I am so sick to death of all of the stupid dickheads who bash someone else's favorite thing. Wrestling bashers are the most stupidest beings in this group, they can't keep there opinions to themselves these retards also say they even hate people who watch it well guess what they hate you back.

People who bash anime, wrestling, video games, and certain music are morons. One of these days they're going to really piss somebody off and end up getting there ass beat if one is ever found. Let people enjoy what they like and shut the fuck up. Get a life for crying out loud, and stop pissing people off.

Bashers 2

Bashers are even more annoying than the thing they bash.

I see "I fucking hate (insert some random pop star whom teenage girls are crazy about)" OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

You guys are so overdone and you think you're so clever saying those things. Well it makes you look like an unoriginal idiot, just to let you know. You look like a fucking pussy worshiping the original basher; or you just look like you enjoy following mob mentality and have no fucking backbone. N00BS.

fat judgers 3

I am angry at the fact that there are actual people that say atrocious things like what I am reading. Okay, I get it, you can't stand fat people...blah blah blah! whatever! what you need to do is take a look in the mirror and think long and hard about who you are as a person. you might like what you see on the outside, but you are definitely ugly on the inside. Nobody is asking you to feel sorry for FAT people! Oh, and to the girl that was "too nice" to say no to the girl that asked her to wear her gym shirt. really? all that trash talk and you're "too nice" huh. how about, yeah right. reality check people. get a life and worry about yourselves before judging other people. thank you.

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