step sister

I have one of the most annoying step sisters in the universe. She has one of those bitchy I'm the boss type of voices like her mom and she sings songs sung by guys mostly which is terrible in every aspect. tries to shove people around who less capable to think for themselves then she is and she's had more boyfriends(shes currently 16.17 in june) then all the celebrities in hollywood combined. and most of those were ADD's, ADHD's or those who don't consider themselves worthy for this planet. she is no pretty thing herself which is why she goes out with these types.i on the other hand choose sensibly. she lacks humour and says really dumb ass things which makes you wonder if she has a brain at all. she bags me out constantly because she's insecure (i take it without much hassle) and she thinks that she can always have the last say by speaking loudly. this is practically like her mom so i think this is all genetic

stepson 2

I am angry at my stepson because the little bastard is fuckin retarded. I have had this kid since he was 5 years old, and I even have a child of my own, one would think that I would grow to love this little fuck eventually, but I CAN'T. He gets stupider as he gets older, he is a lazy slack-ass, but the thing that pisses me off the most is that he is just DUMB. I ask him 50 times not to leave his windows open when it's freezing ass fucking cold outside and he just keeps on opening them. I ask him dozens of times to please pick up his things off the floor and I'll be damned if they ever get picked up. And this is just the TIP of the iceberg. No matter what I ask him to do or remind him hundreds of times to do, he "forgets." And when I ask him WHY he didn't do something, he just stands there with his stupid fucking mouth in this little O shape and a blank stare and says NOTHING. I don't believe in hitting a child for any reason, but sometimes I want to PUMMEL this little fucker until he stops breathing. I fucking hate this kid. I know I should probably be ashamed of myself, but if you had to live with this ignorant retarded little fucker, you would totally agree with me.

Deadbeat Dad Alert 3

Here is an open letter to the son of a bitch who has emotionally scarred my husband for life. My husband is 44.Was abandoned by his jackass of a mafia (if ya can call him) father. Left my husband, my brother in law, my 2 sisters in law,& my mother in law, with a wave & mouth full of dust as he drove off, never to be seen again about the time my husband was 10.Dude,don't you even think of looking up my husband. Don't you ever call us, or write us. Your selfishness left a permanent scar on my husband (as he was your oldest, unfortunately he remembers much more than his siblings),& my MAL. I can't tell you the pain I feel for them, when something triggers a memory,& I have sat there powerlessly watching them shed tears on wounds that have never healed. How could you have done this you selfish scum? Run off & left them with nothing so you could start up a whole new life, with another woman,& spawn off more children like some sort of evil zerox machine? You have two families, you have fathered at least 4 I know of,& a whole slew more of children in another country. Siblings who will never know each other. What gave you that right to carry on like a selfish boy,& leave your family?? Do you have any idea, or do you care about the hell my husband has been through? You just stay in your lonely love shack, brothell, or whatever the hell you stay in & you can find your solace in the bottle you love so much,b/c dude. nobody cares. I'm told you're likely in the US now,& you can just rot there. What goes around comes around & guess what Jackass - your time is coming. You will never be welcome in my world, or my home, where I have tried diligently to restore my husband to a place of peace, with the comfort of knowing that love does not result in abandonment. Real love doesn't, but you proved to be nothing but a phony, selfish, greedy old fart. Screw you Mr.S. Screw you! For what you did to my husband, I hate you. I have never used that word about anyone, hate is a strong word that I would normally never use. But you have hurt my husband so much, I have no other f

my uncle's slutty girlfriend 4

I am so angry because I am sick of my grandmother talking about my uncle's slutty bitch girlfriend. The bitch has had kids with every guy she has been with, what a whore! She has 6 kids and had had kids with the losers she has dated or been with. I wander if that whore can keep her legs crossed for once without getting pregnant. Now i heard she is pregnant again. Damn she is a low class drug addict slutty whore!

Disrespectful Father 5

My father is a goddamn lazy slob who has a huge grudge against me.He expects me to do everything for him, He leaves lights on in the house and expects me to turn them off. He leaves dirty dishes laying all over the house and expects me to take them to the sink and wash them. His bedroom is a horrible dump and he expects me to clean it! He uses the bathroom and pisses all over the floor,does he clean it up? NO! I HAVE TO!! I'm getting really sick of being pushed around by him.I have to get away from him,I can't take it anymore.

ungrateful father 6

I lived in Florida for a couple of years to look after my elderly mother and father. after my mother died,I moved back to New Jersey with my dad because I didn't want him to be by himslef if anything were to happen to him. Since then he had become more and more unbearable to deal with. He figures just because I'm around makes it ok for him to live like pig. He can have trash scattered all over the place and worry about it, after all, I'll be there to pick it up everytime,NO IT'S NOT OK!!! I COULD GET MY ASS IN TROUBLE WITH SOCIAL SERVICES BECAUSE OF HIS FILTHY HABIT! THEY COULD BLAME ME FOR MAKING HIM LIVE IN SQUALLOR! HE THINKS THIS IS A JOKE... WELL,I AM NOT LAUGHING! I CAN'T BE AROUND 24/7 TO CLEAN UP AFTER HIM. I GOT OTHER RESPONSIBILITES THAT I HAVE TO DEAL WITH,NOT JUST HIM. HE DOESN'T APPRECIATE ANYTHING THAT I HAVE DONE FOR HIM. ALL HE HAS DONE IS TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME AND I'VE HAD IT! HE SHOULD GET DOWN ON HIS KNEES AND THANK GOD ALMIGHTY THAT HE EVEN HAS SOMEONE TO CARE FOR HIM!

bitch sister 7

fuck you amy! fuck you & die! how DARE you roll your eyes at me & think you fucking know everything about pregnancy & dogs and marriage & shit. you know NOTHING! your husband is a worthless lazy ass piece of SHIT and your fucking pets are stupid! don't you EVER tell me to lock up my dog in MY house! fuck you twice & die cunt! my house is my dog's house and you have NO RIGHT to tell me how to run MY house. you're such a fucking prissy shit...God forBID the dog drool on you. GET THE FUCK OVER IT! he's a dog for criminy sakes! dogs drool....DEAL WITH IT BITCH! i hope someday someone is as cunty to you as you are to me, oh and can't get pregnant cuz you're 340!!! try to lose some tonage and try then. fuck you!

brother 8

For some reason unknown to me, my brother decided that I'm not good enough for him to talk to. I call him at his house, I leave messages on his answering machine but he never answers them. He's always too busy,so he says. I ask him for help me with something, he makes up a bullshit excuse to why he can't. Last time I actually spoke to him, We were supposed to do some work on the basement in my house but he blew me off, he never bothered to tell me that he wasn't coming over. Fuck him, I'm tired of putting up with the way he's treated me.

Dishes 9

All the time, there are piles of dishes on the sink and I'm never home to use any of them. People don't rinse their dishes and then they expect ME to clean all the dishes, when I dont even use them in the first place!!! My dad's gf does all his chores because she doesnt have a real job so he gets off scot-free when ALL the dishes are from him feeding his fat-ass girlfriend and I have to be the one to wash them. Not to mention it's always the most inappropriate time when im told to do dishes, like when i have a HUGE report due for school and i dedicated this day for it and now im loaded with dishes so i can't f-ing pass my class AAAARGH! Oh and because my little brother throws tantrums when he's told do do dishes I'm the ONLY one that ever does them he gets all the easy quick jobs like mowing the lawn and vacuuming while I sit there for two hours scraping out the remains of last week's roasted potatoes that NOBODY bothered to RINSE!! how friggin hard is it to rinse off a freakin'dish when ur done with it?? Especially the ones with butter and grease in 'em they make all the other dishes greasy so that none of them ACTUALLY come clean, so that i have to WASH them again later after washing the whole sink free of grease residue!! PEOPLE RINSE YOUR DISHES OR DO THEM YOURSELVES!! geez it's not a tough concept

pompous asshole brother 10

My brother thinks he's better than me. He's a supervisor at his work place and I'm struggling to find a job. I asked him to help me get job at the company where he works and he laughed at me. I would have helped him if he needed it, He's got some nerve treating me like shit. He can go to hell for all I care.

brother 11

my brother is an arsehole,he is a cunt of the highest order,the wanker beats his wife into submission,beats his son who is only nine years old into a pulp on regular occasions,until he gets kicked out then he can't let go he acts like the bunny boiler from fatal attraction,the twat should be burnt alive,he lies ,he cheats,he's got a new 'love' she aint got a clue whatshes let herself in for...silly cow,she's even joined in with the heckling,I hope they dont cross me again cos I will fucking lose it bigtime!

My Step-Mom is the Devil! 12

My step mom is such a b**** all she does is p*** me off. She makes me get off of the internet when I am doing my homework just so she can go on the phone and talk to her mom (the only person who actually listens to her) and just talk about how terrible I am and how great her real son is. All of my friends and family hate her, but not nearly as much as I do. My brothers know how hard it is to be around her but my dad just dose'nt know. Sometimes he will stick up for me when my step-mom and me are fighting and that always makes me feel good. I don't know what to do she is driving me crazy, I can't wait until I get a car so I can be away from her all I want. :( But that's not for 2 years. I guess I have typed a lot now so I'm gonna end my little speach thingy. Thanks for reading buh bye.

My Family 13

I fuckin' hate my family. My wife can't figure anything out, refuses to communicate and is a work a holic. My son is a 16 year old dope addict felon who just runs fucking wild and my wife thinks can do no wrong. My daughter is a conceited stuck up little bitch. I'm just waiting for the right time to split this scene. Family life sucks when your stuck with defective merchandise.

