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December 28, 2014

Greetings angry people. Another year has passed. There have been a few major changes here at Anger Central, such as the Angry Webmaster being out of a job again as of January 1, 2015. We are hoping this doesn't turn into a repeat of the "Year from Hell, where the Webmaster was out of work for almost a year. (2008)

Rants were way down this year. Only 129 came in. On the other hand, Spam skyrocketed, although the filters seemed to have caught most of it.

Mrs. Webmaster has also started a new job. Her new boss is not bughouse nuts like her old one, so she is much happier now. It is a new restaurant and we all hope it stays in business.

Politically, the Democrats had their collectivist heads handed to them, and the Republican leadership promptly rolled over and caved in to whatever Obama wanted. You can read the opinions of the Webmaster regarding that on the Blog.

Well, until next years....

Stay Angry!

December 21, 2014

Well, the Webmaster is counting down the days to gainful unemployment. To say he isn't happy is an understatement. He's now looking at contract jobs as well as trying to find permanent roles, but this time of year, companies are generally laying off, not hiring.

We would love to think that the ad revenues from the main site and the blog could keep us from starving, however, we haven't' seen a payment from the aggregators in over a year. Simply put, the ads are probably being blocked. Oh well, so be it.

Well, at least the Angry Niece is excited. She'd just about ready to pop with her first baby in a few weeks.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

December 14, 2014

Greetings all. Well, as of right now, the Angry Webmaster has no job prospects. The position he was looking in his Real World Job has vaporized. He was being asked to backfill a position that someone had left. Last week he found out that they won't be filling it for the foreseeable future due to mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations. The Webmaster has applied to a couple of internal openings, but isn't expecting to hear back about them.

The external position he was excited about, and then told that they weren't moving forward turned out to be what the Webmaster thought. It was a hiring freeze, and it wasn't just for the company that the Webmaster was applying to, it was also the company that purchased the first company. The Webmaster has heard rumors that managers in both places are furious about this and don't know how they will make their deliverables. In any case, the Webmaster has been applying to openings all over the place, including contract work. (Which he loathes with a passion)

We still have a couple of weeks before the hammer falls on Our Hero, and he does have a severance package which will help, but he would rather have a job.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

December 7, 2014

Good day angry fans. Well, the job the Webmaster was hoping for has fallen through. He received a call from their HR person saying that "They have decided not to move forward with the process." whatever that means. The Webmaster's contacts inside are at a loss to understand what happened and are looking into it. The suspicion is a sudden hiring freeze.

The Webmaster still has a good chance of being transferred internally at his current Real World Job, however, there are a lot of hoops the department managers have to jump through to get this accomplished. While they do want our Angry Hero, it might be after the first of the year, in which case he will be out of work, but also getting his severance package. If/when he is brought back in, double pay checks for a while!! :)

On the systems front, The Webmaster now has a duel hard drive work station, both using hybrid 2TB hard drives. The system does seem more responsive now which is a good thing.

The RSS feed on the Blog is now working again. The Angry Systems Administrator isn't sure what happened, but suspect that the hosting company rebooted the server which may have cleared any locks or finalized any new configurations. All the posts that were missing in the Feed showed up and are now available.

And finally, the java based quote generator on the Home page has been removed. It's old technology now and the current browsers keep throwing security messages. We will look around and see if we can find a new version.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

November 30, 2014

Good evening all. We hope you have finally recovered from the Tryptophan overdose we all suffered through last Thursday. The Webmaster had a really bad trip on the stuff. He fell asleep at 7:30pm and slept a full 12 hours.

On the Job front the Webmaster had an interview with a company. He isn't going to take the job if offered. It isn't what he thought it was. He also heard back from a  company that he had written off, and he's still waiting to hear from another company as well as his original company regarding a transfer internally. Hopefully something will shake loose in the next couple of weeks. One of the positions, he knows people who know things and he's heard that he made a very good impression.

On the back end, the RSS feed on the Blog has broken. The Angry Systems Administrator has been looking into it, but as of now we have no estimated tome of repair. The main site, the RSS feed is actually manually handled.

Now for a bit of personal news. The Angry Niece is expecting her first child in January. The Angry Webmaster saw her over the Holiday and she's just about ready to pop. She has specifically worked to avoid knowing if it's a boy or a girl, so we're all working on names for the future diaper filler.

