Fatass Trashy Hogs in Walmart 101

I'm sick and fucking tired of every time I go to Walmart I SEE FAT FUCKS EVERYWHERE! They are rude and dress like white trash. These fat slobs have enough nerve to ride those motorized carts all around just because they are too fucking fat and lazy to walk. It's pathetic! There are senior citizens who worked hard for many years and are now disabled or just to slow to get around at there age. THE SENIOR CITIZENS DESERVE THOSE MOTORIZED CARTS!! NOT YOU FAT LAZY SLOBS! YOU GUYS SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES!! The other day, I was in Walmart and this old man came in looking for a motorized cart. He was about 90 years old, really hunched over, and had some kind of back problem. He was also a veteran. This poor old man, who deserved a motorized scooter couldn't get one because they were all taken up by fat lousy pigs. How do I know this? I saw a fat couple both riding a motorized carts. They were probably both a good 500 pounds each. What a bunch of lousy pig assholes. Those fat slobs she be forced to walk. The obese shouldn't be allowed to use motorized scooters. Only people who are crippled, injured, or senior citizens should have that privilege. All you fatass smelly, blubbery slobs should have to walk your fat fucking asses.Walk and push a fucking cart to the mother fucking produce isle and buy some goddamn fruit and vegetables instead of all that ice cream, chips, and doughnuts. The exercise will be good for you. ALL YOU FAT SLOBS MAKE ME FUCKING SICK

Bitter Fat Women 102

I'm so sick and tired of fat bitter women. You know, the ones that pick on us thin, healthy women because they are fat obese pigs that have no life whatsoever. I work with this one fatass hog beast bitch and she is always picking on me. She degrades me, she tells me to go eat a cheeseburger all the time, she calls me a toothpick. I'm so sick of her shit. She is just mad because her husband wanted to bang me back in the day and he still checks me out because I look better than her beastly ass. She's not the first one I've encountered. I swear up and down that all fat women are bitter. This one fat bitch I used to know tried to fight me just because I had a 10 minute conversation with her man. It's not like I was hitting on the ugly asshole I was just talking to him. That 300 pound beast whore came after me with a fucking pool stick! I couldn't believe it. All over a 10 minute conversation. As she was wobbling towards me, she screamed "I'm going to kill you skinny bitch!" After dealing with problems I don't even give fat girls a chance anymore. If your a fat bitch, I won't be your friend. Sorry.

fat people 103

I am tired of hearing this excuse...."it's the medication that is making her fat or gain weight".

No, they're just FAT and they don't do anything about it. Yes, some medications screw with your metabolism, but that doesn't mean that's an excuse to be morbidly obese. I actually take a few of those medications with the "weight gain" side effect. So, I adjusted my diet accordingly. And I move around more. My weight is absolutely fine as long as I do what I need to do. People just look for any excuse for their fatness. The same thing applies to people who blame their weight on their heredity. Okay, so the people in their family have a tendency to gain weight easily.....that doesn't mean it's okay to be fat. They're just too lazy to do anything to counteract it. Excuse after excuse.

It's also funny how fat people want to be thin and not have to do anything to be thin. Many think that it's just easier to get a gastric bypass. Is that insane or what?

Fat People 104

I'm pissed at fat people that hate on healthy people.

There are fat people, skinny people and everyone else in between. I love it when a fatty looks down on me for being healthy... isn't that just like a bum that looks down on a guy with money because the guy worked hard?

I'm also pretty fucking angry at the insinuation that fat chicks are great in bed. I've been with an overweight girl... the therapy bills are still stacking up over that one. GROSS! Oh, was I fondling your roll? My bad, I thought it was your tit! Lose some fucking weight.

I didn't choose a healthy lifestyle... in fact I eat like shit... pizza all the time man, but ya know what... I move more than 3 inches a day to compensate! Just because you think it's a 'regular sized meal' doesn't mean it is. You could actually be eating too much. Think about you fat fucking disgusting fuck! Go sweat elsewhere.

Fat People 105

The thing that angers me most about fat people is that they are in denial. I'm currently on a dating site and these fat cows make me laugh daily when they list "A few extra pounds" for their weight when they have at least 5 jiggly, lumpy pounds hanging off their uber-double chins. This goes for men and women. These same fatty-boomba-latties then have the nerve to post pity seeking threads that no one loves them and that we shouldn't judge on looks alone. Hello!!! They are disgusting to look at, they develop these gross pig-noses due to all the lard in their faces and shouldn't be allowed to show more than 20% of their skin. C'mon! Who wants to see sausage arms or legs in sleeveless top or short summer skirt or shorts. Men anger me when they list "athletic" but you can't see their muscles due to the flabby shelf of fat hanging over their belts.

It's stomach churning when you go on a first date with someone who posted an old thinner picture and they turn out to be super chubby. Have some respect for yourselves. I don't care how "nice" you are. Nice doesn't cover the pudginess that I find disgusting to look at. The last time I noticed the guy was fat I turned and left the restaurant.

Fat People 106

I hate how fat people , in fact all people who do this annoy people. People who will have a packet of crisps or chocolate or something else unhealthy for a snack and then pull out an apple/fruit bag or whatever and say something like "i'm being healthy today". No your not , your eating even more! Eat the damn crisps if you have to and leave it at that. Or have the apple. Pick , dont be greedy and have both.I dont eat breakfast or lunch ,and i dont snack either and i know thats not healthy but i dont claim it to be healthy , i dont mind being unhealthy aslong as i look good and thin. But my friend was jealous so she started skipping breakfast and luch and started telling everybody for attention but she ate crisps and stuff instead. She claimed to be a hardcore dieter like me but she isnt , she just inst!!! grrr!! so annoying. Thankyou :)

Fat People 107

Because of these debauch and sub-human peoples, they took away our vending machines at school, and all the lunches began to suck. thats right, no mountain dew and nachos. What was the point of school if lunch sucked? There wasn't! I could buy the same weed I did at school any where else. I was forced to get a GED and go to college early because of these food theiving gluttons. I'll admit I used to be fat once. Then I saw this thing on T.V. called exercise and I tried it. Poof! Some how I'm not fat! And god damnit non of you are remotely attractive! Either your ruining my day by trying to talk to me or you're being a cock block because your aware of how deservingly lonely you will be the rest of your life and want to spread this misery upon others. LOSE SOME WEIGHT!

Fat people 108

I'm really pissed at fat people. I don't like it when fat women wear Daisy dukes, and miny skirts thinking their jelly rolls of fat and cellulite is cute. Fat chicks are bitches they think they're beautiful cuz they're big. They think that cuz they're fat they can flirt with your man or flirt with your hot looking guy friends. No, It's disgusting.

I'm angry at fat girls that give me dirty looks because I'm skinny and actually diet.

I mean 'HELLO' why don't you get off your ass and take a walk.

It makes me so angry when fat chicks complain about how fat they are when they're shoving chicken wings, and cheese burgers in to they're mouth.

I'm sooooo angry at fat men that think if I be nice to them the slightest bit they can hit on me and flirt with me. It's gross I mean I'm nice but can't you see WERE IN DIFFERENT LEAGUES??!!

fat people 109

Fat people with fat related health problems make me so angry. If your fat and have diabeetus then stop eating so much shit, next time i hear a fatty diabetic bitch while snarfing down a candy bar I'm gonna punch them. YES dieting is really that easy- stop eating and cancel the cable and get off your enormous ass. you WILL feel better and you WILL lose weight.

I am also angry at fat entitlement- your fat, that's your problem not mine. You do not have the "right" to ooze into my seat i paid good money for, be it on a plane, movie theater, bus etc. Your extra size confers no extra rights on you- you lack will power, soo not my fault or problem. Don't like not fitting into shit, lose weight, don't want made fun of, stop eating so much shit and watching so much tv.

I am angry at fat excuses- it's just that an excuse, every human being is capable of losing weight you retard fuckstick. If you think its impossible to lose weight congrats- you just violated every known law of physics- we should hard wire your fat ass up for free energy and solve our oil dependence. you would be an over unity entity- an entity that puts out more energy than it takes in , violating the law of conservation of energy or the laws of thermodynamics take your pick. you are not gaining weight/energy from thin air fatso, sorry chicken is NOT a vegetable and nibbles do count. Yes Virginia you are gross and dirty, fat people are too lazy to keep a clean house or good hygiene. They take credit for shit they didnt do , that someone else did for them. Oh but you lifted a cup so that means you cleaned the house even though your poor husband and kids did all the rest of the work. Same at work- you waddle in an eat 3 donuts and now think you should get credit for that group project. also no its not hot in here your just fat, everybody else is freezing and your costing the company money keeping the building 10 degrees cooler than it needs to be, i would rather have that money back myself fatty or at least have it warm in the winter.

i am angry at fattitudes ,don't spread nasty rumors because your jealous i'm not a blob like you. I am in fact well adjusted , hence my will power and pride in my appearance. Yes there are good men left, they are not all gay or taken- they just dont want a slovenly, maladapted, bad tempered, bitter "BBW" so yes they are all lying to you to spare you feelings. you can go to the gym people wont laugh at you if they see you there trying to help yourself, yes they laugh when you show up once a month and huff and puff after walking 10 mins and call it a day AND think your "fit".