Family 14

My family has never been there for me. They feel I'll never amount to everything, no matter how hard I try to succeed. They enjoy seeing me fail, the thought of me being successful scared them so they went out of their way to try and make my life into an emotional wreck. I hate them for all of the things they've put me through. They can go to Hell!

Teenagers 15

I have a 14yr old step son, who thinks he knows everyting about the world and me! I am not that transparant! I gave him three computers hes crashed all of them which i repaird, he asked if im goingto repair this one, "you crashed it you repair it" was my response im tired of him, I told him this is no X box, or nintendo, what the F does he know? If he knows soo much then I'll pack his duffle bag set it outside and say, thers the world, go get it boy, then slam the door! GOODBYE AND RIDDENCE I HOPE YOU DIE SOON! do not come back I will have the authourities out! they will get you a place to live and a job burning burgers, he thinks hes gonna get a top-notch job soon as hes out of school, as long as he has the attitude of "know it all i dont need to learn anything" your not living under my roof szhitz for brains

Unsupportive Family 16

My dear family always believed that I would never amount to anything. They feel that all I'm good for is lying in the gutter just waiting to die. They say that the only thing I made out of myself is a mess. They go around telling everyone how stupid,worthless and repulsive I am. I'm too loyal to my family, If I wasn't I would walked out on them years ago. I don't know why. I'm not going to go out prove them wrong, I'd prove them right if I fail. My apologies to the web master if all this sounds incoherent, I'm so angry I can't think straight.

Michael 17

Michael is a lying, pussy whipped, wanna-be tough guy who has treated me like trash all my life. I'm so sorry to call him my brother. He beat me up all the time when I was 8 years old, he was 19 at time,WHAT A BIG,TOUGH MAN HE IS!! He has no problem pushing others around except of course his jealous and conrtolling cunt of a wife. She pushes him around and he folds faster than Superman on laundry day. He comes blubbering to me,his personal punching bag,about it all the time. He's treated me like scum and I'm supposed to be supportive. I've asked him for help and I got told to go fuck myself, so if his wife decides to walk out on him and he decides to come crying to me, I going tell him to go fuck himself. He's dead to me.

father 18

When I'm angry, he expects me to be calm.. CALM?!? I know he says so for the sake of self-control and I sometimes I DO TRY.. but it's not always REALISTIC. Calm when I'm angry is not me.. at least half the time, if not more.. just not the way I am and everyone is different. If you can't ever unleash anger, then you must be somwehat insane.. sooner or later you will be. Some people don't understand what TRYING to be calm, holding back and ignoring your anger does to the psyche. In the long term, it will only get worse.. but that's my dad.. rather ignoring his problems if he can, adding up to a pile. What happens when the pile is full? A person EXPLODES.

Ignoring anger is not good.. working it off is, and that's what I need. Unfortunately, my usual preference is to SMASH, HIT, DESTROY.. the VIOLENT, VOLATILE way (not that I usually hurt someone or always hit something.. but I WANT TO). If I got a nickel for every time I get pissed, I would be damn rich.

What pisses me off so much about dad is that he always thinks I'm obnoxious or wrong in some way. Sure, I don't always come off calm and friendly.. and I can't help it. That impulse almost seems integrated in me. I HATE all the fuckin' people out there who preach forgiveness NO MATTER WHAT and expect you to be calm.. they must be FUCKED.

Brother 19

my brother is a fuck who decided not to talk to since we were 14 and staying at my grandparents and now i am made to feel like its my fault? my grandmother treats him like bloody royalty cos he's male, she bloody lives in the dark ages, and he sucks it ALL up. now he's shackled w some bitch of booby girlfriend and i am expected to happily say congratulations well i'll tell all of them to piss the hell off.

my bitch grandmother 20

My grandmother is such a bitch lately. Last weekend my grandmother was on my cousin's case about her boyfriend and why he isn't helping her through graduate school. That is none of her concern and she is really a pain in the ass. My cousin was even telling me how much of a bitch our grandmother is and she won't mind her own business. My grandmother is 81 years old and she needs to stop meddling in my cousin's personal life. She needs to realize my cousin is a grown woman about 26 years old to be precise and she has her own life now. I am really tired of my grandmother putting her nose where it doesn't belong.

brother 21

At one time I thought my brother and I were getting along great and the next thing I know, I find out that my father, and my other brother and I aren't good enough to be around him and his kids. He goes around telling people that we're a fucking embarrassment and wishes that we didn't come back into his life. He's two faced dickhead who's been treating us like shit and we didn't do a goddamn thing to him. One day, he decides to blame US for the problems he's been having in his life. To him, it's OUR fault that his marriage is in the shitter, it's OUR fault he started smoking cigarettes again after he tried so hard to quit.

Hey bro, you knew what kind of woman she was when you married her, we didn't make you say "I do". And as for smoking, we didn't even know you had quit. I'm not going to fucking take anymore of his bullshit, I'm done with him. He better not even think about coming to us for help. I'm pretty sure he won't since but if he does can go kiss my ugly ass. If he needs support, he can go to a bar and talk to a bottle of Jack Daniels or Captain Morgan. I don't give shit anymore, I'm tired of dealing with people like him. Thanks for letting me rant about this asshole, Anger Central.

My brother's ex-girlfriend 22

I just found out this morning that they're now "ex". My dad sent me an e-mail. It turns
out that the GF, whom our family had met (and liked) had started asking my brother for
expensive gifts ($1000 camera, $700 handbag). My brother can't afford stuff like that, and when he didn't cave in, she got all pouty about it. So, they're over.

WTF is up with these women?! $1000? $700? For non-necessities? When I was unemployed, and my BF offered to help me pay for *groceries*, I didn't want to let him do even that much. I agree with my dad that it's good that Steve unearthed this gold-digging tendency before they got married. (Yes, they were getting close to that point.) I'm hurting for my brother, and angry that this b!tch didn't really love him, but saw him as a walking ATM.


Steve wants kids, but I'm *SO* glad that they didn't have any...and that he didn't marry the  b!tch.  This sucks, but at least a horrible trainwreck has been averted.

Family 23

I am slowly being driven to mental meltdown by my large extended family, who are gradually doing everything they can to make me seeth with anger These fucking hypocritical Catholic do-gooders are so fucking irritating I feel like throttling each and everyone of them hard in the throat. They are such medelers, and my aunts and uncles just think that their predictable, stupid, so called successful kids are the most amazing specimens, when in reality they are spoilt, ignorant, arrogant, smartass cunts that have had everything presented to them on a frigging silver platter.
Firstly, they think that they can criticize my gambling addiction. Well fuck em, I say. Yes, I regret what I have done, but at least in my life I have been prepared to take considerable risks, unlike their cautious screwed policy on life. They are so false, pretending to be concerned, and do nothing but badmouth me behind my back, to make their own miserable existences more justifiable. They think that they can pass judgment on my drinking habits, and try to prevent me from enjoying wine and beer, because I "can't handle it", "It makes you aggressive", "we only know you can have one drink". This whole shoddy, manipulative crowd for a "family" think that they can say what they like to me because they are "concerned"! Well they can go to the burning inferno which is hell, because I know that their only intention is to be critical about me, to make their own children look like fantastic upstanding citizens, when these cousins of mine are fucking motherfuckers. These fucking do-gooders!!!I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. I JUST WANT MY SHITSTICK, FUCKWAD, PUNK ASS FAMILY TO FUCK OFF AND LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!

my family 24

I am angry at my family! my dad and my mum divorced which is bad enough and now my dad is with his girlfriend who he knows I don't like, and he's cheating on her with some slut who is a cousin of his mates! fair enough if I didn't have to put up with his gf and the slut but he's making me endure them both and I've confronted him about it but he is still lying about it! I have proof goddamnit! my sister got me banned from a website I love and they've banned my isp address so I can't go back there coz I haven't got access to any other computers. my mum is married to a guy who hits her and she's found someone who really loves her and wants to be with her but she wont move out! my older sister is with a guy who is a sleaze and cheated on her, she made me and my b/f split up coz she doesn't like me being happy and my b/f (we got back together but she doesn't know hehehe) is better looking than hers and he wont cheat on me. and worst of all I got to put up with my dad's gf's baby and it isn't even his...and she's using my dead brother's toys. *very angry*

Cousin 25

I am angry because my cousin is a useless, uneducated, unemployed cunt who thinks that she is the shit. I'm sick and tired of hearing about how great she is - because she's not. I've never met someone like her. She says she will never get married, but that's just because she'll never be able to find someone she loves half as much as she loves herself. And her mom, my aunt, totally buys into it. If my cousin took a shit and wiped her own ass my aunt would send out a mass email about how awesome she is and how no one else can shit or wipe their ass like my cousin.

My cousin cannot participate in a normal social situation because she is unable to let anyone else talk for more than half a second before she interrupts and forces us to listen to the useless drivel that comes out of her dirty, cock-sucking mouth. If our total attention was taken away from her for more than 30 seconds she would commit suicide. Not that I would care. She thinks everyone is just going to give her whatever she wants. But when she looks like she is 70 in her 20s because of all her excessive tanning, and her husband leaves her, she will be forced to prostitute her wrinkled, over tanned, withering body. I can't wait for the day she realizes she's not that attractive and the only reason guys go for her is because she is a clueless ho.

Father 26

My father is a disgusting ingrate who treats me like shit. I look after him, I try to help him and what do I get in return? The son of a bitch gives me nothing but grief, he tells me all the time that he wishes I were dead and I should to go hell and takes advantage of me. It's great to have such a loving parent in my miserable life.

