's mouth.
  • October 10, 2004
    The webmaster has sent off all the forms the future Mrs. Webmaster will need for her Visa Interview on October 29th. What a pain in the A** that was! The webmaster's 1040 form is a wonderful piece of complex bulls***, and having to go through and list all his investments took most of the weekend. Still, it is done and has been sent to China. It should reach there some time this week. We have no doubt that the Webmaster's fiancée will have a wonderful time trying to decipher the tax forms. :/
    One thing we do want to do is give out thanks to Greta G. She is the co-worker and notary public who handled all the stamps the webmaster needed. Thanks Greta!
  • October 2, 2004
    There is a new Rant from the Angry Webmaster. This one is a beauty.
    The webmaster is also working on yet more paperwork for his fiancée's visa. This time he has to send her an affidavit of financial support, and it has to be notarized. Fortunately he works with Notary Public and she is also going to China to pick up a baby girl she is adopting with her husband right around the same time that the webmaster is going to pick up HIS "baby." ;)
  • September 22, 2004
    Just a quick news update. The webmaster's Fiancée has received her Visa appointment!! The future Mrs. Webmaster will be going to the consulate on October 29th at 8am for her interview. She should be able to pick up her visa the following Monday. Then in about a month the webmaster will fly to China and bring her home! After 2 years of hell the end is in sight!! Yay Us!!
  • September 11, 2004
    Today is the third anniversary of the attack on the United States by Islamic terrorists. The World Trade Center was destroyed and the Pentagon was heavily damaged. 3000 people were killed. Please remember them and why we are fighting these barbarians.
    On another note, more layoff's at the webmasters real world job. His supervisor was let go along with others around the country. This was a bit of a surprise. Very definitely politics was involved at higher levels. The webmaster's group is getting a new supervisor and while we do know him, we would prefer not to work under him. 
    It doesn't help that the webmaster's sister was also laid off from her position. She was also in a managerial position. Her department was essentially dissolved out from under her. She was the only one that lost her job so far. Unlike the company the webmaster slaves for, his sister's company will at least provide a severance package. The webmaster's supervisor, like everyone else in his company was basically tossed out the door with nothing.
    If anyone knows of a managerial position in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, please drops us a note from the Add page.
  • September 5, 2004
    Happy Labor Day!!
    This is the weekend when all American labor at home instead of at their places of business. ;)
    The webmaster handed in his laptop to the Angry Systems administrator. He wanted it rebuilt and all the old stuff removed. This only took all day, but the laptop was returned to the webmaster all nice and clean. Pity the Angry Sysadmin "forgot" to back up all the Webmasters data first. ;)
  • August 28,2004
    We have added more quotes to the new quote generator, also we have added a few items to the Page O' Links as well.
  • August 22, 2004
    We have started playing with a quote generator. For the time being we are using the quotes that came with it. No doubt we will be adding a few of our own pithy phrases.
  • August 15, 2004
    Oh what fun! Last week the Angry Systems Administrator came down to the cafeteria in our little data center and spotted a yellow jacket. For those who don't know it is a rather nasty type of wasp. He killed and when another flew into the room. Turns out we had a nest in the walls. We are glad to report the nest has been destroyed with no casualties on the human side, but it cost us almost $200. That just delayed the construction of our newest system for a few months.
  • August 7, 2004
    The Angry System Admin completed a week of training on the new Windows 2003 Server (Enterprise). He was given a full copy with a 25 user license. When he went to upgrade the test server, BOOM! There appears to be a hardware compatibility issue in there somewhere, probable with the SCSI card and hard drive. The test system is using older parts.
    The Angry webmaster's fiancée had a little accident last weekend. She tripped and sprained her ankle. She is all right, but is sore and bored since she has to stay home to heal.
  • July 25, 2004
    Not much happening here at Anger Central. Last week was a hell week for the webmaster at his real world job. The network decided to take a dive, not once, but twice and we got very little help from the corporate networking group. This was on top of all the ID10T errors that happened as well. The webmaster is still waiting for news from China. We are going to give it a couple of more weeks then start up our campaign of harassment again. To top things off this week, Boston is essentially closed for the Democratic National Convention and orgy. Good luck getting into the city.