Fat people 110

I am angry at the fat women in my water aerobics class. I used to be fat and I stopped complaining and lost the weight. Now I stay in shape by exercising every day and I'm also building muscle and improving my physique and health even MORE by actually working harder and pushing myself in my workouts. I take a variety of classes that my gym offers to members - all are excellent! But the water aerobics class attracts all the fat moo-cows who can't even be bothered to walk to their mailbox, let alone do a real workout! Water aerobics is actually a hard workout if you push yourself, but all these bitches gather in a cluster in the class and TALK the whole time! It distracts the rest of us from hearing the instructor tell us which move we're going to do next, and it's annoying! I don't want to hear about your gossip at work, fatty-pants! I also don't want to hear the COMPLAINING! Yes, I know exercise is hard, but that's sort of the point! If you don't want to be there, you can go home and eat a cake! It's your choice - exercise and feel some pain but feel better long term, or go home and eat cake and feel like crap for the rest of your life. I chose exercise and also changed my diet, and I will NEVER go back to being one of those fat-ass complaining, whining cows again! Fat people who are actually TRYING to lose weight and work hard at it, I am very proud of. I was there myself and it is hard, but the ones who just complain I want to punch in the head! I wish the instructors could just kick these bitches out of the class, but I guess they can't. Also, I try and go to all 4 days that the class is offered per week, but most of these bitches only show up once a week, sometimes not even that often. Consistency is a must if you're going to get in shape! Stop whining about how hard it is and JUST DO IT. And if you don't want to, then DON'T, but don't expect special treatment for being fat, either. And don't complain about being fat if you're not going to do anything!

And don't freaking say it's your genes, or in your glands, or whatever. Own up to what made you fat - a combination of too much and the wrong foods, and being sedentary. It's VERY rare that you have any physical disorder that would actually PREVENT you from maintaining a healthy weight.

Oh, and my fat friends...please stop asking me how I did it. You all know how I did it. I go to the gym at least 4 days a week and on the days I don't go to the gym I run or speedwalk, and do calisthenics. Unless I'm sick or injured I don't miss a workout. I watch how much and what I eat. I actually still keep track of what I eat to maintain because I do know that old habits CAN come back, and I refuse to ever be a fatty boombatty again! I stopped being pathetic and stopped making excuses and now I am no longer fat! Gee, it's mind blowing isn't it! And no, I won't go eat cake with you!

Oh, and fat coworkers, don't bring in sweets and expect me to eat them. I won't. I only eat sweets on my terms (I have special times I'm allowed to have them - it's called SELF CONTROL), and in a VERY small portion. I won't eat the nasty donuts or cupcakes you brought in. Sorry, but I'm not going to be "bad" with you so you feel better about it. Also, don't tell me I'm anorexic because I would not be able to maintain the muscle mass I have if I didn't eat! Fuck you and your associating my healthy lifestyle with an EATING DISORDER! Your eating is WAY more disordered than mine, so don't even go there or I will rip you a new one, you fucking land whales!

Fat girls 111

I am fed up with fat girls, who think they're God's gift to men, and I'm also pissed at the men who drool over them! I feel like crap every time I get passed over for a fat chick, because of the belief that fat girls are " better in bed, nicer than skinny girls, more feminine, etc".

I work my ass off to stay lean and healthy, just to be told that I'd be "hot" if I gained 50 pounds...WTF? Where is the logic in that? Sure, fat girls have curves and big boobs, but once they take their bra off, the boobs flop to their knees...that's not hot. I may have small ones, but they don't sag.

I think fat girls might want to lose weight if there weren't so many guys leading them to think that they're sexy, because they're not! And all you fat-chasing men, y'all need to get your heads checked!

Overweight people 112

I am so sick of fat people keeping up with my weight and everything that I put in MY mouth. I'm not the fat ass you are! If you kept up with your own eating habits maybe you wouldn't be so fat. I'm sick of you pretending to be concerned that I don't eat enough or that I'm dieting and I don't need to...that's bull. You only want me to be fat like you so you can feel a little better about yourself.

Oh and stop going around spouting bull about how some men like a woman with curves. Only fatties are attracted to other fatties...and if they were to be honest with themselves they'd realize they aren't really attracted to fat...er "curvier" women. They just know they can't do any better since they're fat themselves. I've yet to see an in shape guy with a fat gf or wife (that wasn't cheating on her chubby butt).

fat people 113

im so fucking sick of fat people bitching about how fat they are, and about how they are unable to lose weight. STOP CRAMMING IN THE DORITOS, BUDDY. its so annoying. im so sick of it.

fat people SUCK. and people are so damned sensitive...why??? you are FAT, you are UNHEALTHY. so....LOSE WEIGHT, YOU FAT FUCKER. stop calling it a "little extra padding"

YOU ARE UNHEALTHY AND AT RISK FOR DIABETES. eat a little less, and walk around a little more. its not that hard. why do people have to get so caught up about "oh no! youre being rude and judgemental!" FUCK YOU. im sick of seeing fatty mcbitchbitch walking down the street with her fat belly rolls hanging out over the top of her oxymoronical skinny jeans.

buy some fucking clothes that fit, and change your diet, and EXERCISE. JUST. A. LIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTLE. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE. fuck you.

and fuck you! to all the people who defend these fat ugly hos. no!! they need to lose weight. there is NOOO such thing as BBW (big beautiful woman) they are fat, ugly women who need to lose some weight before they kill themselves

drink yourself to death? you can eat yourself to death, too. fat fuckers. the only reason id rather have your asses skinny than dead is theyd stop sucking up our tax money into their fat damn vortexes for medical expenses. LOSE WEIGHT, BITCHES! (and fat men, too)

fat people 114

I am angry at fat people because it's the same bullshit every day with them. I dated a guy who's mother weighed out at 425 lbs. Since she was such a fat ass and had medical problems, she got to work at home. She would sit on her huge sofa working on her computer and she'd be surrounded by dirty dishes. By 12 p.m. there'd be about 7 empty plates, 3 or 4 empty large bowls, candy wrappers, soda cans, and tons of silverware. It was disgusting. Her fridge was only about 10 feet away from the couch so she had no problem waddling her way back for more food.

She always had to buy large suv's to haul her big ass around, and when in public she'd accuse people of giving her dirty looks and laughing at her while she was shoving junk food into the basket of her scooter at wal-mart. She'd say she wanted to lose weight so badly and even went to a nutritionist. He gave her diet bars that she would eat 2 or 3 of at a time. She'd waddle around in her giant muu muus and i can't even describe the smell. Whenever we'd go out she would spray about 6 sprays of some god-awful perfume which seemed to enhance her natural odor. Just remembering it makes me want to puke.

A typical dinner consisted of large portions of pork chops or steak (sometimes both), fried potatoes, buttered carrots, candied yams, mac and cheese, cornbread, a salad (to keep it healthy), and cake and ice cream for dessert. Maybe you're so fat because I could make 3 meals out of what you eat in 1 meal. I've never seen anyone shovel so much food into their mouths at the rate you do. Get off your fat, lazy ass and do some exercise and have a time lock put on your fridge you fat piece of shit!

Fat women 115

It makes me so mad every time I hear on tv or anywhere else disgusting, fat women being called "real women," as in "real women have curves" while they show these big, fat rolls of lard. I'm a woman and I'm a size 2. What am I then? A fake woman? Real women are fit, healthy and sexy. Those are gross, lazy pigs who should be trying to get healthy as opposed to trying to convince everyone else that they are beautiful. Listen up: if you're a size 8 or above, you're not more woman than anyone else, you're just disgusting and fat. Those fat women should pick up any magazine directed at a male audience and try to find anyone their size, see if they can talk their "real women" bs after that.

Big fatties deserve little 116

I am so fucking tired of fat ass cows who think they have a right to demand anything, especially from a guy who wouldnt usually look twice at them. You're fat, you smell like shit, and you have kids. What the hell are you doing demanding ANYTHING from ME? You are lucky i dont put you down like an animal. Put down the fork fattie, and then MAYBE I'll give you the time of day!


My girlfriend has a two-ton Betty as a friend named K.D., yeah fucking stupid I know. Anyway this protoplasmic lard pile has the nerve to try to convince my GF that I am a piece of shit, even though I was the only one who helped her press charges against her molesting stepfather, not even her family cared, let alone her "friends", let alone this particular tubby bubby. She wheezes her way up our stairs in our apartment complex, plops her 2 ton ass down on our fucking couches that we worked hard to pay for, and reclines like she owns the fucking place. Moreover, on my GF's b-day last year, she invites her whole fucking fat flock over, orders pizza without telling anyone, and then charges anyone who wants a slice to pay her 5 dollars. Fat and greed go hand in hand I suppose. Every time my GF hangs out with this whale she ends up snacking on chocolate cookies, ice cream, and pizza. Let's not forget the fucking Pepsi either. DISGUSTING! K.D. still lives at home and has racked up credit card debt in the thousands over eating McDonalds every day. Yeah and those starving Ethiopians can fuck off! She has enough lard to sustain and entire third world village for a month. She complains that her knees hurt, well I wonder if the stress of 400 pounds is hurting anything? Oh, and I have a college degree and fucking jobless, and this cow has a 36k year job, of which she complains on Facebook for having WHILE ON THE JOB and WHILE EATING FUDGE SNACKS. Fucking ridiculous. I hate fat people because they are inefficient, lazy, glutinous, greedy, selfish, and downright disgusting. They make America look like shit and I have to deal with them and their issues even though I don't want to. They make their problem everyone elses. FUCK TWO TON FLABBY PATTY WHALES. JOIN THE REVOLT!