Estranged Sister 27

"L" always found it necessary to fucking make me look like I'm a lazy, no-good, incompetent, free-loading slob who needs to get my life in order. I told her I didn't appreciate her treating me that way because she knows I'm none of those things. She always says she loves me and expects me not to be angry at her when she fucking unfairly chastises me, she's out of her fucking mind. What really pisses me off is the fact that she's a drug addict! I get told to get my life in order by a fucking drug addict! LOL! UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE! Doing at all that dope must have done some serious damage to her brain. I hope that fucking psychotic dope fiend dies!

Family 28

My worthless white trash family makes me so mad. The dumb ass hillbilly clan lies, cheats and steals incessantly. Anything and anyone is fair game. They are infertile and have to buy (aka adopt) their kids, then they treat them like shit and hate them because they are adopted. Yes I know it doesn't make sense to a normal person but to this retarded trash it does. Oh yeah, and their adopted kids aren't allowed to tell anyone they are adopted because they don't want people to know they are infertile.

They slut around and screw any loser in a 20 mile radius. They are a misogynous (that means woman hater you ignoramus) but they worship dicks. If you have a dick they will suck it. If you have a cunt they will treat you like a dog. They also worship Krispy Kreme Donuts and have the physiques to show for it. Not one of these sorry assed pieces of shit is right in the head. They buy junk cars and pile them up around their houses to piss off the neighbors. They hate personal cleanliness and actually get mad if they find out someone bathes daily. You know the joke about "He takes a bath once a week whether he needs it or not?" They don't get it. They say, "Why would anyone take a bath more than once a week anyway?"

They think they all have to live together, like the family on Dallas. Or at least all close to each other to make causing trouble for other people easier. When they're all there together, they can scheme and plot more effectively. The worthless scum will do ANYTHING to hurt someone else, just because it gets their nut off to do so. If you know these cocksuckers, stay away from them. They will do nothing but cause trouble for you, believe me.

grandma 29

yes grandma is old...i'll give her that...but what the hell! im taking the old bitch to wal-mart (just b/c she can't get one thing at food city) and she fuckin rants and raves about what im wearing? WHAT IM WEARING! ok its wal-mart. if i went in spandex with a rainbow wig on my head i would fit right in with the annoying clown that runs around everywhere! (i hate clowns too) she said my pants were too tight. too tight? i could pull them at least an inch or so away from my waist, and there is nothing wrong with a tank top! grrrrr- old people are so ...old! nothing i do is good enough for the woman and i try to be nice cuz u never know when shes gonna die but all i get in return is bitchy criticism. living with this woman is too much!

my cousin, people in general 30

I'm just getting fed up with people. It's like I'm forever being nice and going out of my way and getting trampled like shit. My old best friend, started talking shit about me for no apparent reason. Then if that wasn't bad enough, my I caught my cousin in bed with my girlfriend. Worst of all, he or my ex don't have any remorse what so ever. My family acts like I should just drop everything, like it never happened.

I really just wish, I could have a good hour, to just tell all these people off. Or even better, find someone way to put them in my shoes, and let me treat them like shit for a change.

Fat idiot family 31

I was in a cafe in a motorway service station on the M5 Southbound(UK)with a few other individuals in the allocated smoking area.A family of fatties came waddling over, mum, dad, son and daughter with trays piled up with full English breakfasts INCLUDING fried bread,Danish pastries and Litre size cups of wait for it- fucking DIET COKE!!!! Not only that, Fattie Senior wheezed over towards our area and proceeded to squeeze his gargantuan ass into a chair. Upon this his corpulent, six chinned wife shreiked distainfully "NO!!! DON'T SIT THERE, I'M NOT BREATHING IN OTHER PEOPLE'S SMOKE!!!!"

Now, don't get me wrong! It is unfair for a smoker to pollute non smokers with second hand baccy fumes, HOWEVER We were all in the allocated area, and it was Moby Dick Senior who sat in the wrong place, but this is not the issue here. How can Mrs Jabba the Hutt justify her concern at smoking when she and her family were a walking advert for coronary heart disease, and had their plates piled up with enough cholestral to clog up the arteries of a woolly mammoth ? Even more unforgivable is the example these parents are to their equally portly children ?


I bet you will blame passive smokers when you have a stroke, and bleat about us being a burden on the National Health Service while you still fill your fat face with burgers and cream cakes!!
I'm not condoning smoking here, but what pisses me off is the double standards from fat bastards like you! GET A LIFE MORON! OR MORE IMPORTANTLY GET A FUCKING MIRROR!!!!!

"Daddy dearest" 32

My "dear old dad" is an evil, deranged old bastard who deserves to die for all the physical, emotional, and psychological hell he has put me through all my life. He used to beat me up for no reason when I was little, that was when he came home drunk or in a foul mood. He'd tell me such wonderful things like "I wish you were dead.", "You ain't my son!" and a personal favorite of mine "You're too fucking stupid to ever amount to anything." He never helped me when I asked him for it, I'd always end up doing everything myself. When I failed, which was often, he'd laughed at me! He even blamed me for my mother's death four years ago. He has turned me into an emotional wreck. I even tried suicide to get away from him. I hate that depraved son of a bitch so much. I really hate him. I wish he had died instead of my mother.

Sister and brother-in-law 33

They are so god damn stingy that they won't even bother to turn on the fucking AC when it is over 85 degrees inside and with their 2 and 3yr old kids sweating like pigs and still don't give a shit. All my sister ever does is to buy clothes and other crap that don't even do anything and then complaining about money and refuse to give my mom any more than 300 bucks for watching her two kids full time 24/7. They go eat and go out to movies without even asking or telling my mother. Just because both of my mother and I live under their roof cause we're broke. And my brother in law is full of himself. Just cause he was the head chef in a Chinese restaurant, he thinks he's the shit. His stupid fuck mother spoils all the guys in her family telling everyone that her sons are the best when they're all just dumbasses. One of them is 24 still living at home unemployed and stole money from her to buy a stupid junky used car. The other one is 18 and thinks he can fix everything and every time he fixes something, it gets taken apart and never back into one piece. Still think you are the shit? Fucking sister is pissed off at me cause I am dating my sister in law, which is her sister in law as well. I know its weird, but I really like her. Every time I ask my fucking sister what she's mad about, never an answer, keep telling me about how she doesn't even love her husband and shit. You know what, I don't even give a crap. You are the one who's dumb enough to believe your husband while he's out sleeping with some ugly ass bitch. Everyone knows he's cheating and yet you are listening to every goddamn word he says. Why else do you think he's so afraid of me? I don't even have to do nothing in his house and I don't see him coming to my face and say something. All he ever does is go to his mommy and whine about it. If you are so fed up with him, just front me! You fat piece of shit, I still haven't heard a word from him yet, pussy. Thinking my mom's loaded when we can't even afford to live in a GODDAMN apartment.



Brother 35

The Little B*****d keeps breaking my stuff. Hes lost 3 PS2 Memory cards. scratched 7 £30-£40 games and has gave me a lifetime scar on my face. If I hit him back I Get shouted at. An when im tryin to sesh it up he comes in me room and starts hittin my mates.

Dead Beat Dad 36

I am angry at a dead beat dad who lives in Georgia named Rourke. This guy is a real piece of work! First off, I have one beautiful daughter with him who is age 2 1/2 at this posting. She is such a sweetheart that it breaks my heart to know that I brought her here with such a egg headed dog.

After living on an off with this person for almost 4 years, he decides that it would be easier to mooch off family. So he moves in with them when they move to Georgia from Detroit.

Either way, I was sort of glad when he left because I was tired of having to pay rent, utilities, etc while he used his check for X-Box games and Star Wars toys. This fool just took off and I had no idea where he moved and he didn't even leave a $1 behind. Naturally I had to pay for all his utility bills he ran up in my apartment.

Now, since I have filed for child support, he's trying to call and play the doting daddy and play mind games so that I won't take him to court like saying we should get along and that we need to take things slow to work out our relationship. HA! FAT CHANCE! They are going to throw him in jail and his bond is going to be the child support he owes. hahahahahahaha I thank my lucky stars for the Federal and state child support system! Without them, these idiot sperm donors would be running rampant spreading kids around left and right and not taking any responsibility.

Now, child support will revoke drivers and professional licenses, seize bank accounts, garnish checks and income tax refunds, take your property and sell it and what ever else they can to take care of the children that got a raw deal from dear old dad. So, to Rourke who lives in Georgia, I plan on getting our daughter a whole new wardrobe, shoes, socks, hair bows and what ever else she needs and YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR IT! One way or the other. Watch out DEAD BEAT.

dad 37

I just want to give thanks to my dad. If it weren't for him ruining life and destroying my self esteem, I probably wouldn't be feeling suicidal and I'd be very happy with my life and I wouldn't be hating him with a passion. I WANT YOU TO DIE, YOU BASTARD SON OF A DISEASE RIDDEN WHORE. I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!!!

sisters 38

My sister Gigi aka George-Ayn dies and leaves everything in her estate to my other sister, the needy bitch, Garrie. I am pissed.