Mrs. Webmaster has a new job and she is much happier then she was at her old one. Hopefully, it will pay a lot better too.

And that's all for now.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

November 24, 2014

Good evening all. This will be a short update. We posted the regular updates Saturday prior to the Webmaster's system being upgraded. We've spent the last two days getting his system up and running and now it looks like he's good to go. The upgrades consisted of a new Hybrid hard drive which replaced the stock 200GB drive the system came with. The new one is 2TB ins size. The Angry Systems Administrator also loaded Windows 7 Ultimate. We won't be upgrading operating systems again until Windows 10 is released, provided it isn't a pile of dog crap like Windows 8 is.

On the job front, the Webmaster had a second interview with a company last week. From what he is hearing from "sources", he made quite an impression. A positive one you peons. He also got a call back from another company that he interviewed with a couple of weeks ago. He had written them off.

Speaking of jobs, Mrs. Webmaster has left her old job and is working in a new place with a boss who isn't insane. She's feeling a lot less pressure. Now the only issue is business. This is a new place and isn't very busy as yet. Hopefully they will pick up and Mrs. Webmaster will get lots of big tips.

All in all, things may be looking up for the Webmaster. We shall see of course.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

November 16, 2014

Greetings one and all. It's been a rather interesting week for the Webmaster. He has had two phone interviews and one of the companies is going to give him a second interview with someone further up the food chain. The first interview went generally well, but there was one area the Webmaster is weak in. The second company is very interested in the Webmaster.

Then there was the surprise call from the Webmaster's current employer. One of his former coworkers and a friend handed in his notice and his acting manager was made aware of the Webmasters current status. (Have job, no duties, out as of January 1, 2015) The Webmaster was aware that his friend was looking to move on, and dropped a bee in his bonnet as it were, letting him know he was available. It also helps that his friends regular manager, (Currently out on leave), was made aware of the Webmaster situation and was also pushing to move him into his department. (Which he had been looking at doing for some time now)

So, things are looking a little brighter for our old friend, the Angry Webmaster.

On the posting side, we had one whole rant come in this week. We guess the conservative followers aren't angry at the moment and the liberal followers are to depressed rather than angry. Well, we'll soon have Obama once again ruling by decree and granting amnesty to millions of criminals, and then putting them on welfare.

And speaking of King Putt, the latest scandal regarding the fraud that is Obamacare has a name now. Grubergate after that arrogant Progressive moonbat, Jonathan Gruber. He put together Obamacare and then hid all the things we knew would happen so that Congress wouldn't find out. He's also made the mistake of showing America just what the Progressive Liberal Democrats really think of Americans in general. Basically Gruber said Americans are to stupid to make any decisions for themselves and he must be the one to do it. Needless to say this has lit off a firestorm and we have little doubt that Gruber will be hauled up in front of a few congressional committees to explain himself. We can't wait to see that one.

We will keep you informed as to how the Webmaster's job hunt progresses.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

November 9, 2014

Good day all. Last Tuesday was election day and we're feeling pretty good about it in general, unlike the Democrats who have, over the course of three elections, pretty much seen their hold on the nation crushed utterly. They have seen their up and comers suddenly become down and outers. Unfortunately, New Hampshire was only able to get rid of one congresscritter, but it does split things up. We also took back control of the entire legislature.

Now, onto the Webmaster's job search. he's had a phone screen with a really interesting company, but isn't holding his breath. He's weak in an area they want. However, the 30 minute phone screen did go over an hour and the hiring manager was generally impressed, along with a few things the Webmaster suggested to him. Our fingers are crossed.

The Webmaster also heard back from another company that a close friend is helping him with. That friend's company just acquired the company the Webmaster is looking at so he went for a referral. We shall see.

The Webmaster also saw John Wick this week and wrote up a review about it. He was surprised he liked it.

Today is also the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall being taken down. The Webmaster also wrote about that as well this morning.

Anger Central received about our usual number of posts. It doesn't appear that the posts we've been getting of late are from the same group of people. This is good we think, since it seems to indicate a broader audience then we thought.

So, all in all, it wasn't a bad week.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

November 2, 2014

Greetings all. The Webmaster has started on his job search. So far, 1 rejection and about 5 applications. Thankfully, the Webmaster doesn't have to start panicking right away, thanks to the severance package he has been given. He also has his own health insurance, which he's had since the last time he was out of work, and is grandfathered so he won't have to deal with Obamacrap.