Fat People 118

I am really angry at fat people. Not only am i disgusted by them, but they try to make people who weight less feel bad. Ok , so i get that some of them have low metabollism or high metabollism or whatever. But if it really bothered you that much that you're fat then you should do something about it!! Not only do they always complain about it, but a great deal of them are really rude. plus, no one wants to see that disgusting fat. the other day i was at an airport in the united states and there was a mc donalds there. this guy literally ate 6 burgers! as he was eating them he was sweating. THAAT IS DISGUSTING! not only did he eat them all , but he went to order more!! i actually gagged from how gross this man was. seriously, fat people should do something about their fat and do some simple things, instead of ordering fries, get a salad. use the stiars, not an elavator, take a god damn walk 5 blocks! you really don't need to take a freaking car? is that really that hard? no! so go loose some weight

Fat People? 119

This is why I am so damn angry... I know you'll probably erase this post but I want you ass holes who made this site to read it. So I'm sure you can guess that I am an overweight person. I do not give a damn what the creators of this site or any of you ignorant ass holes who "Rant" on here about so called fat people. I can not believe you dumb asses have think you have the right to talk about overweight people this way. What they hell is wrong with all of you? Do you not realize they every one is a human being. We all feel, think, love, and desire. I hope, pray and wish that you all develop a disease that causes you to become morbidly obese. Then that you won't die of this but that you will have to live a very long life this way. I bet over 98% percent of you pathetic and weak retards would kill your selves. You people obviously have your own body image issues and you project them onto others by letting them know that they don't fit the status Que. You so desperately want to fit in and be seen as a person of power. Do you realize by writing this shit even though you're anonymous you still put it out into the universe. Have any of you ignorant dumb asses heard of Karma. Well what you put out will come back to you ten fold. By the way most of you who wrote that you're sick of the "stupid" fat people, guess what. More than half of you idiots couldn't even spell correctly let alone form a sentence or even a paragraph. Did any of you even graduate from High School? No wonder you're all so angry. You have no life. Just like the creators of this site. You know I happened upon this site by chance while doing a research paper for my college English class. (Yes College, idiots, fat people are smart) After I graduate I will make a site that not only shows how ignorant this site is, but all of you as well. Thanks for being so stupid. P.S I hope all of you're children become obese as well.

Fat People on Pro-Ana 120

Fat people on pro-anorexia sites make me so angry. As an anorexic, we go on those sites for support, to talk to other people who understand what we're going through. Fucking fat asses do not fucking understand what we're going through! All these fat bitches on pro-ana whining like 'Oh, 160 lbs. I'm still so fat. Fasted all day today, why aren't I losing?' Yeah, you know what? You are fat you stupid bitch. Anyone on pro-ana 5'7" and more than 140 lbs needs to get the fuck off. I don't care if you say you're not eating. It's not a fucking eating disorder. Oh and p.s. fasting means eating NOTHING. Stupid fat bitches. You're the fucking thing we're trying to AVOID. We do this so we don't fucking look like your fat asses. Get the fuck off pro-ana sites. Anorexia isn't a fucking choice, it's a fucking disease and it's insulting to see you own OUR support sites.

Fat People 121

Fat people are always too hot... I work in an office with a bunch of fat asses who prop the door open at 8AM to allow the office to fill with cold air so they're comfortable. Forget that those of us who are trim and fit have to wear 4 shirts and a coat just to keep our blood circulating. We sit in an office - there is no physical activity so 55 degrees in like punishment for being in good shape. Meanwhile, these fat asses say "you're too thin - you should gain some weight so you won't be so cold." I wish I could reply "You're too fat, you should loose some weight so you're not such a blob of disgusting hot waste." But that wouldn't be politically correct. I'm not too skinny - I'm perfect and fat people are seriously flawed! They're also selfish caring only about their needs and if you turn your back they'll steal and eat all your food. It's happened before!

Fat women 122

We have let women become despicably spoiled in this country because of anti male supremacy efforts in recent decades. While men were giving women the shaft for most of this country's history, now the problem is that these catered to women who now have first rights over men in every area thanks to all of the recent anti male legislation which is supposed to be anti prejudicial, but has wound up giving women the right to rant, rage, accuse, demand, want, expect and get whatever the hell it is in the moment that they feel like.

Just look at all of the dating sites out there guys...you will find women getting hit on twenty (20) times more freqently than men. Because the men are desperate to give their authority and power to these spoiled brat offspring of pompous godless creatures...yeah... yuppies.

As a result...a good looking single male in good health and weight trying to find a decent looking non whale size woman to mate and or marry will be disappointed by the wretched refuse he is forced to pick from. Pig farms have better pictures than most of our single sites in America...speaking of the fatties that dare to ask for rich, intelligent, muscular thin men...! Can you believe it! Oh...and young too with good jobs.

Screw em. There must be a country on this planet where all the women have not gone insane from McDonald Big Macs, bon bons, and potato chips. Fat is not where its at as far as good sex. I just got out of a Long Term Relationship with a fatty, and the sex was a lot of work for one lousy damned orgasm for me. Sheesh! Keep the mouth closed and say NO to a doughnut for once women!

Fat People 123

Those fat beasts i swear ive pretty much just had it, today at school I was walking through the halls when this... this whale yanks me into her orbit and bumps into me, and when that happens she turns her nasty greasy self around, throws her arms into the air, arm fat flapping... and yells "***** watch where your going!"

Now really I try to like not hate them.. but i really do, they smell bad.. they're disgusting.. really I wish there was like a law against fat people.

They're just gross.. I'm sick of them..

Fat Jealous Bitches 124

I am angry because when I was bigger they did everything to make me feel insecure about my weight and now that I am finally comfortable with my body, they want to ruin it. They tell me I am anorexic because I actually care enough about my body to work out and not load it with crap that would just make me lethargic. They are just jealous fat bitches that do not want me to be happy! It's one thing if it is outsiders, who cares? But when people live in the same house as you and have authority as your older sister, they believe that they have power to take away your exercise DVD's, your scales. I want to kill her, she obviously wants me to die by not allowing me to have a healthy lifestyle! I want to be skinny, I want to have male attention, so instead of wasting my time complaining about it, I did something! And these people want to reprimand me for it! They are just jealous and I will workout anytime they are not here, and will continue to restrict my calories so that I will never gain weight! So suck on that you fat hippo!

Fat People 125

I am so angry at fat people because they are the scourge of the earth, the cancer of society. Fat people, drug addicts, and alcoholics are all the same. They are lazy and have no self restraint and become mentally and physically addicted to their drugs of choice. Which of course is in-taking as many calories as humanly possible and burning the least amount possible. They complain about medical conditions and come up with various excuses for their condition. Its a bunch of crap. Its simple math fat people. If you eat 10,000 calories a day and burn 1500, then you stockpile 8500 calories a day. Of course there is a slight variance for genetic disposition, but even if you are genetically predisposed to store twice the normal rate as the average person, just burn twice as much as you eat. You can very easily survive in a perfectly healthy condition at 1500 calories a day, if you work out for 45 mins in the morning and at night you WILL LOSE WEIGHT and speed up your metabolism. Thyroid problem or not it just takes the willpower to do it. Stop being lazy and greedy and do what it takes if you don't like being fat. In summation, I don't feel like this because of the way fat people look or just because they are different. It is because if you are morbidly obese you will most likely die at a very young age, have joint and mobility problems and basically not be able to enjoy life to its maximum potential.

fat people 126

so i went on a road trip recently to see a friend and i had to take her fat ass friend a long. don't get me wrong i don't hate fat people but when it takes you twice the amount of time to get to your location because miss fat ass begs you to stop the car every hour so she can eat, than i have a problem. SERIOUSLY just because there are food stops at every exit doesn't mean we have to stop at every single god damn one! and while we were there she had the nerve to call me annorexic because i CHOOSE to not be fat! i work sooo fucking hard to have the body i have, its not like im some lucky bitch who can eat whatever she wants. NO jesus christ all mighty, shut the fuck up. go to a gym and actually WORKOUT, and please have the manners to adjust my seat back to normal when you get out of my car so the next person who sits there isn't half way in the back seat, alright? thanks..

Fat People 127

I am so angry with fat people. I am so disgusted with hearing them wheeze after walking ten feet from the candy aisle to the soda cooler. I get angry watching them eat ribs every friday night with a liter of diet soda. I am appalled by their flatulence. I dislike their rudeness.

Laziness is not a disease! And I know for a fact that it is laziness that causes obesity, because I used to weigh 300 plus pounds. Now, I stand six feet four, but I was still fat. Not husky, mind you, but fat. I was eating large pizzas by myself in one sitting while drinking copious amounts of alcohol, not exercising, and making other dangerous lifestyle choices that pushed my weight over 300. I have lost over 70 pounds in the two years since. I am ashamed I ever got that big, having been a marine. But, I was depressed and let myself go. I am not in the shape I want to be in, yet. But, I am getting there. Because I EXERCISE! Shocking.

Fast forward to today. I was a little bummed out over the fact that a girl I really liked wouldn't go out with me. So, a friend offered to set me up with a friend of hers. She said she was not the hottest woman on the planet. She did say she had a few extra pounds, but that she was a 'great person'. Whenever someone says this to me from now on, I will equate this with 'Please date my disgustingly fat friend'. We met up for drinks on a blind date set up and I was disgusted from the get go. I BARELY outweighed this girl despite being nearly a foot taller. FYI, I currently weigh 230 (she weighs 215). She ate like a pig, she farted a lot (and blamed it on being lactose intolerant, too. That's rich.) and went on about how she was losing weight and exercising. I was depressed and didn't think I could get another woman so I went along with it for a couple weeks. But as we got to know each other more, the more disgusted I became. She even wore lingerie for me once to surprise me when I came over one day. I'm sorry but the thought of being sexual with her was the last straw. I vomitted in front of her. And told her exactly why. I believe my exact words were 'Because you are a disgusting fat body with triple chins and a massive gut that hangs over your hips like an uninflated air mattress.', and then I left without hesitation. I tried to be nice and see her inner beauty and came to realize that being true to myself was more important. I want a woman who knows how to take care of herself. Not one who knows how to take care of business at an all you can eat buffet, stuffing her face with ho-ho's afterward. So, fat chicks be warned, if you hit on me and I turn you down, I will tell you it is because you are fat. Period. Also, I look at beautiful women because I appreciate the effort they put into taking care of themselves. That is what makes them beautiful. BBW is a total crock of shit. There is nothing beautiful about a fat pig with no respect for her body. Okay, I'm done.