Hillbilly In-laws 39

Here they come, waddling in with the holiday season. Big lardasses, that scoff at lack of "country" food being served, can't understand a fruit or veg being served/eaten raw. Cardiologist's dream, all of them. Set great examples to the kids of what *not* to be. Sis with trademark short/dykey/soccer mom hair arrives late, as usual, waddling and wheezing in, having arrived in a mini-van with a sticker that reads, "Jesus is the Reason for the Season". Yes He is, but THEY are the reason I have an annual depression during the season.

bad fathers 40

i am SO ANGRY that a man can sexually abuse his daughter(s?), then live life like it never happened. I work with a girl who was abused and she is always making herself the victim - she is always blaming others for HER mistakes - you know, she is always being shit on or cheated on or yadda yadda. well, we were friends, and when her 3rd over-drinking incident affected not only me, but my kid too, i said enough is enough, and unless she gets help, i do not want to be friends anymore - she basically told me to go scratch. anyway, she drinks and drugs, messes up, and then cries to daddy for help - and, daddy always puts a band-aid on the mess she's made - and, the messes she makes are b/c daddy messed her up as a young child. so, part of me is not angry at HER (although she is currently sleeping with a man i truly loved) but rather i am mad at that cock-sucker father of hers for messing her up (and enabling her now . so sad; she has a lot of good qualities

Cousins 41

I hate going over to my aunt's house. I hate trying to start a conversation and having my cousins drag out their dancing and tap shoes and performing. What is it with them always doing that? I hate it when they do that because then I feel compelled to applaud. Why can't they sit down and talk? I always feel inferior, although I wonder if they realize how annoying it is. Show of your tap dancing and other dance moves somewhere else. Its like they don't even know how to have a fucking conversation. And once on Christmas I was showing one of them how to upload the images from their digital camera onto the computer. She was so eager to get away and only gave me perfuctorey courtesy. Fuck you brat.

Family 42

I hate my cousin Sarah and my aunt Karen. These two idiots are so fucking vegan they do not eat ANYTHING that comes from an animal. Anyway, we went to their home in Seattle for a few weeks and there was literally nothing but wheat, and organic junk. of course we had to buy anything we wanted. And a few months later they came and we had to buy their fucking soy milk shit, why didn't they pay for their own things. Not to mention that while we were going to Frankenmuth my hippie bithc cousin was describing in detail how animals are prepared for slaughter. I enjoy meat, I enjoy real food, not vegan shit. I DO NOT enjoy being made to feel guilty about my preferences.
I also wish to rant about my other aunt christine. She pisses me off too. I recently found out that my grandpa paid for her entire college experience and she blew it partying in her sorority and scrweing up her classes. She got a c-fucking average while my dad had to work and slave his way through and didn't even get to finish. That is too unfucking fair. My Aunt works as a teachers assistant, and I swear to god they have been raised as the stereotypical rich snots. They went to a private school early in life, parentals belong to country club, and were cute little brownies and girl scouts. My brother and I never did that because frankly I did ballet and ryan was into sports. I however quit ballet at twelve since I hated the fucking regimentation and in general I could never pay attention. Of course I also had a difficult early childhood.

Brother-in-law 43

It's not the porn that offends me, or his filthy mouth and mind. In all the time I've known this man, he's never held down a steady job, he's constantly borrowing money from people, he's always ridiculing others behind their back, oh, not to mention his vindictive streak and illegal activities. I absolutely LOATHE the fact that my children have to be exposed to such a poor excuse for a human being. Cruel, pathetic LOSER!!! Why oh why couldn't my husband have been an orphan??

My daughter gave her kids up 44

I am so angry at my daughter I could slap her sideways. She has 2 beautiful little girls that she gave over to her ex-husband because she wanted to "play". She and the girls were living her with her dad and me, she had few responsibilities, no bills to speak of, getting child support, had a job and a vehicle, had a built in babysitter (me). No amount of begging or pleading stopped her from giving my babies up. That was 4 years ago. Last year she got mixed up with a piece of trash, no good drug dealer, who will not work, treats her like shit and doesn't even have a car. She purposely got pregnant, had the baby, and then married the asshole. Now her ex-husband will not let her have visitation with her girls because they hate her idiot husband and are afraid of him. I don't blame them. She also has not paid the court ordered child support for about 2 years. We try to help her because we love and miss those girls so very much but she will not do one damned thing she needs to do to see those children, which means that I can't see those children. My heart hurts so much it's almost unbearable. Those are more my children than hers but there's not a damned thing I can do about it but cry and hurt like hell. My daughter is a selfish idiot. I don't know what the hell happened to her. She only calls me when she wants something so lately I don't answer her call and mostly I don't call her back. I am in so much pain I don't know what to do. I'd just like to kick her ass. Why do grown children love to hurt their parents so much? How could she EVER give up her children? I will NEVER understand this. I will NEVER get over it. My heart is broken.

Brother 45

My brother is 44 years old my parents have paid for his 3 college degrees and have given him substantial funds over the years. They have given him a house and make his current house payment. He hasn't worked in over 2 years. My parents pay for all of his living expenses. He is now in therapy (parents pay) blames everything on my mother, has anxiety problems. This man has never helped anyone in his life, he'd never open a door if you had a load of packages. He used to phone my mom and say "Out of toilet paper" and hang up. Now they just give him an allowance. My parents have taken care of every crisis and problem with his home. He has never helped the parents with chores - my parents were doing his yard work. It seems that he could at least find a little job to buy food and gasoline. I haven't spoke to him in 1 year, he sends me little cards thinking of you - trying to manipulate me. Why? I believe because I am the only sibling that has any money and he thinks I'm next in line to support him. Just got a card last week, he wants me over for dinner next week - with the folks to eat the food they pay for under the roof they also pay for. I don't know what to do - I really don't want to see him. But also don't want to be blamed for his next relapse!

my goddam mother 46

my mother is a fucking psychopathic control FREAK! SHe is obsessive compulsive about every little thing being so fucking clean and she bitches about everyone from my friends to me, all the time she fucking bitches about me! how i'm not good enough, i dont help out enough, i'm not smart enough, i dont do enough with my time...the mother fucking woman has no right to lie with all of this crap because i play two varsity sports and i got admitted into MIT! and every time she thinks something is not fucking good enough for her, she threatens to call up everyone i know and make me look like a psycho. Once, she stopped the car at the side of the road because she was speeding and pissed and beat me up in the back of the car all because i didn't sweep up every single piece of hair from brushing it off the fucking bathroom floor! NAd she had already refused to take me to my private lesson with my coach that i pay for myself because i have to work at her tutoring center 6 hours a week for free to pay for it, along with my work from my 4 AP classes that i'm taking! she takes out her fucking anger at herself and other people around her on me. Some idiot fortune teller freak read my horoscope and that bastard told her that I will not care too much about my parents and she got all fucking riled up and she hates me now and keeps repeating it me! i'm so fucking mad at her for the last 10 years of my fucking life and i get really depressed about how fucking lousy she treats me.

My lazy ass stepson 47

I am so sick of my lazy ass stepson (13). He has decided to spend his summer flopped out on our couch eating junk food and playing video games. The little shit won't do anything for himself let alone anyone else. If he is asked to do a chore he bitches and whines the whole way through it. He would sleep until noon if I let the pansy ass shithead. He complains about the heat if he has to go outside, and oh he cries that he's not used to the hills if he has to walk across a fucking parking lot. The asshole stands with the refrigerator door open and then sighs because he might have to fix himself a stupid sandwich. He'd rather eat 17 packs of poptarts. Unheated of course, that would be too much like work. The fat bastard is growing man titties and has cellulite on his stomach. Have you ever seen anyone with fat ears? He doesn't bathe with out being forced and NEVER brushes his teeth. I don't think the little crumb knows what a hairbrush is. He doesn't budge his sorry ass off the couch until his dad gets home and then he's glued to his ass like a bad hemmoroid. I swear if his dad stopped short we'd have to have him surgically removed. His teeth look like they are wearing butter sweaters. He's been here for 3 weeks and hasn't taken a shit once. Probably too much work wiping his own ass. No wonder his bitch of a mother dumped the swine on us. If I have to pick up one more of his nasty socks from my floor I'm going to be forced to cram it up his fat, cellulite covered ass. This kid is the biggest puss I ever met. He was afraid to watch a scary movie during the daytime unless his dad was sitting next to him. GET OUT SHITFACE!

my boyfriend's son 48

I despise my boyfriend's son. He's a selfish, lazy, foulmouthed, back-talking, abusive piece of shit. Nobody wants him and his shitty attitude around. We have to pay his mother to have him 2 nights a week, and his dad's way of "dealing" with him is to buy a six-pack and go for a 3 hour drive without his loser ass, come home, and take a nap...

He'll say he wants to work with his dad to make money, but first, his dad needs to buy him breakfast, then a soda, and some chips, then it's break time. He whines that the broom doesn't work, can't use the dustpan, because bending over is hard, everything is too heavy, hurts his hands, etc...If his dad does manage to get him to actually DO anything, he does a shitty job, and yells back at his dad when he's told it needs to be done right. After one hour of eating, taking breaks, and making more work for his dad, his dad is ready to pay his worthless ass just too fucking leave!

Most of the time his worthless ass is eating, drinking, making messes for me to clean up, taking, and breaking my shit. He even broke my baby's stroller jamming his tank-ass in it, trying to do wheelies like a fucking moron.

He's always "accidentally" kicking the baby with his fucking size 12 feet, and hitting him with doors. When he's not breaking everything we own, and being a fucking bitch, he's creating lists of what we can buy for him next! In May, he hands his dad a piece of paper, saying, "it's a little early, but i wanted you to have this." Is it an early birthday wish? Father's day card? Fuck no! It's his birthday list for what his dad can get him for his birthday IN FUCKING SEPTEMBER! I really hate that fucking kid. He'd have turned out better if he was raised by the fucking dog!