    In other news, Anger Central has begun the process of building a brand new computer. This will replace the one we use now for development work. We are looking at an AMD 64 CPU and possibly serial ATA drives. We have already received our new case. Black with a clear panel on the side. It will be a couple of months before it is up and running.
  • July 7, 2004
    Our dev system is back up and running much better now. We are reopening the Add page.
  • June 27, 2004
    We have temporarily closed the add page. We're taking a little time off and also are planning on rebuilding the development system. We should be reopening after the 4th of July.
  • June 20, 2004
    The Webmaster is a little less irritable today. Earlier this week he received a letter from the office of Senator Gregg. They have contacted the consulate in China and have managed to crowbar more information out of them in a couple of weeks then the webmaster has been able to in 6 months. According to the Consulate, they have to go through something like 4500 cases, and their best guesstimate is either September or October. Well at least that gives them a few months of not being harassed by the webmaster.
  • June 13, 2004
    More news from China. The consulate has deigned to reply to the webmaster's request for information. The webmaster asked how long before he could expect a visa for his fiancée. There answer was "Case can be scheduled in few months." Yeah, right...These blithering morons have screwed the webmaster and his fiancée over and over time and time again. So what does this mean? Xinqing probably won't be able to come to the US until mid-late fall at best. Grrrrrr!
  • June 6, 2004
    This is the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, France. The webmaster had a relative who landed on Omaha Beach with the first wave. He survived the war, but passed away a few years ago.
    And now, we have news from China. The
    Visa Information Center has been allowed to reopen. This means that they will start scheduling appointments for people, (Such as the Future Mrs. Webmaster), to come in for their interviews and to pick up their visas. YAY! :)
  • May 22, 2004
    Well the Webmaster managed to pull a real boneheaded maneuver this week. He was working on a brand new server, unpacking the parts, when he managed to slit his left thumb with his knife. Nice going dumbass! His supervisor had to drive him to the hospital to have it sewed up. Yes, he needed three stitches in his thumb to close it. Well, as anyone who is in the computer field knows, in order for a computer to work properly you must make a blood sacrifice. Normally slaughtering the appropriate number of chickens will suffice, but this time it looks like the computer gods wanted human blood for a change. The stitches will be coming out next week.
  • May 16, 2004
    The webmaster has emailed the consulate in Guangzhou, China to see what is happening with his fiancée's visa request. Surprisingly they replied. They have acknowledged getting her forms and are now processing them. How she will get an appointment is the question. Anger Central has found out why the call center was closed down. They were overcharging people. Since they were asking for $7 for the first 12 minutes, we agree they were overcharging. However, the center also scheduled appointments for interviews and visa's. What happens now is anyone's guess.
  • May 2, 2004
    Uh oh! The Webmaster is looking very annoyed right now, and you know what that means...RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!
    What gives you ask? Well Last Monday the Webmaster checked out the consulate web site for the first time in a couple of weeks. Right on the main page was a notice. The
    Public Security Bureau, (Chinese version of the American  FBI and CIA), had shut the Visa Information Center down as of 2pm local time the previous Friday. No reason given. What does this mean for the Webmaster and his fiancée? Because this place was ordered closed, no visa requests can be processed. No appointments can be scheduled, nothing!
    Why did this happen? No F***ing clue. The American Embassy in Beijing is asking "WTF, Over?" and hopefully everything will be fixed soon. Without a doubt it is politics and we are caught in the middle. The only bright side is the Webmaster read some news indicating the US Govt was not going to pursue something, and the Chinese Govt was happy about it. Since the whole country has just started their May Day holiday vacation, the Visa Information Center was scheduled to close in any case. We will keep you up to date on what the F*** is happening.
  • April 18, 2004
    Well some positive news from China. After almost constant harassing of the Consulate in China, they have finally sent the his Fiancée the packet of forms and information she needs to fill out and return. FINALLY!!! Hopefully she will be able to travel in a month or so. Now what can you, our faithful readers do? Send money!! 8-B Click on the Paypal link and send the webmaster cash so he can travel to China and bring back the future Angry Webmistress. :)
    On another note....Yard work! Yuck! The webmaster is cleaning up his back yard. He wasn't able to do this last Fall because he took ownership so late in the year, and he is finding many things under the leaves...like broken glass, horseshoes and the remains of a horse shoe pit. He's raked up most of the leaves, but it looks like at least one truck load of loam and a good deal of leveling are going to be needed, not to mention seeding the lawn. To quote his Supervisor, "Welcome to the world of home ownership!" Well, I hate to break it to him, but 1200 Sq/ft is much easier to take care of then the 2 acres he used to deal with. ;)
  • April 10, 2004
    Due to the high number of viruses attempting to infiltrate Anger Central, we have added a new page. This page displays current virus threats, means to clean them and links. Please visit this page often.