Fat people 128

I'm damn angry at fat people because they have no self-control and they look just gross!! I take care of myself with healthy food and aerobics, it's not that hard to stay thin!!!

It's not a 'disease' and they shouldn't be given privileges or 'disabled' facilities, that is what makes me the most angry!!! get off ur asses and stop stuffing ur faces, u lazy fat fucks.

And fat chicks, please PLEASE stop wearing clothes that are meant to be worn by skinny pretty girls like me - those clothes are NOT for you, they are too small and u look disgusting. U should just wear a tent.

fat people 129

I'm angry at fat people because they strut around in public blocking the aisles of stores, calling NORMAL sized people "anorexic bitches", and hanging handicapped signs from their rear view mirrors! HANDICAPPED MY ASS! Handicapped is someone with a broken leg or otherwise that they have no control over. BEING THE SIZE OF A KILLER WHALE CAN BE CONTROLLED! Yes, I do understand that it is possible to have diseases/genetic disorders that make it hard for you to control or lose weight, but there is not a single one that "makes" you obese! I'm angry because I keep seeing so many of them talking to someone saying "I can't help it" as they eat a Big Mac combo meal. Yes, you can help it! Another reason is that you take up the electric scooters and handicapped spaces meant for ACTUAL disabled people. My brother fell off a roof recently and broke his leg (I mean BROKE, as in bone completely snapped, not fractured) and had to use a wheelchair. We went to a restaurant to celebrate my mom's birthday during the time he had to use a wheelchair and a human whale decides that a person with a snapped leg didn't need a disabled parking area and takes his spot. Another time, I went with a bunch of my friends to the mall to get some X-mas gifts for my family. I saw an elderly man that was a Vietnam veteran (he showed me a medal after the incident) and had his leg blown off by a grenade and had to get it amputated. A blob of a person took the last automatic wheelchair and thought it was JUSTIFIED because "he got there first". HE GOT HIS INJURY SERVING US, YOU HAD YOUR "CONDITION" THROUGH BEING A LAZY ASS THAT TOOK OUR HARD EARNED MONEY FOR HEALTHCARE! You can see why I'm angry!

fat people 130

i am pissed at the fat people who say they have diseases, it is not impossible to lose weight and they dont have diseases that make them fat if any thing there disease is that there to lazy to getup and go fora jog

im so damn angry because fat people often dont workout....GET THE FUCK TO THE GYM, ive honestly had it with fat people who are lazy....i can see a pretty obvious reason why you weigh a tonne!!!! and i dont care if i say the word fat, BECAUSE YOU ARE! get to the gym

Fat People 131

 hate how fat people make the entire fat population look like filthy pigs. I've lost 20 pounds last month, but I've still got a ways to go before I'm considered "average". And I can't wait, because I'm sick of being generalised as some smelly slob who passes gas whenever and wherever she pleases. Ew! I'll have you know that I'm probably more hygienic than most people, and I have very good manners. And I always have! But so many fat people behave in such a disgusting manner that it reflects on all of us.

Stop eating fast food! Take proper hygienic measures! Wear clothes that fit! I don't blame people for generalising us, it's natural for people to do that. It's the people who give them a reason to generalise fat people that suck. Seriously, aren't you ashamed when you're 200+ pounds sitting at McDonald's stuffing your face?

PS: I admire any girl who takes care of herself. Now, I know it's nice to think that fat people who just happen to glance in your direction are consumed with jealousy, but 90% of the time fat people don't care. Sorry girls, but you need to get the fuck over yourselves. ;) There are probably a handful who are jealous, but most of the time we either admire you or think nothing of you at all. Uh huh.

Obesity 132

First and foremost, I am targeting my rant against the lazy fat people, not the genetically obese, or others with an uncontrolled genetic disease. Fat people - GO EXERCISE. The worst is American Fat people - this nation reflects your level of intellect. For your own sake, stop shaming yourself and go to the gym. Walk. Pant up those stairs. Lose some weight.

You gonna bohooo about this? Tell ya what instead of wasting energy defending your flabby folds of fat, spend it on GETTING RID OF IT!

Thinking and reading actually burns 90 calories PER HOUR! Yeah!

So, I'm also going to stop wasting my time on this rant and click enter now. Thank you for reading this, fat bastards.

Fat friend 133

I'm angry at a 'friend of mine...she is so FAT it's almost unbearable to look at her. I went to college with her and she was fat the whole time. We're talking like 4 chin rolls, nasty hips, a HUGE belly that hangs down, and her arms are HUGE!!! She has to weigh 300-400 Lbs. And it is all in what she throws in her mouth!

First of all, she ordered hundreds of dollars worth of Nutrisystem so that she can lose weight. However, she kept eating her regular diet!!! She was at work, had her nutrisystem dinner, then everyone decided to order Old Chicago. She orders the Italian nachos and ate the whole damn thing....wouldn't share! She drinks her diet Coke, but she drinks gallons of it everyday. It is just so disgusting

Second of all, she is a 'swinger' and goes to online dating sites to hook up with guys. I can't stand how she tells me about her sexual experiences because the thought of her naked makes me want to VOMIT!!

I guess I should just stop answering her texts.

fat people! 134

im angry at my fat friend. im a recovering anorexic/bulimic but even before this illness i was slim. she only gets boyfriends because she is a slut, and she had the nerve to say to me the other day "ill look the best at the party-my new outfit makes me look like a size six model!" well i have news for you darling - weighing almost 11stone and having a bmi of 26 isnt size six. im 110 pounds, size 8 and i have a bmi of 18.4.

i would love to have her self confidence. glad i dont have her rolls though.

fat beatch 135

im angry with fat bastards for many reasons.The fat stinkin lazy bastards are always first in the canteen at work,when i go to the vending machine...guess what-fucking empty then i turn around and theres no where to sit! Also my wife gave a house key to her fat sweaty stinkin friend (who thinks she hot) so she invites herself round at tea time(what a surprise)and literally cleans the fuckin table. how inconsiderate coming to my home with a fat stinkin ass and eatin my hard earned food for my family. Also she fucked up my toilet which leaks now not to mention the filthy skidmark left everytime. we want our money back you pie munching earthquakes.

Fat fucks 136

im really tired of these fat fucks and theyre bickering, they dont just complain about their weight they complain about everything they come in contact with, someone doing only 30 mph on the block nd they get mad,these fat fucks must love cars because it allows their trans fat fuck asses to move quickly, all at the expense of pushing their foot down,they love technology too which allows them do achieve more things while on their pig asses, they drink alcohol nd smoke weed , nd it temporarily makes them forget about their lazy handicapp, nd when it wears off their more depressed than ever, than they give us active skinny nd muscular people a look like " you know your the reason i am wat i am" ... nd then i give them a look back like " nd ur the reason why im happy that fat people die young. still somehow these fat fucks have an ego sometimes i dont know why, maybe they read in a magazine that if u dont act fat u wont look fat , i dont know. everywhere i walk, i see a fat bitch they dont move out of the way, nd i call them fat cunts , nd sometimes they look at me like their gonna say something nd realize that they cant even make it to the gym ,how do they plan on beating up a person who does . they always have a miserable face what ever their doing, nd by the way if it makes u feel better calling us anorexic then please do, but realize that ur comparing us to yourself nd you would die to have what we have but then again all the unhealthy fats that ur stuffing down ur hog esophagus are going to help u die quicker. fuck all you fat miserable retards reading this, nd by the way im not miserable, im just fed up, oh wait so r u. . .

Fat People 137

Alright so i was a college athlete and i will admit that i was a bigger person, but i was also very active. I ran everyday and workout religiously. But As a College Offensive lineman i was still Fat.... Alright so here's my "Beef" During a physical last year, my Doctor told me that i was Extremely Obese... Ok so I'm 6'0 270: while that does sound fat I Squat 600lbs, and can run 10 minute mile and a half. He used his BMI Chart. I am also an Exercise Science Major in college... This doctor didn't know shit about his OWN CHART... The BMI Chart was made during WW2 - to ration the amount of food needed for someone to survive in a combat area. It hasn't been updated. So that means... take a look at your grandparents. HOW FUCKCING TALL WERE THEY BACK THEN???? AVERAGE 5'6..... I DO BELIEVE THAT THE AVERAGE AMERICAN NOW IS AROUND 6'0...... GOOOOODDD DAAAAMMMNNNNN -

Fat ugly chick at the bar 138

I don't care how hard I bumped into you or how important you think you are, but NEVER grab me by the neck and scream in my face. And NEVER try to get one of your little boyfriends to get all up in my face like they're intimidating; they wouldn't have stood a chance. If I wasn't shit-faced drunk, he would've been seriously hurt and I wouldn't have to write this. But because I could hardly stand up and I don't hit girls, I let it slide. I apologized, but you still thought you were serious shit and just wouldn't shut your fat, greasy face. God, I can't get over how fucking ugly you were. You're chin was like this sagging pouch of chaffing flesh that could have passed for scrotum, and your hair was so fucking greasy I could lube my CV joints and save a trip to my auto shop. I hope I never see your face when I'm sober, or anywhere else for that matter. And learn how to do your fucking makeup, you looked like a fat, cheap chola hooker. Or maybe you just were were.

Fat people make me sick 139

Fat people in general are disgusting to me. But what really pisses me off is when they make a comment about MY weight! They think it's a compliment to call me "skinny bitch" or "anorexic" or tell me to eat something or whatever! Really?! If someone were to make these comments to them, suggesting that they eat less or call them "fat bitch", that's considered rude and hateful. And if I suggest that their comments about my weight are rude, THEY get offended and start ranting about how lucky I am to be thin and pretty! Who gives a shit?! Luck has nothing to do with it! It's called hygiene and control, people! You too can be a skinny, anorexic bitch with just a little SELF CONTROL! And they all breathe heavily through their mouths and grunt when they try to stand up... Gross... And they whine about their weight while they shovel in the fried chicken and potato chips.