I dread him being here, (which is most of the time.) I'll find any excuse to get the fuck away from him, only to return home to a house full of kids, my kitchen turned up-side-down, the cooler going full blast, both doors wide open, and every plate, bowl, cup and spoon rotting on the floor in his room with all his moldy, wet towels, dirty laundry, and the pungent smell of rat urine coming from a filthy cage with no food or water- and him, swaggering around like king of the poop heap.

As much as i love my boyfriend, and even though we have a child together, i don't know how much longer i can stomach his ugly, piece of shit kid, and the thought of the baby learning from this fuckstick make me start counting the days when i'll get the hell out of here!

Stepson 49

I am probably a terrible person, but I hate my stupid ass, waterhead of a stepson!!! The worst part is he's only 7 yrs old! His father thinks he is beyond smart for his age, but he's a fucking moron.His mother and father talk to him like he's a baby. He slept with both his parents until....I came along & said hell fucking NO!! Well, he probably still sleeps with him redneck, horse-gummed, hamburger-helper eating mother. He cries at the drop of a hat, his mouth is always open. He can't even figure out how to get peanuts out of a motherfucking jar!!! He makes stupid ass faces all the time at nothing. He has the biggest damn head in the world!! His father's a fuck head as well. Buys the kids something every week for not getting in trouble at school, Puts waterhead to bed with the TV on, and he just can't let the kid go for a sec to spend time with his wife...ME!! He is obsessed. He rubs his kid all over, can't take a hand off him for a second & looks at him the way a guy looks at a woman. We're having a baby and all he can talk about is how we can't let melonhead feel left out. I could care less! I hope egghead would get into a terrible accident and die...DIE!!!

step sister 50

I' m so mad at my step sister because she's giving up on me for a new boyfriend, now the only times i see her, it's when her boyfriend he's not available for her. what am i? her plan B. the hell with her.

My husband (actually 2nd child) 51

There are no words to describe my husband, but I will try to be as specific as possible. First of all, he is a mama's boy to some degree. Whenever there's an argument, who do you think he runs to first? Good guess! Whenever his mother is over, he ignores me most of the time and refuses to show any form of affection. When I try to kiss him, he shoves me away. This is possible due to the fact that he wants her to think I am the evil, vile person in the marriage.

He works third shift, so that's his alibi to avoid house work. He just lays in bed and refuses to get up for 1 hour and sometimes longer after I wake him unless there's an appt, then it only takes 45 minutes for him to get up! I am always picking up after him and my one year old son, go figure. Sure, he denies the fact that he's lazy. He brags about how he's always picking up after the family so I just look at him and say, "if that's so, how come the house always looked like crap before I came into the picture?"

His friends constantly hear from him about how bad of a wife I am and fills them in about each one of our arguments much to my dismay. It's none of their business! Anyway, he just fat, a liar, and lazy and refuses to acknowledge it!

Teenage Stepson 52

He's a liar, he's a thief, he's just a downright pain in the ass! He won't do a damn thing but watch TV, play video games and sit around. Ask him to do something and it's a battle. Over anything and everything. He thinks he's an adult, but acts like a 10 year old with a temper tantrum problem. We've tried talking with him, explaining things to him and nothing works. He's almost caused my husband and I to break up-he's a smart mouthed punk and I can't stand to be around him. There are days where I would rather stay at work than go home and put up with his ass. He doesn't bathe without being told to, he won't do his laundry without being told to, and he wants everything handed to him-won't go out and get a part time job to help pay for anything, just expects it to be handed to him....WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS..

Lies and inconsideration 53

I am sick and tired of my family. For years, I have made to feel guilty to set aside my feeling to do whatever my parents wanted. Like at the age of 16, going to school and working part time and giving them half of my check. I am now 53 years old and finally have had enough. I am sick of the gult trips, we don't have anything. Well, no one cared when I wanted to go to college, didn't see a dime. When I finally made something of myself all the leaches came out. Stupid me, always trying to help all the ingrats. Now, my mother has her favorites in the family, the leaching brother & sister. I am the idiot who would take time off for everyone's operations, subsidize purchases for automobiles, taxes. Today, did it. My mother has been forgiven for her big mouth devuldging personal matters of mine to other family members. Yet, she was totally complacent today in telling me how she had this long talk with son about his past and not to be ashamed about what he did. Well, it is her big mouth that told everyone about his short commings.

What a hippocrit. I just want to scream. So for the eleventh time, what do I do. She is playing her illness card today to get out of her bullshit. No one frigin cared when I was sick, 38 with cancer. Did anyone come and see me. No the excuse was it was too painful to see me. What about my birthday, you see my husband down the marina, and said give Deb her birthday card, we now have to drive a 80 miles to take care of our favorite daughter's kids so they can go to a concert. You were only ten miles away from me, who was exhausted with chemo & radiation. So, today I say screw you all, I can't take find it in my heart to forgive anymore. The truth of the matter is that I will probably never even live to be your age of 73, the odds are that I will die well before this. So, don't hand me your guilt anymore, I have had 53 years of it. It literally has made me sick.


My mother is DISGUSTING!!! Her BMI is 50!! All she can talk about is getting gastric bypass. I say get off your wide rear and do some exercise. She has so many health problems bc of her weight and she swears it not her weight, it's just stress!!! STRESS!! You've got to be kidding me. She also says, "I don't eat that much." BULL!!! I almost fell out of my chair laughing! All she does is eat. Every couple of hours, I'm hungry, I don't want my blood sugar to get low. If she took her blood sugar, she would realize it was just fine and still trying to stabilize from the last 3,000 calories she shoved in her face!!!

Nasty ass old man 55

God I hate my grandfather so much. He is the most disgusting motherfucker I have ever seen. He smalls like shit, every morning he must use the bathroom before everyone else to take a shit. I don't know what the fuck is up with his ass but it must be some sort of a shotgun BECAUSE THERE IS SHIT ALL OVER THE TOILET SEAT after he uses the damn thing. He also does not wash his hands, so it sickens me to see him touch our food. Someone has to give him food instead. God knows where his fucking hands came from. Soup is not immune to his nastyness. He would fucking get the serving spoon and get a sip or two, talk about one unsanitary bitch. When the old coot finally dies I will not feel guilty for saying such nasty things. I swear it.

Daughter 56

My daughter is out all night sleeping with a guy she met over christmas...she should be back in college today...i have tried to keep this home for her..and she has not given me a penny of money from her maintenance even though 600 euro were paid into her account and i feel so used and disrespected ..i think i will go on prozac..i can't stand it.

The Whole Damn In-Law Family 57

Ok let us start with the dad. He is the typical white man who has not left a 30 mile area his whole life but he knows everything. We are suppose to respect this racist asshole who picks his nose in front of people and puts the booger where he feels necessary. His wife cries every day however she to is racist. Don't let her tears fool you. She had 2 kids before she turned 18 and I happened to marry one. YIKES.. Damn shame for me. She acts caring and innocent yet she is a nasty old hag like everyone thinks. They told my husband everyone is jealous of them that is how out of touch with reality they really are. Jealous of what? Depressed assholes who like to treat people like shit. Oh they have been hurt that is what the psychologist would say Rise above this mess. F off to you all too. So now i explained the lovely parents let us move to the baby in the family. luckily my husband is the eldest therefore he has some ambition that I encouraged unlike his parents who expected him to live at home for the rest of his life. how could parents do that to a child. Never encourage or teach them about our beautiful world, just keep them shacked up and miserable like you. Nuts... So his brother typical druggie, job today, quit tomorrow, but pity him he has the worst luck. he is always sick and cannot function. It is called cocaine sickness. HELLO. my husband told his parents after they kept saying what is wrong with your brother he is not himself, he is on drugs and they pretty much slapped his face with words. oh so sorry your baby is sick, screw you you losers. go to hell get a freakin life and stop existing. change is good. explore, learn, live free and happy. what a joke what a bunch of disgusting asses.

family 58

i am so mad that i'm the middle child and everyone treats me like the oldest; they come to me for money, advice, rides to work, paying bills, etc.... then get mad at me if i say 'no' ONCE in a while!! and on top of ALL of that, they get an attitude when I ask for my money back! How are you gonna forget you owe me $300? then get mad cause I asked for it back (even in payments)?! Everyone is just so selfish, and it comes to them so freakin' natural! I don't understand how people sleep at night, my intials are NOT ATM!!! nor am i a taxi, or a therapist! leave me alone, let me live my life.. and then MAYBE i can help out the family even more when i get established... but hitting me up for 5 bucks here or twenty there isn't going to do shyt!

father 59

I am really sick of the way my disgusting racist lunatic of a father behaves. He's a god damn horder who doesn't want to throw anything away. He leaves a mess everywhere he goes. Everyday, he bitches about people like Dr.Martin Luther King and Jackie Robinson being trouble makers, as if he has some kind of grudge against them. He throws tantrums in public. Just the other day, he joked about getting thrown out of a bank after he threw a fit like some stupid little 5 year old brat who's mommy won't buy him a toy. The bank threatened to call the police if he didn't leave. I can't put up with him, I have enough to worry about, he's making things worse.