  • April 6, 2004
    Slight delay in uploading the Anger Central updates. The Webmaster decided to take in a movie. He and his brother in-law saw Hellboy and had a good time. The webmaster didn't get home until late and just decided to wait until the next day.
    The Webmaster heard from the Consulate in Guangzhou China early this morning. The scream of frustration was heard for miles in all directions. As noted in the last update, they asked for the Webmaster's fiancée's address in Chinese. Since he can't read or write Chinese, his fiancée sent him the translation of her address. He promptly sent it off to the consulate via the form listed on their web site. He filled out and then pasted in the address using the Chinese lettering.
    Once again he never heard from them. So he sent yet another email. Their response? Their damn form, http://www.usembassy-china.org.cn/guangzhou/iv/email.html, couldn't handle the Chinese characters and would he please FAX it to them.
    Needless to say he is very annoyed. He sent off an email to his fiancée asking if she could do this since he wasn't sure he could find a fax machine with international calling activated. He is also preparing a report for his Senator detailing the process. The USCIS, a bit below par, but they were being reorganized. The National Visa Center? Not good on the notifications, but very helpful when contacted directly. The consulate? Fire everyone!! We will keep you informed.
  • March 28, 2004
    The stupidity and incompetence of the United States State Department never ceases to amaze us. The Webmaster was growing a bit concerned when his Fiancée had not yet received her packet from the consulate after two weeks. He emailed them again and the replied with the following:

    Please be advised that the instruction packet was returned by the post office due to invalid address. Please send us the applicant's current address in Chinese character, then we will resend the packet.

Needless to say, the Webmaster only knows a few words in Chinese and is totally unable to read or write in it. Furthermore, the Webmaster has been sending snail mail to his fiancée's address for over a year now. His fiancée was able to send him her address in Chinese writing, and luckily he was able to see it and forward it off to the nitwits. Once this is over he is going to send his representatives a long letter detailing the various government agencies and people who were either helpful or inept.

  • March 21, 2004
    Well now, the Webmaster's monitor has arrived. 3 dead pixels. So, he has gone from a monitor that had a fried OSD circuit board, but a great picture to a monitor with a functioning OSD circuit board with three dead pixels on the screen. Time to make another call.
    The Webmaster's fiancée has not yet received the documents from the Consulate in China. Looks like he needs to set off more fireworks under some bureaucrats ass...Again!
  • March 14, 2004
    A few minor things. The webmaster was called by NEC regarding his flat panel monitor. They can't fix it so they are replacing it.
    The webmaster harassed the Consulate in China his fiancée has to go to. They finally sent her a packet in the mail with yet more forms she needs to fill out. Once those are done and processed she will be sent an appointment for an interview, and then she should receive her visa. (Fingers crossed)
  • February 21, 2004
    Well, a good news/Bad News day. First the bad news. The webmasters LCD monitor has broken down again. Same problem as the last time, the OSD switches have shorted out again. Other then that the monitor is running fine. Once again the webmaster called NEC support and once again he has to ship it back to them. The webmaster won't have to pay for the shipping this time at least. Since it was less then 30 days NEC will pay for it. Wonderful! He only got it back two weeks ago!

    Now the good news. The Webmaster called the NVC to find out what was delaying the notification letter. The clerk, April, was very helpful and said he should be getting it this week. Also she gave him the registration code his fiancée will need to get her visa. He sent that off to her within minutes of getting it. Gotta love that email thing! He also looked up the contact information for the consulate she will need to go to and sent that along as well. If he needs to the Webmaster will call the consulate directly. Pity they only answer the phone between 2pm and 4pm LOCAL TIME!! For those who don't know that would be 2AM-4AM Webmaster time. :p Still things are really beginning to move now. :)
  • February 14, 2004
    This is the one year anniversary of his trip to China and the wonderful meeting with his fiancée. We thought she would be here by now. Who knew just how slow and incompetent the BCIS and the NVC would turn out to be. Come on you idiots! remove thumb and get to work!!