There are two extremely fat people at my job and I've never seen either of them stand up for more than 30 seconds except to get another snack out of the vending machine or to leave to go to lunch at a fast food place. They're both lazy as hell. The elevator was broken (it's a building with two floors) once and they both put off what they had to do on the second floor because they didn't want to use the stairs. They waited THREE DAYS until the elevator was fixed! Three friggin days! If I put off something I was supposed to do for my job for three days, my boss would jump my shit in a heartbeat. But not them. Because they're fat. And making fat people use stairs is some kind of violation of human rights... Ugh! I fucking hate fat people!

Fat People 140

I'm so fucking angry at fat people. overweight people need to stop making excuses for themselves! its fucking pathetic! excuses excuses excuses! im sick of it. if your fucking fat, get off your fat ass and do something about it, don't bitch and complain or blame genetics and life's problems for your obesity. it makes me so mad that people cannot man up and face their problems. Life is all about moving forward and bettering yourself, so shove all that “im fat because my husband left me” crap up your ass. Man up and do something about it! Stop eating Greasy ass food and eat a piece of fruit or hit up the salad bar! You are fat for a reason. The whole "i have a glandular problem" or the "its genetic" is a bunch of bullshit. Lay off the Twinkies and bear claws, instead of eating Ben and Jerry, just settle for Ben and save some Jerry for later. For fucks sake read the god damn labels to what you buy! And then they want to get pissed off at all the slender attractive people with normal sized genitalia. i bet they haven't seen their penises in years. one last tip, stop drinking pork chops!

Fat People 141

I am fucking angry at every fucking fat person in the world. I understand that some have glandular problems, and them I can forgive, but the vast majority are just too fucking lazy and have too little self control to lose the weight. Instead they just sit on their asses all day, wondering how they got so fat, and eating the depression caused by their fatness away.

I have always hated fat people, but I am specifically angry now because I recently started rowing competitively as a lightweight, meaning I (6ft tall) have to weight 150 and retain muscle mass to compete. So whenever I tell fat people that I can't eat -- "I'm a lightweight" -- I always get responses like "that's not healthy," or "try drinking more water." I have to fight the anger telling me to remind these people they weigh 100 fucking pounds more than me and cannot run a fucking mile. Fuck fat people.


I don't really know WHY I get so grossed out by really FAT people, but I DO!! It's like they have spores that will get on me or something! My new neighbor decided I was 'going to be his new girlfriend'. I'm no skinny (5'8" - 140), but there is NO WAY IN HELL I'd EVER go for someone like him!! He's 300+ lbs and a total PIG!! He drinks himself stupid and then passes out in the lawn of the complex!! He makes us look like a white trash neighborhood!!

When he drinks, he gets progressively louder, more crass and MORE disgusting!! Every third word is "F", and sometimes, he drowns out my TV!!

Just the other day, he asked me what would help me to be more attracted to him. I told him "lose weight", and now he's acting like a wounded pup!! IF YOU DON'T WANT THE TRUTH, DON'T ASK!!!!

He's not fat because of a glandular problem or anything - he's just a FAT FUCKING SLOB!!!

SO I'm thinking that my problem is with FAT PIGS - not with FAT PEOPLE. I really DO try to look to the person within, but when there is just TOO MUCH FLAB to see through, I'm going to run in the opposite direction!

To the asshole who thinks acting like he's hurt to the core: Ain't gonna work!! YOU WANT to be a blob, so you're REAPING WHAT YOU'VE SOWN!! DO NOT give me shit because YOU are a FAT PIG!!

ok, I'm done!!

Fat People 143

Before, I never had problems with "obese" people. I was overseas in the military (I guess I shouldn't say which theater, and I did not see 1 fat person for 18 months. it was wondeful...All my military friends were fit like me and slim or ripped. God, even the Marine chicks were hot! Anyways, I digress. I know some cultures have big people, such as Samoans and I served with many Samoans...They are not fat. I was on my way home

on a commercial flight. I thought I was gonna sit by myself when all of a sudden, this fucking whale had to be escorted by 2 flight attendants and need an oxygen tank after walking 34 seats back? WTF? So I was squished into the window seat with her terrible stench and she was aksing for extra food with the meals! She freakin asked me if i was gonna finish the "cheese and crackers" that came as a snack? WTF again!!! A little while later, the flight attendant asked me if I wanted to move to an open first class seat and she started bitching and moaning. How come they didn't ask her? She was bitching about how the seats were bigger in 1st class...why the fuck didn't she buy 1st class in the first place? She complained my uniform was itchy because her fat was hanging over the arm rest and covering my half of the seat. God, fat people, lose weight or at least try to. AND DON'T say Oh, I was gonna serve in the military but I had health reasons-be honest and just say you were too fucking fat!

Fat people 144

I live in the South, where it is 90+ degrees everyday and ridiculous humidity. I realize that this is very, very hot and miserable at times, but I am NOT INTERESTED in seeing your cottage cheese thighs, ham hock arms, boulder boobs, freight train ass and ridiculously giant gut in tiny little shorts and tube tops. You are disgusting, lose some fucking weight, and don't give me your dirty looks just because I am in shape and attractive. Maybe you could be too if you didn't weigh 800 pounds. I truly despise every one of you, there are no excuses for your disgusting weight. STOP EATING SO MUCH.

Fatties 145

I've lost 110 lbs. and still need to lose 40 lbs. My mom's fat lard ass fuck of a husband who can't even make it across the street at 400 lbs. said something to me about having to lose weight. Maybe if you would stop eating whole entire boxes of donuts, half gallons of ice cream, and take out food on a daily basis... maybe just maybe you'd be able to fucking breathe and get rid of the diabetes!!!!!! Ew, and also the next time you waddle up behind me and touch my ass with your lardulous (new word!) stomach from not knowing where you stop and start, I'm going to kick you in the fucking balls you damn lazy obese disgusting pig.


I'm SO tired of listening to the LOAD outside my window!! The more he drinks the LOUDER he gets and the WORSE his language gets!! He's due to go in front of a judge for an 'arms' violation, and I hope he gets 50 years!!

I'm SO SICK of this PIG sitting below my windows and getting LOUDER with every beer! Heaven KNOWS I love MY beer, but I don't become a NUISANCE!! THIS PIG NEEDS TO BE EUTHANIZED!!

Fat People 147

I am angry at fat people for three specific reasons.

Number 1: Fat broads in Juicy Couture jogging suits who actually LEAVE THE HOUSE with their giant saggy guts hanging out of the front of their pants and pushing up their shirts. I literally cannot conceive of how on EARTH these women look at themselves in the mirror like that and think, "Yeah, this is acceptable to parade around in. I look good in this." You look like you're pregnant with a kiddie pool! How is that "big and beautiful"? It's just big and AWFUL. I'm 5 foot 8 and 140 pounds, I'm skinny, and I work HARD for it. And even then, I don't put on too-small jeans and let my body hang out at the waist. I wear clothes that FIT me and I know what looks good on me and what doesn't.

Number 2. I fly on airlines a lot every year, for my job. I am ALWAYS stuck next to a morbidly obese person, and in some cases their back and gut fat actually HANGS over into my LAP. I don't want your fat deposits in my lap like a fucking pet CAT, pal. Fat people say, "oh, you don't think we feel just AWFUL about that? We do!" I notice you don't feel awful enough to pay for 1/2 the price of an extra seat so that it won't happen. You could afford it easily if you ate half as much food for just ONE WEEK.

3. MEDICAL EXCUSES. Suddenly everyone who is grossly overweight has a MEDICAL EXCUSE. You know what doctors say? That almost 80% of fat people DON'T actually have a medical excuse severe enough to inhibit them from losing any weight. And yet 90% of fatties are "pretty sure" they have a thyroid problem, or genetics, or something.

I just want to walk into a busy playground and start screaming horrible swear words, then tell the angry parents that I should be allowed because I'm "pretty sure" I have Tourette's. See how far THAT flies.

I know a lot of weight gain is caused by depression, which leads to more weight gain, leading to depression, etc. But if you insist on being "treated like a human being" by society, then ACT like a human being. YOU HAVE A CHOICE, YOU ARE NOT A ROBOT. Try a five minute walk every day, just FIVE minutes, and gradually build up from there. Try a salad just ONCE and ignore the hunger afterward. The hunger will go away in time.

And for the love of God please don't call me a skinny bitch when I walk by. You're just broadcasting your own insecurities. I work hard to be fit and in shape and I feel great. You CAN do the same, if you just try.

Fat People at the Store 148

I hate when fat people take up handicap parking spaces. I'm 19 and disabled and I'm on forearm crutches, and they are very difficult to walk with. I cannot walk long distances with them, but I end up having to walk all the way across the fucking parking lot because fat people think they qualify enough to use the fucking handicap spaces. No. Sorry. If that isn't enough, do you know how fucking hard it is to push a regular grocery cart while using forearm crutches? Almost impossible. But whenever I go to use a wheelchair with a basket, none are left so I have to awkwardly carry a bag around the handle of my crutch, which can hold about 2 small items. Trips to the grocery store are hard as fuck because of obese/lazy people. Please have some respect for the people that are truly disabled. You aren't. You're just lazy as fuck.

Fat People 149

Fat people are driving me nuts at work and at home. Its bad enough I need to spend my entire day behind a desk at work, but its made worse by the fact I work near fat people. They spread themselves out, they cant fit up against the desks because of their fat stomach so they have to sit sideways and spread their fat legs all over the place. Makes it hard to get around for the rest of us. To top it all off I have to listen to the strange noises they make all day, the heavy uneven breathing, the burps, the groans. If you are having a hard time breathing and just sitting there is causing you to grunt and groan its high past time to lose some weight fatty.