Daughter and Son inlaw 60

I am home from work with the most worst migrain in the world, my daughter calls me up at 6pm and screams at me over the phone probly in the area I work about how I was going to meet her there and I was home sick. Do you think the first thing in my mind is to wonder what I was suppose to do or call to cansel plans with. I am in bed, on pain meds and sleeping pills so I don't wake up in awhile to feel the pain again.
Then her fucking husband, of who I never wanted her to settle with calls my husbands cell phone and wakes him up(he works 12pm -9am every night) to scream and threaten me about my son, daughter, and grandson, that I will never see them again if I don't stop talking to my daughter like that again. Of first, she screamed at me, never even letting me edge wise to explain. What a wonderful daughter she turned out to be, she never was curious on how I was feeling, just her spoiled little selfish shelf wants to know where I am and I should of called her. Yah, I should of, only if I was awake all day to think of it. Sounds formilar anyone?? She even screams at my mom(her grandma) treating her like shit all the time. Does she realize she is her GM and should always respect her, NO WAY..Well, let's see if she ever grows up, I doubt it. And she is 26years old..

husbands ex wife and kids 61

my husbands ex wife and kids are mean, selfish, they steal, manipulate, take without asking and borrow money (never paid back) There is always an emergency, such as an unpaid ticket that supposedly would put her in jail, We have recently found out that Dianne (oldest female child) has been lieing from the get-go. She always brings up her mother when ever they are here. Her husband told me I was the second best thing to ever happen to Vince. The first is his ex wife!! He said it right in front of Dianne, while Vince was playing in the water with the grandkids. I was so hurt, it took my breath away. This stupid bitch drives a school bus. She drinks on a sunday and drives children on Mondays! Hello!! Have you heard of hangover? I am afraid for the kids. She talks and acts like an uneducated low white trash bitch from Hell. Everything has to be about her. She turns every thing to where she is the STAR!!! She thinks she is pretty, but a lot of people make faces behing her back, yet she keeps talking - just to hear herself. She uses the most vulger language I have ever heard. The kids are the same. When they had borrowed so much money I put my foot down and said no more!! Noe they wont let us see the grandkids (we love very much). They are turning into the parents now though. All they do is bring fdalse claims against employers, stores, anywhere they could be hurt!!! We were in line at McDonalds, Tiffany (grandaughter 7 years old) stated were were going to sue if they did not hurry up. I was so embaressed, I left the store. The ex wife still has my husbands military papers and says she doesn't. I told her she could not ride on my husbands accomplishments anymore. She is always telling people ( I was married to Vince) I wonder what her new husband thinks about her talk. She tried to send messages through the kids. Vince put a stop to that.She pulled up to his work at closing time, wanting to talk, Vince told her he did not have time and leftr. I am pissed that she gets away with all this. The kids are turning into liars, also. They always bring her into the conversation. We have told them we are not interested, but they keep on. I have long stopped trying to be amicable with them. In fact they are not allowed in my house anymore. I could go on forever about the 5 foot tall and 5 foot around. She wears jeans so tight you can see her cellulite through them. She is 44 and tries to dress like she is 16. The result is a fat whoare with long thinning , stringy hair. A biker chick go bad (kind of like an explosion, all jiggle and no shape. The worst part is the way the kids treat my husband. You can see it bothers him. After they leave he is always quiet. I hope one day they all get what is coming to them.

My fiancee's ex-wife 62

I am so angry at my fiancee's ex. She is the most self-serving bitch I have ever known. She is still angry that he left her and thinks he should pay for leaving for the rest of his life. She lied to the police to try and get him arrested and also tried to get their 6 year old to lie to the police to help. When the police arrested her instead, she told their six year old "Daddy is making the police take me to jail" She wants all his money and wants him to have nothing. She has a boyfriend and while he is their will tell my fiancee how hard it is to get over him leaving. She calls me a whore to the kids (2 and 6) and tries to act like she is a poor victim. She is a Selfish, Horrible person and hope she has a rotten life full of misery.

my backstabbing sister 63

I'm a sixteen year old Japanese girl. I just bought a brand new brown leather trench coat and a matching skirt. I wore them to school yesterday only to find out that my seventeen year old so-called sister has been sticking a knife deep into the middle of my back and telling her friends that I stoll the coat and skirt. How dare she twist a knife into my back like that. Everyone now thinks that I'm a thief. When I approached her about the rumors she's spreading about me, she took a pencile (the pointed end)reached around behind me and stuck the damn thing right into the middle of my back and pressed it in real hard leaving a deep dent in the back of my new coat. Several of her girlfriends were standing behind me and saw the whole thing, then they all laughed and pointed at my back. I heard one girl say outloud, "hey look, Lorna's got a knife stuck in her back and her own sister stuck it there." The evil bitch even told my boyfriend behind my back and now he's real standoffish towards me. That's why I'm so pissed.

Pissed off step mom 64

For 7+ years I've lived with my partner and her son who was almost five when we all moved in together. I've grown to despise the little brat. Why am I pissed off? Because he destroys my furniture intentionally; he's only nice when he wants something; he makes messes ALL over the house and doesn't clean them up - sometimes ON PURPOSE; almost everything he does is done HALF-ASSED and then he has the audacity to claim "nothing I do is good enough" - well gee, you little shit maybe if you'd actually put forth the effort of TRYING to do a good job...; he's mean to our cats when he doesn't get his way; he's ungrateful; he makes slams doors or makes loud noise and then yells "Sorry!" disingenuously to get out of consequences; he rarely asks how anyone else feels/thinks and seems to care only about himself; he lies frequently; he's lazy; he's manipulative; he's rude and disrespectful to me and his mom who bends over backwards to give him a good home/life! He says he's glad his mom and I are separating and I wish I wasn't too nice to tell that little bastard it's as much HIS fault as anyone's. Knowing him, he'd probably feel proud of that fact. He's a self-centered, cruel, inconsiderate, manipulative little brat and I can hardly wait to live elsewhere!

*Note from Anger Central
Might we suggest that he be introduced to the "Board of Education?" When the Webmaster acted up in his misspent youth, his father used to have him attend meetings with the board. He didn't feel like sitting down much after those meetings either. ;)

Family 65

I am angry because I feel like my dad loves my brother's future wife more than he loves me. He is actually my step father but I have considered him my dad since I was 4 years old. I am angry because my husband is very selfish when it comes to celebrating my birthday - he cannot stand for me to have something that is just my own - and my birthday is something that is just mine. I am angry because I just don't fit with my family anymore b/c of my brother's future wife - . I am angry that my biological dad didn't call me to wish me a happy birthday. I am angry that my grandmother died not because it was anyone's fault - but I wasn't ready for her to go. I'm just angry!

Stupid Cousin. 66

Ok, I had been waiting a very long time to get this out. I have a cousin who throughout her miserable life, has made me feel like a piece of shit. Yeah, sure, she's the gorgeous one, the pretty one...or rather, the bullshiter. That's what she is to me...She has a giant nose, and she is antiasthetically tall, she has no grace, but it's so fucking in love with getting attention that it's impossible to ignore her. She's always trying to outsmart you and get money from you...get a job, you 28 year old lazy ass! She thinks she sounds so professional when she is talking, and so sophisticated, when in reality she doesn't even know how to spell! She's very confident, for sure, but she's manipulative as hell...something that I can't stand. If you are going to be manipulative, do it in such a way that is not noticeable, that is the point of manipulation. She's a bitch, but I'll get revenge, I swear!!

Stepson 67

I hate my stepson. My stomach hurts every other Friday because I know the little bastard will be here and it will be hell in the house until he leaves. He's 7 and physically ugly, but that's not why I hate him. I hate him because he gets on my nerves because he is breathing. His dad lets him get away with murder and acts like he does nothing wrong. He's such a brat. He can't even dress himself or pick out what to wear and he is 7 years old. He can't do anything for himself. He just learned how to wipe his own ass. My husband's family acts like he is the golden child, but all I see is a golden pile of steaming shit walking around. I HATE MY STEPSON.

Stepson for 2 weekends in a row 68

I am so damn angry because I just found out my stepson, who I can barely stomach every other weekend is coming to stay with us for the next 2 weekends in a row. I hate it because every time he is over here, my daughter is upset and my husband and I argue. I feel like I want to puke. I hate him being here. My husband acts so different whenever that little brat is over here. He lets him do whatever he wants and hugs and kisses on him constantly. It's disgusting. He even bathes with him, which is really creepy/weird. I hate him.

Step kids suck!!! 69

I hate my step children, I think that there is a special place in hell for them. I honestly can't wait till I turn on the TV and see that they have run their life into a ditch...which will happen without a doubt. Their mother is an uneducated stupid piece of trash...I hate all of them, and if they died in a fiery crash I would not be able to stop dancing in the streets. I hope that they all rot!!! Words will never be able to express how much I hate them

Boyfriends Daughter 79

I am angry because my boyfriend has one shithead of a spoiled brat daughter! She is 8 years old and still wants to sleep in our fucking bed! This has caused many a arguments! And he feeds into all of her crap! She cant fucking lift a damn finger, and asks us to pour her water and get her food all the time! GROW THE FUCK UP!! Your not a 2 year old, and then when she does her homework she writes down all the wrong answers on purpose just so she can get attention! FUCK YOU she just repulses me!!! His ex wife is going after full custody now and I pray every night that I will never see her at our house again!!

my asshole brother 80

My fat lazy 280 pound brother just lies around the house and doesn't do anything! About 6 months ago he was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome from an injury at work and went to about 10 doctors about his "problem." All of the doctors said there was nothing wrong with him physically and can go back to work, well now 7 months later he doesn't work and sits around the house and does shit! He is 37 years old and still lives at home. No repecting woman would want to be with a lazy fat pig like him, that is why he isn't married or can't find a woman for that matter. He is such a slob! I hate that asshole

My Sister 81

I am so damn angry at my little sister because she is 27 freaking years old and everyone treats her like a baby. Like a princess. They take care of her and give her money and make sure she has a car and gas money and she is the most selfish person on the planet. She came back into town for the holidays and did not give one present to anyone and everyone was like, oh she is a grad student and she can't afford it and it's ok and then she got a ton of gifts and gift cards and did she use these to get anyone else anything? no. did she offer to babysit or do something nice for anyone, that would not be a financial burden to herself, like the gift of time? no. how about a damn card? and she is always wearing the nicest damn clothes and has the nicest things! It makes me sick when I am working just as hard and she gets everything!