He does have a few leads, including a possible opening in another group in his current company. Someone he knows is moving on and the Webmaster is angling for his job as soon as his friend gives his notice. It helps that his now former role is one he took over from his friend, and that the group's manager is the Webmaster's former manager. The downside? The former manager, who would like to pull the webmaster in, just got out of the hospital. He had surgery for pancreatic cancer. The good news there is it looks like they got it all. The bad news? He will be out for several months.

The Webmaster also has a lead at another company that was recently acquired by the company another friend works for. He's arranged to have his friend submit the Webmaster's resume as a referral. It's almost a perfect fit for the Webmaster. The only issue is that the Webmaster did apply to this company a few years ago and due to their love of Google testing, (Which had no basis for the job the Webmaster was applying to, he gave up on it. The good news? The new owners don't use that nonsense.

Tuesday is Election Day. This is the midterm elections and it is really important. It appears that the Progressive Liberal Fascist Democrats may lose their grip on the Senate. The bad news is, a lot of the Republicans are RINO's and may not respond to what this nation needs to correct the last 6-14 years of governmental incompetence. (More so now under Obama then Bush, but he was no great shakes either)

Well, you can read all about the Webmaster's opinions on the Blog.

On the back end, the Angry Systems Administrator might take the time to rebuild the crashtastic system that is the Webmaster's workstation. It's overdue and since the Webmaster has no job duties, he can take the time to backup, wipe and reload the system. The painful part will be reconfiguring and customizing the settings.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

October 26, 2014

Good day all, I hope you're enjoying the latest outbreak of Ebola in New York City. The Angry Webmaster is getting organized for his job search. He's waiting for his Resume to come back from the guy he's used before. He also has some contacts internally at his current company, and has learned that a coworker is planning to move on. Since the Webmaster took over the job his friend was doing, he's hoping he can slip into his friends current job when he leaves.

Normally it wouldn't be an issue. His manager used to be the Webmaster's manager and wanted to bring the Webmaster over to his group. Right now, the manager is in the hospital recovering from major surgery for Pancreatic Cancer and will be out for several months. The good news is it looks like they got it all.

The Webmaster has also been in contact with a family friend who might be able to help and has stumbled over a position at a company recently acquired by the company the Angry Brother Inlaw works for. As soon as his updated resume comes in, he's going to forward it off. Hopefully, the Webmaster will land something before his current job formally ends in December.

On the posting front, we had just two new rants come in. Oh well, so be it.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

October 19, 2014

Well the hammer has fallen and the Webmaster has been informed that his job is now "Surplus to needs" and he won't be made an offer in the company that is being spun off. His last day will be December 31st, 2014. He is getting a fair severance package, and if he can find a new home inside his current company, he will be welcomed to move into it. He has already started putting out feelers internally and is looking externally as well. We all hope that this won't be a repeat of 2008 where the Webmaster was out of work for almost a year.

Another difference from the last time this happened is that the Webmaster will be leaving under good terms and can reapply to his company later on if something opens up.

Please wish the Webmaster well, and please visit our advertisers. We need to the money to keep the site going.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

October 12, 2014

Greetings all. There's a lot going on for the Webmaster. We can't go in to details, but there's a fair chance he will be once again joining the ranks of the unemployed. He's waiting for either a severance package or an offer letter. One way or another, there's going to be major changes for him by November 1.

Once we know how things shake out, we'll let you know.

Until next time...

Stay Angry.

October 5, 2014

Greetings all. Anger Central is in lockdown with all staff members preparing for the Ebola pandemic that is now beginning. We have heard that President Obola has said we have nothing to worry about it, however, why take chances. We have plenty of food, supplies and ammo for the Zombie Ebola apocalypse and we are certain we can ride it out. ;)

The Angry Brother bagged Bambi's little brother last week. This was his first time out with a bow and arrow. Mrs. Webmaster asked for several pounds so that she can make venison, but the Angry Brother said all he had was five pounds. A comment was made regarding his hunting down midget deer and if it was starring in the Game of Does.

We received a few more rants this week. We miss the days of getting in 10 or 20 posts a day. The Webmaster also saw The Equalizer this week. He hasn't reviewed it yet but he liked it. He had trouble since he remembers the television series the movie was based on.