Get home, the fatness continues.I live in a nice apartment complex with a family above me. Its not the husband or the kids that cause noise, its the disgustingly huge mother who thunders and stomps with every step she takes. When I am home all I hear is "THUMP THUMP THUMP" pause "THUMP THUMP" pause "THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP". Awesome. Every time she gets up at night to take a piss or unload the massive amounts of food she has eaten all day in what I can only imagine is a toilet clogging adventure in of itself I get woken and have to listen to her stomp her way around. Thanks fat people, it wasn't bad enough to cause your own life grief, you have to make sure the rest of the world shares in it with you.

Fat people on Scooters 150

I'm angry at fat people who take up handicapped spots and use mobility scooters for no reason, and I'm furious at one fat person in particular. This woman used to be my boss, and I was hired as a caregiver to her mentally/physically disabled child. She was nice when I started, but soon she started barking at me all the time and being just rude and nasty in general to me. I think she was just jealous that I'm 5'7 and 130 lbs. She is HUGE, definitely tipping the scales at well over over 200 lbs, she's not just fat, she's absolutely massive!! Her belly is gigantic and sags down nearly past her crotch, her arms are like two pillow cases stuffed with cake mix, and she is just not a nice person to deal with. Her child has disabilities, which is why she has a handicapped pass on her vehicle. For her child. Not her. When she goes grocery shopping or anywhere really, she always takes a handicapped space. Her child rarely ever accompanies her on these outings, and although she herself had minor surgery awhile back she is in no way handicapped or worthy of special parking. She prefers to shop at Wall-Mart or Costco so she can whiz around the store in a scooter meant for those of us unfortunate enough to have a disability. And she's a rude b*tch to people all the time and is constantly mean to her child, her husband, and those of us unfortunate enough to work for her. She is a rude, thoughtless person who should be charged with fraud for taking services away from people with real disabilities.

fat people 151

i am angry at fat people. We have a mother who was fat, and the whole time she bithced about being fat, then tried to join a diet, and guess what, she was so shocked when she didn't lose any weight but gained any instead? How mysterious!

God fat people need to realize that if you go on a diet and be healthy for 2 weeks, that dosen't give you the right to stuff yourselves with twinkies and mcdonalds, and fat cakes., cookies, becuase it's your vacation! And you've been so good, it's ok to take a break. It's not!

You realize that your pants don't fit anymore? That it might be the dryer? It's not. It's you, and your pathetic fatness cramming your face with anything that is greasy and next to your fingers.

Man we got times like that. Like our cousin, god when he takes a fucking shower, he comes out stinking like some rotten animal, can't even go near him. And our mom, when we were little, made us sleep with her, she would roll on top of you, with her massive girth and would crush our small bodies, then she would have the nerve to sleep naked, god that is so digusting.

Fat people everywhere, just because clothes are tight fitting and uncomfortable on you does not give you the right to sleep naked, it's digusting to see, when you turn over and get a glance of that fat overlapping fat body, and you literally have to puke as you smell the putrid smell that comes out. And that i hope wasn't entirely offensive is why we are mad

Fat BMI watchers 152

I'm pissed at the fucking fat asses who dont look at shape but only at weight , im 200 pounds but guess what , i wear a M and i dont have flabs flopping around like a a giant elephants , i actually go to the gym and exercise. I might eat as much as you but i exercise 10 times more than your lazy ass does. Dont group me with you asshole.

Fat People 153

Fat people piss me off beyond any measure! Now, I will mention that I am NOT a skinny girl- I have a BMI of 27, which is overweight. I DO have Hypothyroidism caused by a car accident two years ago, but I am STILL trying to lose weight, and I still eat right and exercise. I am so fucking sick and tired of all these obese people including me in their GROUP and saying shit like "You and I know what it's like!" What the FUCK? Excuse me? You WISHED you looked like me. What a bunch of insufferable assholes. Get off your fat asses and go on a fucking WALK! It's not that difficult- I do it thrice a week, even when it's 95 out, plus going to the gym. It is ALSO not hard to eat properly. Stop complaining, get off your ass, and put down the fucking pie.

Fat People 154

I'm angry at fat people who continuously insult slim people and calling them names like "anorexic" and "twig". I'm so pissed that stupid fat people are trying to make being lard normal and average, big is NOT beautiful! It's a disgusting waste of a human, you have no respect for your own body and it's disgusting. I try to be articulate but can't think of something other than disgusting or revolting to describe obese people. F&%* your "big is beautiful", "16 is average" slogan crap, no-one ever was grossed out by someone losing weight. NO-ONE WANTS TO BE FAT. Including yourselves, fatties!

Btw, fat men, your man-titties repulse all women in site. Tape them down or get lipo.

Fat People 155

Those damn fat people make me so mad. They just sit on their fat lazy asses and expect everyone to cater to their needs. Oh yes, I understand that you "need" the handicap parking space because (heaven forbid) you might have to walk a few extra yards and possibly burn a few calories. And then of course you need a motorized cart to shop? Suck it up! Just walk! I don't know any person who breaks a sweat by running errands. And do not ever, ever, ever even think of asking me to do you any favors. I will have absolutely no sympathy for your condition. Its your own damn fault that you're the size of a hippopotamus.

It also makes me mad how the media is trying to portray fat people as "beautiful". Oh really? Because last time I checked, the word "beautiful" did not mean 50 pounds of lard hanging off a person's ass! And so what if a few fat people get made fun of and cry? That is a GOOD thing. It might actually motivate one of them to walk somewhere besides the refrigerator.

I also hate how since I live in America, others EXPECT us to all be fat. Hello! When I go out to eat, I want food for one, not food for ten! Come on IHOP I sure can't eat five big pancakes on my own! You stupid fat people, stop complaining about them not serving enough food, because that is how we got to this point.

Fatties, quit feeling sorry for yourselves. I do not care about your problems. And then you give me dirty looks with your beady little eyes like its I deserve hate for taking care of myself.

I'm done now, all you fit people have a great day! Fat people, go get skinny. People won't inch away from you in public, and life will be better (and yours too) with one less obese person taking up our space.

fat people 156

I am really angry at fat people right now. Not the happy-go-lucky ones who aren't that fat and are trying to lose weight honestly (there are such people) but the really fat ones that are jerks about everything. I'm angry because of the way they treat me and my friends. Me and my friends do PE without a single complaint, even though I'm not that good at running and I HAVE A HOLE IN MY FREAKING HEART, and they're complaining of having to run just one lap, sweating, and just being a nuisance to mankind. I hate the fat girls at my school who are always telling everyone who is not 500 pounds that they're anorexic. I'm 5'0", weigh 90 pounds, fit, kind of lean, and they're on my case claiming that I'm anorexic. It gets me pissed when someone is genuinely sick and vomits, and then all the fatties are on their asses about bulimia. "Oh, you vomit all the time you fat bitch, get over yourself" then they make all these vomiting noises. And then they have to dress like sluts and hoes 24/7 and that really ticks me off because they think they're all that when really they're just really insecure people who need to lose weight!

Does this make sense to anyone out there?

fat people 157

I am angry at fat women who keep citing the fact that most American women are a size 14 as reason that they shouldn't be considered overweight. It simply means that most American women are fat. No matter how 'normal' it becomes in the US, it's still fat. And when the average size goes up to 16, that'll be fat too.


I am angry because the fat fupa Americans are overrunning this country. I can't go anywhere without a big fat fupa in my face complaining about her damn camel toe being crunched so hard by her damn tight as pants.
I believe there should be a seperate law, FUPA Law created for the fupa so they may flock together at their favorite body ruining eateries.

These damn obese fupa have even spread their epidemic to the children, and now we have little mini fupa breaking swingsets nation wide. Soon, America will be a FUPA majority "Where prestige is first and integtrity is always last" will be our country motto.

fat people 159

I am so mad at fat people! all they do is whine about us skinny people, calling us "anorexic" and shit. im sorry if my body is actually HEALTHY and ATTRACTIVE, but that doesnt give them the right to constantly generalize skinny people and accuse them of being calorie counting bimbos!

a: some people are naturally thin and have a fast metabolism, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. so even if a person is thin, they may eat just as much as one of you fat bitches(well, probably not, or else theyd be dead. but still.)

b: even if skinny people do count calories and excercise a lot to stay healthy, thats a GOOD thing. well,its a hell of a lot better than sitting on a couch stuffing potatoe chips in your mouth and watching reruns of desperate housewives.

honestly, im so fed up with the stereotypes they give us, about how we are stupid, self obsessed bimbos. and then they go on saying "big is beautiful!" since when is looking like a shit ton of cottage cheese stuffed into a plastic bag beautiful?

Gross fat people 160

I am so angry at a certain type of fat people. I have nothing against slightly overweight people or fat people who take good care of themselves. What I'm sick of is the obese people who don't clean themselves, wear clothes they shouldn't, and make disgusting sounds while eating or even just breathing. Best of all is when these people think they're healthy because they eat one organic item a week - but then buy a shitload of junkfood and stuff each and every piece of butter-laden processed sugar into their fucking faces. I once had a roommate like this and she invited a friend of the same creed over once - the next morning I found not one, but TWO plastic cake containers thrown on the ground. Not only did they eat two whole cakes in one night, but they left garbage all over the place and expected me to clean it up. Oh, they made some kind of carrot dish too - they left rotting carrots all over the counters, kitchen table, and floor. Gotta keep it healthy after all! Though it seems like more carrot ended up rotting than actually making it to their gaping, gluttonous traps.

I clearly recognize that not all fat people are like this, but the few (or perhaps, many) that are piss me off to no end. I hate having to be around these people for extended periods of time because they inevitably start talking about food and make me feel simultaneously awkward and annoyed as hell. What really pisses me off is when they try to force food down my throat - like they know I make a conscious effort not to eat junkfood like they do and they're secretly pissed that I have the self-control to not eat 24/7.