  • February 13, 2004
    Anger Central has started a Battlefield 1942/Desert Combat server on their home network. Just fire up BF1942 and create a filter on wolfwalkers 2. This is a back up server, and while we do plan on leaving it up, it might come down when we need the bandwidth for other purposes.
  • February 7, 2004
    The Webmaster called the National Visa Center last week to find out just WTF is taking so long to process his fiancée's visa. Well the answer was very interesting. They had completed the work and sent the registration to the consulate in China on January 17. The clerk on the phone said the Webmaster should be getting a formal letter with all the instructions on what his Fiancée needs to do and which consulate she needs to go to. The yell he let out was heard two buildings over. :)

    On another note, the Webmaster's flat panel monitor was returned from repair. It works fine. However, FedEx tried to deliver it to his house, and of course he wasn't home. He filled out the slip they left indicating they could leave it, and just where would be a good place to do so. They couldn't be bothered. The webmaster had to drive up to the Manchester Airport at night and pick it up. Of course he had never been to that area before, and since he has the directional instincts of a brick, he got lost. After an hour he found one of the FedEx sites and they gave him directions to the pick up building. Then he got lost trying to find his way home. 2 1/2 hours later he got home and set up the monitor. Serves him right for not bringing his GPS receiver with him. ;)
  • February 1, 2004
    We have heard that people in a major law firm in Boston, MA have discovered Anger Central. Hi guys!! We hear that you are afraid to post here. Now now, don't be afraid. We recommend that you don't post from work, and that you do not post anything that could be considered libel or slander, and also isn't to specific. Our add page strips out all header information so there is no way we can trace back a submission. So post already. Come on, you know you want to. :)
  • January 25, 2004
    Not a lot going on here. The webmaster's shiny new 17" Flat panel LCD monitor was gravely wounded last week. The OSD switches were shorted out due to a static discharge when he went to shut it off. The monitor its self is functional, he just can't turn it on or off, or adjust anything. (It is locked on at the moment) It has been shipped off for repair and will be gone for a week. He is now using a 17" CRT monitor and isn't happy about it. Well at least it is under warranty.

    Still no word from the NVC. Looks like the webmaster will be making another call some time this week about it.
  • January 15, 2004
    Well the webmaster is still waiting for his bride to be to get her visa. We found out that the USCIS, (Formally the BCIS, formally the INS), has sent the approval to the National Visa Center. He called them the other day and "We have no estimated time of completion of the security checks. You will receive the registration number and the address of the Consulate in the mail."
    The National Visa Center is one hour's drive from the Webmaster's home office. We hope they complete the processing soon. There is no telling what horrors await if this bunch takes as long as the last group.
  • January 1, 2004
    Happy New Year!!! Another year has passed for Anger Central, and what a year it has been. The webmaster went to China, became engaged to the lady of his dreams, bought his first house and has gone through all the hassles of dealing with the United States Immigration system. We also wiped and rebuilt the entire site, removed the page set aside for morons...err, people with views regarding people of different ethnic backgrounds, and tightened up what gets posted. In the last year some 661 rants went online. This was about 1/4 of the total rants we received. We think the quality has improved a bit now.
    So, what is the new year bringing to Anger Central? Well, the wedding of the webmaster. With a little bit of luck his fiancée should be here in 4 to 6 weeks, and they should be married soon thereafter. (According to the laws they will have 90 days once she arrives) Needless to say when Xinqing arrives we will shut the add page for a while. It has been a year since they last saw each other and we anticipate they will be "reacquainting" themselves for a while. ;)
    Also it is time for the silly season to really start. Yes the presidential election is this year. We think it will be Howard Dean v George Bush in November, and we also see a 45+ state crushing defeat for Dr. Doom...err Dean. :) (We aren't thrilled with Bush here, but the alternatives are far worse)
    So from the crew here at Anger Central, we wish you all a better year. Stay Angry!