Ah Well.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

September 28, 2014

Good evening one and all. The Angry Webmaster is not a happy camper. This has been a very expensive week for him. Mrs. Webmaster needed a crown, however she has used up most of her dental insurance this year. Guess who had to pay the whole thing?

Then the Webmaster's stereo receiver croaked and he had to replace that as well. He had to buy a replacement model. Rather then run down to Best Buy, he did a little research and ordered a refurbished Yamaha RX-V377-R receiver with a three year warranty. He's going to be working with the Angry Brother In-Law to wire up the new system later this week.

The Webmaster is also complaining about the sudden increase of temperature that's happened this weekend. He had already removed the A/C units so he's cooking a bit. This does not make a happy webmaster.

And, we received 2 posts this week.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

September 21. 2014

Good day all. Another quiet week, and the Webmaster is being exceptionally grumpy today. He had a nasty bought of insomnia and couldn't sleep last night.

Over on the Blog, the Webmaster was talking about screwing with a pollster. Normally he ignores these calls, but Mrs. Webmaster was home on her day off and picked up the phone. She called him and he was stuck with the idiot on the other end. Of course, he lied through his teeth in order to screw up their baseline.

He also wrote about a moron who went to North Korea and asked for asylum. They stuffed him into a slave labor camp for the next six years to show him what they thought of his request

We also had the vote in Scotland for independence. The Webmaster made a few comments prior to the vote. Actually, he had a consultant do a video on it instead.

Anyway, the Webmaster needs his beauty sleep. He should wake up some time in the 31st century.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

September 14, 2014

Good evening all. We received a couple of posts this week, nothing special. This week was also the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attack. The Webmaster did not post his usual "I remember" post to try and keep what happened in people's memory. Instead he wrote something a bit different.

We've also suffered our first Christmas episode. HBO is running the Miracle On 34th Street. The Webmaster is still recovering from a bought of projectile vomiting when he saw it on the schedule.

Today is the 200th anniversary of Francis Scott Key writing the Star Spangled Banner which went on to become the United States National Anthem.

We also have the Webmaster writing about how Obama is unable to actually use the word "War" in its traditional meaning, in this case destroying ISIS. The Webmaster came up with a number of alternatives for Obama to use. Take a look and feel free to leave a few comments.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

September 7, 2014

Good day all. We had a few new posts come in. We find it interesting how this goes up and down so often. To be honest, we didn't expect anything.

Over on the Blog, the Angry Systems Administrator did an update to Wordpress and now some of the plugins have stopped working in anything other then Internet Explorer. How annoying.

The Webmaster just got back from a family BBQ watching the New England Patriots quit halfway through the game.

All in all, a rather quiet week here.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

August 31, 2014

Good evening all. The webmaster has been taking it easy this weekend. Apparently, a large number of people have as well, since all we've been getting of late is automated spam. There is one issue for our poor overworked Webmaster. He has to stay up until after midnight tonight for his Real World Job.

Oh well

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

August 24, 2014

Greetings all. It's been another low volume week here at Anger Central We've only had one post come in, and it arrived this morning. In other news, we found out that Mythbusters, at the conclusion of this season, let go the Build Team of Kari Byron, Tony Belleci and Grant Imahara. The Angry Systems Administrator was a bit annoyed about this and posted on the blog about it. He wasn't alone in being upset about this event, but we all suspect the reasoning was money.

We have the Labor Day Weekend coming up, where the "Productive Class" takes a day off and emulates the "Deadbeat Class" without the EBT cards. (Hmm, I think I see a blog post in this. AW)

In any case,

Stay Angry!

August 17, 2014

Good day all. Well, the Webmaster saw The Expendables this week and wrote a review about it. All in all he enjoyed it. We saw more posts this week which should make us all very happy.

The Webmaster also saw what appears to be an error, (In his favor), on his Real World paycheck. Considering he has been screwed in the past over things like this, he has called his HR department to find out what's going on. He expects a claw back shortly.

And we received news that the Angry Niece is expecting her first child in January. Now if the father would make an honest woman out of her...

Well the Angry Brother, (Her father), does own a shotgun and there is a good deal of open land nearby. ;)

Mrs. Webmaster was shocked when she heard, forgetting that she is in America. She was very concerned about her Niece inLaw wasn't married. In China it is against the law to be an unwed mother. However, she bumped into her Brother InLaw and she's all good now. :)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!!

August 10, 2014

Good day all. Not a lot this week. The highlight was the Anger Central crew seeing Guardians of the Galaxy. The review was short, sweet and very positive.