In the end, I have little respect for anyone whose BMI is above 30 simply because their inflated bodies broadcast their inability to control themselves. If you're fat and reading this now, here's simple advice: stop eating when you aren't hungry. Don't start eating unless you physically feel hunger. If you follow just these steps you WILL lose weight, no "diet" and exercise required.

Fat People 161

Fat people anger me to no end! I recently spent a month this Summer in Japan and came back to Texas and was like DAMN, you dont even have to get out of the terminal before you realize you're in lardsville.

The women in Japan were so attractive. Even if her face wasn't an A+ there was no shame cause her body was smokin. It's not like the women are working out all that much either. They don't eat as much, they don't drive as much (more walking), and the way the society is set up it is socially unacceptable to be fat. You will be ostracized. It's paradise.

Here there are many girls I meet that I have to pretend like I'm interested in what they say and put on a show when in actuality I'm thinkin "lay off the sweets fatass". Also compounding the issue is I'm 6'3" 205 lbs so I get these big girls who are interested in me cause I wouldn't be crushed by the their massive girth. I like small girls, girls I can throw around in the bedroom.

Then they'll say shit like "O you could never handle a woman like me cause I'm a big beautiful woman" or whatever. That, we can agree on, I can't handle them cause I'd just cheat on them and divorce them.

Any girls reading this take note, don't believe in some of the BS you hear on TV, if you get fat men will find you SUBSTANTIALLY less attractive and your pool of men will probably fat, uneducated, and poor.

fat slobs 162

Why do you fat slobs think that you can fit in a seat on an airplane. I don't want to sit next to you. Then there's all the crap you carry on the plane with you. I hate fat slobs and fuck you you fucking cry babies. Go to hell all of you! I don't hate anyone of any race but I hate fat slobs of all races. Don't you people even care what people think of you. No we don't love you you fucking fat slobs and I don't care what kind of a person you are. I hate all of you. Do the world a favor and stay home and drop dead!

 I hate fat people who make fun of me 163

I am not pretty at all. I am 24 years old, and I've never had a boyfriend. People make fun of me all the time for the way I look. It bothers me, but I've learned to deal with it. However, it pisses me right off when a fat person does it. It is not my fault that I don't have a pretty face, and I try. I wear make up, I dress up, I do whatever I can to try and look better.

It is a persons fault that they are fat. I work out whenever I can. If I eat something unhealthy, I will try and work it off so I will not gain weight. I figure I might as well stay thin if I have to be ugly.

Yet some of these people will make fun of me for being ugly when they have ugly rolls all over their bodies, and they are that way because they eat too much! The other day a morbidly obese woman was making fun of me and I wanted to tell her to eat another cookie, but I was afraid that she would sit on me.

It's one thing when an attractive person says something about me, they have something going for them. It's annoying when some disgusting slob does it. One time a person told me that they may be fat, but they can lose weight, and I'll stay ugly. All I could think was 'yea, you could (could is the key word) but you won't, you'll continue to get fat and unattractive.

I may have an ugly face, but at least I am not an unhealthy greasy fat slob. Go eat another big mac at McDonalds you fat fuck.

fat people 164

OH MY GOD. I have NEVER been so angry in my life !


The other day,I was at a grocery store and this FAT WHALE OF A WOMAN runs her cart into me! AND THEN, she has the nerve to mutter 'skinny bitch' AT ME !

umm, pardon? I'm 5''8, and 120 pounds, and 15 years old. I'M A TEENAGER, OKAY? IT'S MY METABOLISM. Excuse me if I don't stuff myself at mcdonalds EVERYDAY. GOD. IT'S NOT MY FAULT IF YOU DO GO TO THE GYM, OR EVEN WALK TO GET THE MAIL.

And the media is ALL ABOUT THIS 'BIG WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL' crap. HA. HA. THEY'RE OBESE! That's not beautiful.

And all these FATASSES talking about victoria's secret models being TOO THIN, and ANOREXIC. Really? cause last time I checked, you needed to be healthy to sell lingerie. Candice and Miranda ARE NOT TOO THIN, SO STOP BEING SO JEALOUS.

Fat people 165

I am so sick and tired of almost ALL fat people blaming their obesity on genetics. It is such utter bullshit. You people need to do some serious boning up on evolution instead of being giant mindless digestive systems. Up until the late 80s obesity in the USA was still relatively low. But you grunting, sweating porkers would have us believe that in a scant 30 years, evolution all of a sudden decided to mutate and cause huge numbers of people to suddenly become obese without overeating (according to you fat fucks) in just one country. The USA. What a bunch of pathetic liars you are. I am also sick of having to take two to three sidesteps just to get around you. Being in a restaurant with you people is like being in a crack house. All you hear is groaning, heavy breathing and and the sound of grazing. Watching you guys at a salad bar is like watching pigs at a trough. And the worst of all is hearing you people criticize others for their bad habits. Listening to a 500lb woman complain about cigarette smoke or other things that are bad for ones health is just too much. Just shut your mouth (I know. Impossible) and go home to your house full of cats and mountains of hoarded items.

Fat Bitches 166

I'm am fed up with this new american BBW movement...BBW my ass...I see fat bitches constantly going on and on about how their happy to be their current size, and feel everyone should see how sexy they are. They know damn well most men don't like overweight women, but they keep pushing the issue. The US is by far the worst for this problem...Let's start ignoring fat bitches, and maybe they will finally retreat to their twinky filled caves!


Ugh.I normally don't do this but today I must.I was riding the public bus today,as usual it was very crowded.Just about when the bus was about to leave,this tub of lard gets on.He gets in and tells this woman,to get off the seat she was sitting on because he was "disabled".After being cussed at by the whole bus he started saying that we had no shame.He then called this lady a bitch,just because she was saying what he did was un-fair and she was calling him a fat ass that needs some exercise.Mind you,he has done this multitple times before.

Fat people 168

I'm sick of fat people who won't shut up about how it sucks to be fat and demand that everyone pity them because of their horrible plight, but they refuse to do anything to change themselves if it involves work, discomfort, or inconvenience. And I especially can't stand it when they tell me "you have no idea what I'm going through" or "you should try to put yourself in somebody else's shoes for once"! Well here's a shocker - I used to just fucking like you, tubby! The difference is that one day I stopped complaining and bitching and whining and started doing more at the gym than staring bitterly at the skinny people, and now I'm not fat anymore. That's how it works, you fat fuck.

The worst of all is when some fat piece of shit feels that one of the evil thin people has offended them in some way, and goes on a crusade to "educate" the anorexic masses about how fat people are just like us and it hurts them inside when they're told to lay off the powdered donuts and then come the comparisons to the civil rights movement and the obligatory demand that society not only tolerate, respect, and enable fat people, but also show them preferential treatment, almost as if they've done something GOOD for the world by stuffing their face with 3000 pounds of chocolate.

Jesus, I am so fucking sick of hearing disgusting, lazy, utterly un-fucking-sanitary obese people bleating about how I should show them extra respect in spite of - or even BECAUSE of - the fact that they won't stop shoveling cheeseburgers down their throats!

Why in the hell should I treat anyone with more respect than they're willing to treat themselves with? Especially when they blame everyone but themselves for their lack of willpower and self-respect. Jesus, I get that some people have diseases that make it hard to lose weight... but unfortunately for the many, many lazy pieces of shit that use that excuse, I actually KNOW people with some of those diseases! Even those people are in better god damn shape than the wobbling lumps of blubber I have to avoid getting crushed by every time I go to the supermarket or a restaurant with a fucking buffet. And why is that? Because despite being diseased, they don't just sit around whining and feeling sorry for themselves all fucking day!

Face it you fat fucks, you're just fucking lazy. And when you desperately claim it's everyone else's fault but yours that you're heavier than a pregnant beluga whale, you're just making it even more obvious that you'd rather do anything other than put effort into changing your life.

Fat People 169

I don't usually feel the need to rant. But, these fat fucks sit around at all the local fast food joints bitching about skinny people as they go by. SERIOUSLY? I used to hang out with a few slightly overweight people, but not anymore-and here's why. Everytime I'd be at their house, it'd always come up when we were getting ready to go somewhere how "ohhh I look like crap, I'm so fat" from one of the girls, and then they look at me and have the fucking gall to say "of course YOU look great, your skinny". Yeah, I am. You're not. So, do something about it. I workout everyday. As well I am 5'7" and 120 pounds, by NO means anorexic. I'm so tired of fat people calling me anorexic just because I'm not a lardass fucking whale like them.

The reason I'm pissed off today, is I discovered it's becoming increasingly popular to put a "tummy" (as fat people like to call it to make their disgusting rolls appear cute) on pictures of anime and other cartoon girls. I was looking at a picture of a fairly attractive cartoon girl, and I noticed she had this random muffin top/beer gut stomach hanging over her bikini. I posted a comment under the picture, saying "Is this supposed to be the new "sexy"?Fat stomachs?" to which of course numerous (all of them equally as huge in size as the next) commenting back saying I'm an "ignorant, insensitive bitch for saying that about her". Like, what? They need to defend a cartoon anyway? Their defense was "curves are sexy" and I was then continued to be insulted by most, only a few supported me. Fucking fatasses. There is NO excuse. It comes from shoving food down your neck. Have some self control people. My mom uses the hypothyroidism as her excuse, but I have SEEN she can lose weight if she gets off her ass and gets to the fucking gym.