Family 82

I'm angry because they always berate me and claim they don't. Stupid, useless and hopeless are the common vocabulary I always hear them call me, and they ask me why I'm so sensitive. Truth be told, I am the family scapegoat, who's tried to avoid that label, but I can't seem to get it off. Even when I was sexually assaulted by my brother, I went to them for help, I asked them whether I can go for counseling. And they still blame me for ruining the family because my brother cannot keep his penis in his trousers and he's the best son in the world. Thanks a lot, mom and dad, I forgot what it was like to be happy and trustful. I am so scared for my sister, who's a happy child, and I am glad as far as I know, that she does not have to end up like me. Thank you Anger Central, and for everyone else out there, if anyone has hurt you like this, you are not alone, don't be afraid.

Family 83

My estranged father, brother, and sister always made it a top priority to tear my self esteem to shreds. No matter what good I did, they'd find fault every single time. I can never make them happy. I'm devoting all of my time to getting an education, you know, doing something good and meaningful with my life. Are they proud of me? Of course not. To them I should be working full time and not sitting in a classroom wasting the teacher's time. They think I'm stupid, worthless, and lazy. I hate having to go all out to prove them wrong.

my asshole uncle 84

My lazy uncle had a kid by a low life, trailer trash, drug taking slut, who has 5 kids by 5 different men and never married any of them. Five years ago she conceived my uncle's bastard son and now 5 years later she doesn't want anything to do with the kid or my uncle. My uncle's kid lives with my old decrepit 85 year old grandmother and 88 year old step grandfather. He has a lot of issues like hyperactivity, he is very immature for a 5 1/2 year old, he doesn't even know how to read and i know lots of kids his age who are already starting to read. For the first year of his life he was in a foster family and then my uncle took them to court to have custody of his baby and is a terrible father by the way. Now my 5 1/2 year old half cousin has so many issues and i am sure he is borderline retarded from the times I have seen him at my grandparents' house. My mom's a preschool teacher and teaches kids his age and they are a lot more intelligent than him. He acts more like he is 2 instead of 5. He doesn't even go to school and is close to 6! My uncle should have used a condom because then my old sick grandparents wouldn't be stuck taking care of the brat! My uncle is 54 and has the maturity of a 20 year old!

selfish dyke sister 85

Okay, I have something to get off my chest, or else I will explode. My older sister came out to me, saying she was a lesbian...ok, if that's what you're into, Fine. more power to you...and miss me with that "only a woman knows what another woman likes" shit. Fuck that, Adultery is wrong regardless of the home wrecker's gender. I've kept her secret for a whole year, but it's really starting to eat at me. What fucks with me is she's married and has children. Her husband breaks his ass every day to provide for his family and has sacrificed a lot like a man is supposed to, and she's basically fucking him over. He's a good guy and I hate that she's throwing away 11 years of marriage for a nut.

maybe Mr. webmaster was on to something when he imported his wife, because American women are selfish as hell.

my selfish brother 86

My 37 year old fat pig of a brother refuses to get a job. He is the laziest piece of shit on this planet! >:( He won't get off his fat lazy ass to get a job! He is like a spoiled child! He is waiting to get social security and thinks that once he gets it he won't have to work for the rest of his life! The moron is living in a fantasy world! Women don't like him because he is so ugly and fat and whines like a baby, and i can't even stand him and i am his sister! He still lives at home with our parents and expects them to pay for his bills! Grow up asshole! Mom and Dad aren't going to give you one cent, you lazy piece of shit! Go out and find a job! >:(

Dad... 87

Dad, you and I know that I am sensitive to many things, but you still shout at me and tell me how useless I am. You say things without consideration just because you're older than me and you still act like a screaming angry child, who thinks the louder the volume is, the better chance you are at winning. Even when your own son took liberties with me, you defended him, and your stupid wife took sides.

I've never felt so alone around so many people, no matter how big our family is. I've seen people get along with their distant cousins and we can't even see eye to eye. If I don't let you have your way, you push me over like a bully until I am defeated. If I was such an eye sore to you, why didn't you just abandon me when I was a baby, just like all those other Chinese dads?

I don't know how to talk to you anymore, and even when your daughters try, you don't even care how much of an effort we are making. I shouldn't have been a girl, if it means I get an inkling of your respect. Your sons do drugs and we warn ourselves to keep clean and work hard, but you only persecute us for our mistakes, which aren't so monumous. I am angry, but I don't even know how to hate you anymore...I give up.

Jessica 88

Well, where do I begin? I wrongly thought that you and I were close. For some reason, you completely stopped responding to e-mails and failed to return any of my calls ... I couldn't understand why.

Two weeks ago I found out on the internet of all places that "dear father" died. Why did you not have the decency to pick up the phone and tell me as opposed to allowing me to find out the way I did? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! "Dear brother" had an excuse - as we were no longer on speaking terms. You evil shrew of a mother had an excuse as she did not know how to contact me. You, however had absolutely NO excuse. Had the situations been reversed - I would have NEVER done that to you. Why? Because I genuinely cared for you - obviously, that never really meant anything to you.

I know I've always been the "black sheep" of the family - I've never understood why, nor will I ever know the true reason. But in the past few weeks, I've come to finally accept that. Quite easy really - as your name has been removed from my will. Soon, we will be moving - new address, new phone number, new cell numbers all unpublished - so if for some odd reason you try to track me down ... good luck.

Finally, know this - I was not the one to break the ties, you were. I no longer consider any of you family.

brothers girlfriend 89

Have you ever taken someone you didn't know into your home and kept them fed and clothed for almost a year? I have. And you know what, I am regretting it. It put us in such a financial bind we are still feeling it. And I didn't get so much as a thank you from her. My family yes but not the person that I let into my home. The time she was here was like having an invalid with two unkempt kids. She didn't care for them at all. My husband and I did. And when she was not sleeping ( which was all the time) she was watching TV, on the phone to some other boyfriend or on the internet talking to other men. My brother asked me to watch his "family" for him. He never said I should have been taken advantage of. When we moved from the tiny apartment we were in, I found all sorts of photos, letters and personal pleasure items all over the place. I felt pretty disgusted. Oh did I mention she came to me pregnant too. Oh yeah, she was pregnant alright. And when the baby was born she didn't put my brothers name on the birth cert. She said they wouldn't let her do that. BULLSHIT!!!! I went back to talk to the social worker and she she said that it was her dub ass Choice. So I figure, the baby is not my brothers and the other two well we know her first child is not Steven's but what about the other. HMM! She has rung my brother thru enough mess to get him kick out of the NAVY. If she does that then she loses the benefits and housing allocated to the children NOT her. She also loses what ever income my brother was getting to pay for her STUPID acting and modeling classes. ( I have to say though she can lie with the best of them). And another thing this money they say they are getting. I think she got it and is hiding it. Well guess what lady NO LAWYER in their right mind will take a case of theft and extortion from you. You need to start acting right and get your shit together. If you don't want to be with him then tell him and get it over with. Make out and arrangement for him to see HIS kids and you guys can live your lives SEPARATELY. I also have been trying to get them their stuff they left here a year and a half ago. Well its all going on EBay tomorrow to please watch out for some nice things. This fund will go to help my brother pay for a lawyer that I hire to kick her ass. Thanks to all who read this, it has made me feel a little better but I still don't like the way she is going about this.

Insecure Fathers 90

I'm so sick of asshole insecure fathers. Almost every girl I've ever dated had a father who hated me. What the fuck have I ever done to them? The mothers of the girls always love me as do the girls themselves. I am a really nice guy and I treat girls with dignity and respect. When I meet fathers for the first time I always look them in the eye and show them respect, but they always hate me anyway and try to get involved in our relationship and break us up! WTF!!!! One time I was dating this girl and her father was trying to hook her up with this complete loser who drank, smoked, didn't even have a job, and may or may not have had children. What is that all about? Eventually the girl started cheating on me with this loser and now she's a complete loser too. She's now 24 and still living at home and she works at a fucking grocery store part-time and isn't even in school. She was such an amazing girl until her asshole father got in the way, great parenting dipshit. To any fathers out there that judge guys without knowing anything about them, REGROW YOUR BALLS AND FUCK YOUR WIFE!!

Fathers of my family 91

I'm angry that all the father figures in my family turn out to be deadbeats. My grandfather use to argue constantly with my grandma and he was always too lazy to support his family. My cousin's biological dad was a messy slob. He can't take care of kids and his psycho new wife is really scary. But what really takes the cake is my dad and use to be stepdad. My dad is obese, alcoholic, a chain smoker and right now jobless. He never pays child support and keeps eating crap even though he has high blood pressure and diabetes. I'm positive he's not going to walk me down the aisle when I get older. He's 40+ yrs old and still lives his with parents (my grandparents.) My grandma never talks bad about her son but these days she's beginning to get really angry/agitated at his laziness. Last of all is my stepdad. He robbed my mom, messed her up and left us in debt. I hope he's suffering wherever he is right now.