We only received on post this week. In fact the only excitement this week was the Webmaster and his Real World Job. His company is moving to a new domain and he was the last of his group. He had to go into a local office and hijack a desk for a few hours. As expected, it went about as fine as toilet paper made from rough grit sand paper. He was stuck there for several additional hours in order to get some critical applications installed.

Oh well...

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

August 3, 2014

Good day all. Well, we had an uptick in postings this week.

Also, the Angry Systems Administrator just posted a call for an intervention for the Angry Webmaster. He found the Angry Webmaster on a virtual coma after an all nighter watching various SyFy channel shark movies. We all knew that Sharknado's are bad for your health.

In any case, it's an all hands at the Data Center trying to clean up the mess the Webmaster made of the Entertainment room.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

July 27, 2014

Good day all. It looks like someone took pity on poor Anger Central and sent in a couple of posts. Thank you whoever you are!

Also, someone let the Angry Systems Administrator out and he went to see Lucy last night. He reviewed it and wasn't impressed.

All in all, it's been quiet this week. So...

Until next time...

Stay Angry!
(And carry on)

July 20, 2014

Good evening. No posts this week...again. Not much news either. I guess everyone is on vacation.

Stay Angry!

July 13, 2014

Good day all. We had a couple of posts come in. We suspect people are on vacation. The Angry Webmaster, for instance, took Monday off.

The Webmaster was busy on the Blog of course. We have noticed a general downturn though in the overall number of visits. We all blame Google.

Otherwise, nothing much going here, unlike the rest of the world of course. Speaking of which, Hey Israel! Give them Hell!

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

July 06, 2014

Happy 4th of July weekend! We hope you all had a good time, fondly remembering your lost freedoms. *SLAP!* (Leave that for the blog pinhead)

We had a slight uptick in postings this week. Yay! Still, we miss the days when we would be putting up 100 new posts a week. People must have stopped being angry and started taking prescription pharmaceuticals. Oh well

Back to the fireworks

Until next time...

Stay Angry!!

June 29, 2014

Good day all. Well, we had a grand total of 4 new rants this week. Yay! However, one of them made extensive use of identifiable names so we had to do some serious editing. Boo!

The Webmaster was feeling in a humorous mood yesterday and posted a rather amusing little youtube video. the title was "99 words for boobs." After a long week of dealing with all the scandals, bouncing boobs made a nice change.

And it's going to be hot this week. Mr. & Mrs. Webmaster aren't happy about that either. Well the A/C units are in and operating.

Oh well, off to watch This Week in Tech.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!
(And watch 99 words for boobs) ;)

June 22, 2014

Good evening all. Well. our complaints netted a result. We received one (1) rant. Joy.

The Webmaster has been blasting away on the Blog. Mostly the IRS scandal, but he's also been blasting Obama and others. Even the Angry Systems Administrator put up one of his rare postings last week regarding Net Neutrality. It's rather amusing so give it a read.

So, all in all, the main site is teetering on the edge. Views are down as well as postings. Come on people! Pull your thumbs out of your butts and start telling us what you are angry about!

Until next time....

Stay Angry!

June 15, 2014

Good day all. Once again, no rants. So angering.

Also, this is fathers day. Please hug your father today. Soon enough, you won't be able to.

Until next time....

Stay Angry!

June 8, 2014

Good day all. Once again, only a pair of rants. Oh well.

This week was the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings at Normandy. As expected, President Doofus showed his utter contempt by chewing gum during the ceremonies. The Hero's of the day were former paratrooper Jim Martin, (101st Airborne Division), who recreated his jump the night of June 6th. The other and probably the more famous was a former Royal Navy officer, Bernard Jordan who, when told he wouldn't be able to go to the ceremonies by the staff of his nursing home, put on his medals, a rain coat and hopped a bus to the coast and then caught a ferry to Europe.

The nursing home reported Mr. Jordan as missing, and the local constabulary quickly located him with his comrades in Normandy having the time of his life. Mr. Jordan is now back in his retirement home and pledging to go to Normandy every year until he is no longer able to.

Until next time....

Stay Angry!

June 1, 2014

Greetings all. We were about to announce no posts again this week, but someone saved the day! We have a massive 2 posts this week. We're assuming that this sad state of affairs has more to do with people not being around this week.