I'm sorry to say but I never really knew any good men in my family except my other grandfather and my brother. I hope my brother turns out to a better dad than what we had. I don't know yet but I'm praying he will be.

crap cousin 92

You'd think someone who's spent 30 years of her spoilt life would know better. Her dad spoils her, she's got her own Merc to drive, can afford GOOD education OVERSEAS, generally gets what she wants, is not a starving Ethopian kid...but she's a fucking ingrate! She thinks anyone below her age don't know better, and she's as deep as a fucking puddle. If you meet her, the first thing she'll do is dump whatever shit she doesn't want to carry, and 'la-la' off to do whatever she does, which mostly involves men depositing their sperm into her yahoo hole.

I'm angry because of her behaviour at her bro's wedding. I was not giggling with enthusiasm, but felt very happy for him and my cousin-in-law, who's good natured, polite but not meek. I wish the best to my cousin and his bride. Bitch had the nerve to bring her 'ew, I'm so jealous' 'tude and diss her own bro's wedding?!

This is her own brother, who's not exactly an angel, but he's covered her ass for the crap she's done, made sure she don't get outta line with other people (esp. guys, ho's opened her Grand Canyon and it's FREE!) And SHE gets rewarded for her misdeeds by my uncle! Now that he's seen his daughter for the uncaring witch that she is, he's spending more time with his sons who are at least GRATEFUL for being spoilt! Crap, we're all spoilt, but she thinks if she blinks hard enough, money will rain from the sky! I say the sky, because frickkin' GOD would have forsaken this stupid ho stuck in her 'you-niverse'.

*Note from Anger Central
Not having anything to do with this post, but timing is everything. We literally had completed the updates when this one came in. Oh what the heck? We'll fire it up now rather then wait until next week. It's way to much fun. :)

My family 93

Last year for my birthday, my "gift" from my brother and his wife was an e-mail with a Word document attached, which was a picture of their baby. Woo-hoo. They couldn't even spring for a card (even though they both make a shitload of money, unlike me), and they used my own birthday as an opportunity to baby talk me. Fuck that up the ass with a splintery flagpole. On my birthday, it IS all about me.

Fast-forward ten months. For their birthday (they have the same birthday - isn't that fucking cute?), I returned the favor. I sent an e-mail with a Word document attached with a photo of my children (cats.)

My brother's response: "Try to come up this weekend."

Fuck that shit! Nobody ever drives over 100 miles for MY birthday. Besides, my car is now officially a Piece of Shit ô. (That's not the car's fault. It's 8 years old and Iíve put 118,000 miles on it, and it hasn't given me much major trouble. It's just getting old. I'm not ranting about the car - its getting older isn't a personal affront to me, just a fact of life.)

I'm also getting sick and tired of always being the one who has to drive a long way for the fucking holidays. I'm REALLY tempted to host a major holiday myself, and tell them they're invited, but I refuse to travel this year. Fuck. That. Shit.

There's also some sibling rivalry going on here. My mom and dad always liked my brother better. I was a cranky, difficult kid and he was a good, sweet, charming kid. Not my fault I take after Dad. (He always was a cranky old bugger. But actually, now that I'm grown up myself, I understand why. Being an adult fucking sucks donkey dicks. He never got anything for himself, never got to do anything HE wanted to do or spend his time and money on stuff he actually wanted. And he had me for a kid, and I was a difficult kid and not what he really wanted. No wonder he could be such a dick sometimes. I feel like I owe him an apology.)

Anyway, though, I feel like Mom and Dad always spent more time, money and attention on my brother. Because, don'tcha know, I was the strong one who didn't NEED it. Being strong sucks if it means nobody will help you.

And now he's turned out the way they wanted. Married, got a kid, and he's a right-winger. He makes beaucoup bucks doing incomprehensible math things for the military.

Meanwhile, I'm divorced, and I refuse to either have children or be celibate. A woman like me is an abomination in the eyes of conservatives. I'm living "in sin", I'm a blasphemer, a left-winger, I went to social work school (one of those hotbeds of liberalism), and I don't make much money and probably never will.

Mom and Dad drive 6 hours on a frequent basis to see the Crown Prince, the Crown Princess, and His Royal Highness the baby. Meanwhile the last time they saw me was at HRH's birthday party in June (which I drove 100 miles to). They talked vaguely about visiting me in September, but "just got busy every single weekend." Probably with either visiting the Royals or doing church crap.

my asshole uncle 94

My uncle is pushing 70 years old and acts like he is in his 20's with his ear cell phone or whatever that cell phone thing that people are wearing on their ears these days and the worst part is that he brags to my family how much of a big success he is! What an arrogant asshole! He has been married to my mom's sister for 29 years and i have disliked him from day one since they got married when i was only 6 years old. He is a self absorbed, insecure, aging old man and really has been getting on my nerves recently. He constantly conplains about his thinning hair and it really annoys me! He needs to shut up and stop bragging to everyone about his business! He is into commercial real estate, whoopeedoo big deal! He acts like he is a millionaire or something! Our house is much more nicer than his ugly 60 year old house and he acts like he makes a million dollars or something! He needs to get off his high horse and stop showing off like a 20 year old! He is so obnoxious even my parents think he is!


my parents got divorced. my mom is a fucking cunt because she caused it. the fucking cunt had several sexual affairs. she lied. my dad found out about them. then she fucking wanted a divorce. she caused us to lose the nice house we had in the suburbs. she wrecked our family. she fucked other guys. she lied & lied & lied. she is a selfish fucking CUNT. I had the goddamn fucking bitch. I had my aunt also. she encouraged my mom to get a divorce. I hate it when cheating mothers, or in other families, cheating fathers, not only cheat but also get a divorce. it totally fucks up everyone. I hate it. I wish everyone that destroys families gets fucking cancer and DIES!

Worthless Stepson 96

He has not brushed his teeth in at least 3 months, because that's when I noticed he had no toothpaste and bought him his own tube, which remains unopened. He has not showered or bathed in at least 2 weeks, possibly longer, but I haven't kept track any longer than that. He is in his third year of high school and does not yet have a single credit....yes, he failed every class for 9 quarters so far. He is currently both on probation and suspended from school for separate incidents. He smells terrible. He smokes, which combined with the poor hygiene means that he smells like an ashtray that hasn't been emptied in 10 years that someone took a shit in. He has no respect for anyone or anything in his, teachers, etc. He destroys the house and does NOTHING to help clean, even throwing his own trash on the floor after he eats.

My only solace is that in one year, he will either be homeless or in prison and I will be laughing at him for the path he has chosen to take, and where he has ended up. I will also enjoy this Christmas when I will hand him a card stating that I have made a donation to charity in his name in lieu of giving him a gift. He will probably throw it on the floor, and I will end up cleaning it up, but I will still enjoy it. One year until sweet blessed freedom.

my annoying cousin 97

Ever since my cousin got married 6 months ago she has become so obsessed with her being married and it is really becoming annoying! I am not married and I am not jealous of her being married and me not being with someone or anything, she is just becoming so strange and obsessed. Her husband is weird and never says anything to me every time we see him, and I don't see what she sees in him. He looks like a dork! She is just becoming more annoying since she got married and I am tired of it! She had a video made for her wedding and invited my family in October to come over to her house to watch it, it was so boring! I didn't want to be rude and tell her I couldn't make it, but since I am such a nice person I went to her house and watched her boring wedding video. She is really becoming an annoying person!

My Family 98

Let me preface this by saying that I love my family more than anything else in the world. I really do. I just have trouble with some of the things they do. For example, I have zero privacy. I really resent this, but there isn't very much that I can do about it. Since I work and have a life I can't be at home all the time to supervise my possessions. It's little wonder that some of my relatives have packed up their lives and moved across the country; everyone is constantly up everyone else's ass. I often think about moving far away (not out of spite, just to have some autonomy and a space that's truly my own). Even typing this could get me into trouble so I should probably stop now...

Cousin 99

D, D, D. God help me. I cannot stand my cousin D. She acts like an 8-year-old, is allowed to get away with friggin' MURDER, and on top of that, lies, cheats, steals my things and tries to force her damn Methodist views down my throat! "You listen to a band called the SEX PISTOLS?!?! You're going to hell, Chi! Jesus hates punk music!" "You wear bondage pants and dress in the most UNGODLY MANNER! Why can't you wear pretty dresses like me, Chi?" To top it all off, she's the frickin' pride and joy of the whole family - I learn how to sew, I'm handed a stack of hemlines and sent to the back room. She learns how to sew, and everyone's squealing and wetting themselves over how "D should TOTALLY be on Project Runway! Just LOOK at this GORGEOUS DOGGIE BED!" I paint an entire landscape for art class, I get one look at the thing and an "Oh that's nice". D draws a stick figure or some girly-ass flower and everyone wants to see it. Hell, I can't even get a man but they're falling all over her skinny, zitty bitch-ass little self when she's here from Kansas...ah well. Thanks for letting me vent...

Girlfriend's brothers 100

My girlfriend's brother is a total fucking prick. He's this shaven-head piggy cop with some sort of psycho problem. Every single time he talks to his little sister, he gets her crying, which makes me want to punch him in his ugly ass prick face. There isn't a swear word vile enough to describe this detestable fuck.

More and more I come to realize that the sources of my girlfriend's chronic depression come from his fucking abuse. He calls her ugly, he calls her a whore, he calls her all sorts of nasty things. Anytime she goes for some space he'll force himself into her room, or try to break it down. He put her pet goldfish in the microwave when she was young, and he also tied her up and left her there for about six hours.

Something is wrong with this sick fuck, like he's got some sort of sick dominance issues. He's even a fucking piggy cop, like I said. Not to dis on cops, I've met some that I like- but there are Piggy cops, like Scott.

Honestly, if this fuck weren't about a foot taller than me and in such good shape I'd break that fucking jaw of his so he couldn't spout out all that cruel crap coming out of his mouth.

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