The Webmaster went to the cemetery where his parents are buried. This is a veterans cemetery and the Webmaster had a little trouble finding them. The area they are has been filled up. Well, at least the neighborhood is quiet.

The Webmaster had to work yesterday at his Real World Job. Nothing says fun like starting at 6:30 am and finishing at 1AM the following morning.

He's about to fall asleep, so, until next time...

Stay Angry!
(Or else!)

May 25, 2014

Good day all. This is Memorial day weekend, where we remembered those who have died in the service of our country, and those who are no longer on VA waiting lists.

The Anger Central offices are closed for this weekend, other then this update.

May 18, 2014

Greetings all. we gig get a couple of rants in this week, but not enough. Of course, everyone is probably out seeing the new Godzilla movie. The Angry Systems Administrator bludgeoned the Angry Webmaster into unconsciousness and sneaked out for the early show last Thursday.

All in all thought, it's been a very quiet week. Next week is Memorial day weekend and we're going to relax and consider those hwo gave all they had for the freedoms we once had. (Prior to Obama and Bush)

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

May 11, 2014

Good day all. It's a balmy 75 degrees and the moonbats are out screaming about global warming again. *yawn* The Webmaster is back from his business trip and is working on his expense report.

We only received on rant this week. so sad.

And the Webmaster has discovered Sam Adams Double Bock, and he has been double dipping in it.

So, until next *hic* time....

Stay *hic* Angry!

May 4, 2014

Greetings angry fans. A little back office news. The Webmaster will be traveling again for business. He will be leaving Monday and returning on Thursday. He will have a laptop with him and will be able to handle new posts.

Speaking of new rants, we had a few this week, unlike last week. One of them had a number of links in it, and we had a big discussion on whether or not we should post it or strip out the links. Since the links were to sources that we know, we allowed them to go up. Please don't make a habit of it.

Otherwise, it has been a fairly quiet week.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!!

April 27, 2014

Good evening all. Once again, no POSTS! No rants, no screams, nothing. So disappointing.

The Webmaster will be on Business Travel May 5 returning May 8th. The Webmaster will be flying Southwest Airlines.

And finally, the gas company is in front of the Anger Central Primary Dwelling digging up the street. Last year the happy couple had their front lawn torn up when the gas company found a leak. This time it's the people across the street. The Angry Facilities manager thinks they are going to end up ripping up the entire street eventually.

And still no posts.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

And send in postings!!

April 20, 2014

Greetings all. Well, it looks like the Angry Webmaster will be going on business travel again in May sometime. The dates haven't been set yet and we will keep you updated.

Yet another quiet week on the posting front, if not so quiet on the blog front. We assumed everyone was watching the crushing defeat of the Federal goon squad from the Bureau of Land Management by a bunch of citizens.

Ok, enough propaganda. That situation could have gone sideways very fast and the odds were that if it did, the cause would have been something the BLM did. Thankfully, someone figured out that this could go very wrong for the Federal Government very fast and pulled the BLM out. Since then, news has come out just how out of control that agency was. It seems they were going far beyond their court mandate. We would recommend reading as much news as possible from as many sources as you can find.

On the back end side, we had an unscheduled outage last Friday. There was a network issue with our hosting service that was so severe it took them down as well. It looks like we were down for about 30 minutes.

Well, that's it for now. The Webmaster is screaming for Ice Cream so we're going to strap him into his child seat and take him out to the local ice cream stand.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

April 13, 2014

Good day all. We're all back from Nevada after successfully running off a bunch of federal rustlers. ;)

Ok, we were just sitting here waiting for the shooting to start. Luckily it didn't. On the back end here, not a lot of posts. Our guess is people are going outside and enjoying the arrival of Global Warming Spring, or they went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier which the Webmaster reviewed.

Speaking of Spring, the Webmaster and Mrs. Webmaster are both suffering from a touch of spring fever. Mrs. Webmaster has a bit of a cold and the Webmaster just wants to sleep.

And on that note.

Stay Angry!!

April 6, 2014

Greetings all. Well, we have a nice increase in postings this week. The Webmaster is happy. We also were rather amused regarding his posting April 1 regarding the EPA regulating human flatulance. The webmaster was chuckling a few minutes ago. He was reading a forum that he posted the link to the blog posting and someone just bit, hook line and sinker. The toll failed to understand that this was a joke and was posted by the webmaster as a joke. He has replied to the troll explaining a few things that most of the other people on that forum already know.


The Webmaster seemed to think that the complaining poster is on the political left which made his enjoyment even better.

The Webmaster is still waiting for his new glasses. Hopefully they will be ready early this week. He is not happy at the hole in the budget these glasses just blew. Most of the cost is the lenses. the frames weren't that expensive.

Oh well...

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

March 30, 2014

*grumble* The Angry Webmaster is really angry. He broke his glasses yesterday and ruined his plans. He had gone to his "Club" and was filling out a little paperwork. The Webmaster's eyes are fine inside of 10 inches, but really bad beyond that. Normally, when he needs to read something he takes his glasses off. Well, he managed to hook one of his ears and snapped the ear piece off at the hinge. The break was beyond permanent repair although he has super-glued it together for now.

It was time for an eye exam for him so off he went to Lenscrafters. $490.00 and he will get his new glasses and frames in a week. While the Webmaster was planning on getting an eye exam, he was planning it for a few months from now. Well, that blows the budget for this month!

Now this week we only received ONE rant. It came in shortly after we did our last update. We're very disappointed. With all that's going on in the world, we would have thought more people would be screaming ranting and raving.


Oh well.

Until next time...

Stay angry

March 23. 2014

Greetings angry fans. It's been a fairly quiet week in the offices. We had a few rants come in, (Thank you), and all in all things have been behaving themselves.

Now on a personal note, The Angry Sister last her job last week. Currently she is basically distressing and will start looking again shortly. I doubt she will be unemployed for long, considering what she does.

Well, as we said, it's been a very quiet week. Maybe next week will be less quiet.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

March 16, 2014

Good day everyone! Ok, it's just yet another day. It's just that the Webmaster has a slight buzz on at the moment. He has been consuming mass quantities of adult beverages in preparation for St. Patrick's Day. *THUD*

Ok, the Angry Webmaster just passed out.

Until next time,

Stay Sober!



March 9, 2014

Greetings all. We hope you are well rested after moving the clocks forward 1 hour. We just found the Angry Systems Administrator working through his third pound of coffee. The man has a serious problem.

We only received three rants this week. Very disappointing. On the other hand, it didn't snow this week and it's actually been above freezing for the last few days.

All in all, it's been a quiet week.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

March 2, 2014

Good evening one and all. The Angry Webmaster is back from his travels. A lot happened while he was away. Mrs. Webmaster came down with a nasty cold. We switched the happy couple off Fairpoint communications and over to BasicTalk which should save them a good $40 a month, and we didn't get buried in snow. :)

We had a few rants come in. They were late in the week so the Webmaster was getting a little nervous. Hopefully it will pick up.

Otherwise, it's been fairly quiet around the offices. Perhaps the Angry Webmaster should stay on travel. ;)

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!

February 22, 2014

Good day all. We're posting a day early due to the Webmaster going on travel for business. He will be leaving tomorrow.

We received 2 rants this week in any case. I blame it all on Man Made Global Warming caused blizzards and ice storms. ;)

We will be posting new updates next Sunday as we normally do.

Until Next Time...

Stay Angry!!
(And Warm)

February 16, 2014

Good day all, We hope you are enjoying the Olympics. No one here is paying any attention to it. We've been to busy digging out from under massive amounts of Global Warming. Instead the Angry Systems Administrator went on a Netflix binge and watched the entire second season of House of Cards on the day it came out. He's still in a coma with bits of pizza and Doritos all over the couch.

We also noticed that the advertising system we used was pushing these massive frames across parts of the blog, and we assume the main site as well. We have turned that annoying feature off. We didn't see it due to our own ad blockers and security settings hiding the frames.

It looks like the Webmaster will be on a business trip sometime in March. He and his Real World Company are working out the details. It should only be for a few days this time including the travel time.

And it's that time of year when all good Americans get anal probed by the Infernal Revenue Service. The American Tax Code is an utter disgrace and should be junked. However, that is a discussion for the blog.

In any case, The Webmaster is now watching House of Cards, but he's doing it a couple of hours at a time.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

February 9, 2014

Good day all. It's taken a w lot of work, but the leak in the drain has been fixed in the Anger Central Primary Dwelling. The happy couple still has a big hole in the ceiling of their kitchen. That should be fixed later this week.

The Olympics have started and the Webmaster is giving them all the attention he feels they deserve. We've also had a small number of rants. We're still not seeing the levels we once did. Of course, our ad revenue is way down too, and with all the bills...

And the taxes. The Webmaster is working with the Angry Accountant and is doing the taxes. Shocked at what the government is stealing doesn't describe it.

Oh well.

And in closing, the Webmaster should not be posting when consuming really strong adult beverages.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

February 2, 2014

This will be a short post since there is this odd sporting event called the "Superbowels" or something. We also have some issues on the back end, although not on the system side.

The Angry Webmaster has a major issue ongoing at the Anger Central Primary Dwelling. He has a pipe that broke and neither he nor Mrs. Webmaster have been able to bath properly. (As we all noticed when the Angry Webmaster came into the office) The happy couple has a plumber working on the drain pipes and there are holes in the ceiling of one room and the wall of another.

We also didn't get as many rants as we did last week. Oh well, it happens.

Well, it's almost time for that giant flush to start. We really don't see the attraction of someone with gastric issues unloading in a toilet.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

January 26, 2014

Greetings all. Things are improving on the back end. The Blog has a new theme to it, and we're still tweeking it. We have been able to reconnect to the Disqus comments section and we are seeing an upswing in rants. Now if we can just get the ad revenue to go up.

Speaking of which, the Angry Systems Administrator made the mistake of listing to a group mentioned in the latest John Ring novel. He is now hopelessly hooked to a group called DragonForce and bought 4 of their albums. Now that's all we hear around the office.

All in all, an improvement over last week. And on that note...

Stay Angry!



January 19, 2014

Happy Birthday to the Angry Webmaster! He is now ***** years old. Feel free to send birthday presents by way of PayPal.

On the back end, we are seeing a pickup in rants at long last. Now that we seem to have our problems with the various add pages finally corrected, people can now rant and rave to their hearts content. The down side is all these spammers trying to sneak their crap in.

Oh yes. The Patriots blew it.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

January 12, 2014

Finally some good news! We have gotten the add page working again. We have no idea how this happened, but the Angry Systems Administrator suspect the hosting company rebooted the server Anger Central is hosted on. We have started getting a few rants in again. YAY!

We have also gotten the first rant that we had to reject. The reason was simple. We couldn't understand it. There was a lot of talk in it regarding pot smoking, so we suspect it was a resident of Colorado who was working on his ninth doobie of the day.

On a systems front, we were down for a good 11 hours last week when the server went wonky. According to the reports from our hosting service, it looks like both a bad process running amuck and hardware issues. We haven't seen any further issues so it looks like they got it fixed and didn't have to move the site again.

All in all, a much better week. Now if we can only get the Disqus system on the Blog back online.

Until next time...

Stay Angry!

January 6, 2014


One of our legions of fans notified us on Facebook that the captcha on the backup form is also malfunctioning. Sit it has always worked, we never thought to check it. We have disabled it until the plugin writer corrects the issue. We suspect the recent Wordpress upgrade broke a lot of things.

We deeply apologize for the problems.

-The Angry Systems Administrator!

January 5, 2014

Happy New Year all. Normally we talk about all that has happened the year before and this won't be to different. First, we have seen a massive drop off of visits and rants the last year. When we say massive, we're talking 2/3rds fewer visits. We haven't seen a single rant in the last month.

The blog has seen a similar drop off. We're not sure why, but we suspect that Anger Central may no longer hold the interests of people it once did.

Granted, the layout is crude, but we don't have a true web developer on staff. We've also had some technical issues, one of which is the add page. We switched over to a backup system, and we know it works, but nothing has come in, including the occasional spam. We have no indications that rants aren't getting through, so we have to assume no one is actually very angry.

Angry.net has been transferred to a new server. This is when we started having problems with the Add page. We're still trying to figure out what broke, (Although the Angry Systems Administrator just noticed something we're going to test) The move to a new server did solve a lot of performance problems though, both here and on the Blog.

On a personal note, Mrs. Webmaster lost her mother last June and the Webmaster lost his mother last September. Both were well into their 80's and Mrs. Webmaster's mother was very ill. (One reason she went back to China for 5 months) The Webmaster's mother was also getting more fragile, but her passing was not expected.

Well, that's it for the "YEAR IN REVIEW." Frankly, if we don't get any new rants, we may not do news updates each week. We shall see.

Thanks for stopping by and remember...

Stay Angry!

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