Fat People 170

I fucking hate fat people. They ruin seats everywhere they go. If you go to a movie theater there is a 100% chance the seat you are sitting in has been soiled by a fat fucker. Stop eating all that shit you fucking monsters! It's your fault you are fat! I want to puke when I smell the rush of air as you slowly lumber past me! Ever walk down a hall with a fat fuck in front of you, every single time you get blasted with a sick stench of filthy fucking ass! I am not a violent person but I want to seriously punch the shit out of some of these people, not that my 125 pound fit body would do them much damage. To summarize I hate the fats because they soil seats, blame others for their own problems, and ruin the view in most public places. STAY THE FUCK HOME!!!

fat people 171

I am angry at fat people. Now by no stretch of the imagination am I thin I have some chub to lose myself but I am eating right and I joined a gym and lost 10 lbs so far. But is these fat asses who sit and do nothing. Take my best friend for example she is 28 and she is alot bigger than me . Her excuse for not wanting to lose weight is that her rolls won't shape up and she will have flab. She is just to lazy to do anything about her fatass. People have gotten lzy instead of making home cooked meals we run to KFC and Mc Donalds. These beluga whales at Walmart on thoes electric scooters piss me off too they don't get out of they way they are rude and they smell horrible. It's so disgusting to see there rolls hanging over the cart there has to be some kind of weigh limit I feel bad for the wheels on thoes things. I might have some weight to lose myself but I'd kill myself before I'd ever let myself look like a fat two ton tessy. Do everyone a favor and at least ry and eat a fruit or vegatable now and then and it doesn't hurt to take a walk now and again you will feel alot better about yourself.


I can honestly say I have never hated any people, until now. I am completely fed up with fat fucks. Not every fat fuck, but the obnoxious, jealous, rude fat fucks. I am tired of fat hippo bitches making rude, nasty remarks, giving dirty looks, or just plain acting like douchebag bitches just because Im not a sloppy, smelly, disgusting, lardass like them. They say, "oh, I eat like a bird, its genetics, thats why I am so fucking fat" yeah, a bird alright, birds are one of natures biggest eaters fatass, eating at least half their weight in food per day. Stupid fatfucks waddled in their herd of two or more, taking up an entire walkway, you cant get around the fucking bronto herd. Why dont you fat bitches stop gorging your repulsive selves and step away from the fork. From now on I am anti fat, thats right, and the next fat sow bitch who tries to act with that fatass jealous attitude to me is going to get it right back, I plan on making the point loudly clear just how repulsive you are, because obviously, you know you are repulsive, so you take your anger at your own fat-comings out on us gorgeous, sexy, slender woman. Fuck you fatties, go peddle your blubber in a whale retreat.

Peoples weight. 173

I'm so damn angry at these fucking people ranting saying that they're sick of all skinny people and all the fat people. I myself am 96 pounds, and I can't help that. I eat until I'm full, I occasionally work out. I don't complain about my jean size or throw up after eating.

Some people like me can't help that, but when obese people talk shit and say that where ignorant. Well that's a load of shit, to be honest its like a dumb fucking war. Some people are obese and can't help it. Then there's people that eat too much and are too lazy to get off there ass.

So they talk shit about skinny people to make them feel better about themselves. Last there's some stuck up skinny bitches that complain that they're fat, and that even pisses me off. My bestfriend is overweight and when they say that around him it makes him very pissed.

When I see people judge other people that can't help there size I think thats pretty fucked up? I mean even though skinny people are usually more attractive they still get sick easier.

Then obese people might not be as attractive but they are usually tougher. They'res ups and downs for each weight, but why would hate on someone for being who they really are? You can go ahead and be assholes to the people that throw up and call themselves fat or the obese people who are dicks to skinny people that can't help it. But just try to quit catorgorizing some peoples weight and thinking that they're all the same...

fat people 174

I'm tired of these disgusting tubs of lard running around blaming all of their problems on skinny people people.Oh I'm sorry, did I say running? I meant waddling!And only about 5% of fat people are fat because of genetics or a made up "disease." It's your own fault! If you are trying to lose weight, then gfy but don't blame it on others! YOU created the sweaty, disgusting, blubbery prison that you are trapped in!Your habits sicken me. Fatties, stop wearing these skimpy little outfits that make me want to puke. I don't want to see your disgusting folds of fat that are dripping with sweat! I don't want to hear your breathing, sighing, gagging, chewing swallowing and oinking noises while you woof down your deep fried mozzarella sticks disgusting cheese laden burgers, and diet cokes.Take a fricking bath! Make sure to get between your layers of fat. They are like sweat and grease traps. Wipe that food you smeared all over your face off of your stomach... its the third fold of fat down. Get your disgusting walrus sized shapless blobs you call a body off of your XXX large easy chairs and get some damn excercize lard asses!The gym is open, like you lardies didn't know that!

Fat People 175

I'm angry at fat women, because they look me up and down stare glare and mean mug. They call me anorexic even though I eat a healthy amount of food, say that I'm obsessed with exercise because I have a regular workout routine. They spend more time obsessing over what I eat than they do what they eat. They hate on thin women within ear shot of me saying that the are unhealthy, when really the women are lean athletic, and could kick their butt in any physical competition. I really could care less about what size another women is or what she eats. I'd rather do positive thing for my own health so that I'm happy with myself. I'm angry that I always feel out numbered, and obese seems to becoming the new normal. "Oh your too thin your UNHEALTHY". NO women...you who sits on on your ass, takes the elevator up one flight of stairs, has burger king for lunch every day, then gives me a hard time for eating one cookie or one piece of birthday cake.... YOU are unhealthy. Can you even run an eighth of mile, what is you blood pressure, cholesterol level, blood sugar level. .....YOU ARE UNHEALTHY...STOP LOOKING ME UP AND DOWN AND GO GET SOME FRICKEN EXERCISE!!!!!!! Thanks angry.net this was a great catharsis and it's great to know I'm not alone in my feelings and observations.

P.S. All nice overweight people who mind their own business and try to do positive and constructive things to improve their health are excluded from this rant. : )

 Fat people 176

I am damn fucking angry at fat people.

When I was a child, I was quiet, as in really quiet, I had some quirks and that was always fat people who insulted me or physically bullied me.

They called me fat (when I wasn't and they were, and it really bothers me that one could think I was fat because I'm saying fat people called me fat... I have photos of me of that time and I was fucking skinny), told me I was ugly, stupid and stuffs. Sometimes they said stuffs ironically, and I didn't understood and said thanks... They did that and when I tried to defend myself they would come back with more people, or laugh at me. Sometimes they laughed at me for stuffs I did a long time before.

Then I was so bad that I lose a lot of weight, like I was no more lean but skinny and boney, and couldn't sleep (I would sleep 3hours on a good night) and temporarily stopped growing and they still called me fat.

Now, I read them everywhere... Even some of the ones who were my bullies, I read two of them in the Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace, French regional journal (if you think, like some people, that Alsace is still a german country, please get one of these french history book for people who try to learn french, they summarize well), saying how people mocked them in their adolescence 'cause they were big.

And they always say how bad it is models are skinny, and the ads that distort you body image, but that's not ads that made me anorexic: *THEY* did. And then, they have the right to destroy me in my childhood, but I don't have to say I find it ugly to be fat. They always say that less-fat people are stupid and superficial, but wait, isn't that superficial to judge that a person is stupid because she isn't fat?

And then, they always say they are average in size, then as I said on my blog:

"Well; but what bother me over all is that they think they are a majority, an average, the norm. The "real" people.

The average, I can get it: they are speaking about a mathematical average, a statistic.

According to them, the average person can't fit a size 11.

Statistically, the average person has less than two feet and average means no mode.

Yet, I see, when I go out, a majority of women surely fitting in a size 11, it would even fall on their knees, and they look so totally normal and "real" and true and... a majority. I'm not gonna touch them to verify.

And it's, well, logical that stores aims a majority, even if I get at a moment, when it has grown as a big fat multinational, you would want them to have at least a tiny plus-size department, but after the one for shorter and taller persons 'cause I see so much more short people than fat people and all those people who wear larger size for the length may want to stop needing that. (seriously, there are less taller or shorter people departments than fat departments, why? and nobody care.)

Plus, when a fat whine about his life and how people tell him he is fat (except if he wasn't before they began to tell him) everybody is listening, like they understood.

When I tried to talk about problems I had to different persons, they just didn't care.

They told me I could help myself, that I lacked volontee... Right, but you sometime feel the need to talk to people about bad things that happened and to be listened.

Why, when these persons see a fat ass they listen to the fat ass.


PS : Also, I always see pictures of fat women, and then someone comments on it saying they aren't fat, they're average, normal, maybe a little chubby... And it's not a meme or something.

fat people complaining 177

my mother is fat, she always complains about her fcking weight but wont stop eating chocolates and other fatty foods all the time, and i mean every time she goes to the kitchen, she eats something. i love my mother but i fcking hate the fact that she complains and then just keeps eating. my blood is boiling and my temper is going crazy but i have to keep it inside because fat people cry if they are told they are fat. disgusting fcker.

fat women 178

Fat women ~ It's not their bulging belly,

nor is it their humongous lard filled breasts (remember - under all that blubber a real boob is being held hostage), it's not even their legs or weird knees that collapse inwards:-

It's the view from behind that reviles me beyond all reason:

Starting at the neck, the humback whale fat at the top of the spine simply should not be there.

Then those massive drapes of shoulder fat that hang under the arms and go around the back causing an unholy crease that is devoid of human form. Finaly you have what we would call the 'butt' on any other person, on a fat woman it is a terrifying sight to behold. Warped and deformed, it looks like a familly of rodants moved in via the main entrance and became petrified for eternity in the yellow/white blubber.

None of this of course is my business and neither would I make it my business if I did not have these vile, vile images etched in my mind due to these women not having the modesty or the decency to cover up the bodies they themselves have deformed from glutony and slobbery.

Surely since we have laws against nudity for the sake of decency there should be some law that protects joe public from these horrific sights. I think I have post-traumatic stress because of these people. It's just not fair.
If every fat person has a skinny person trying to get out, set them free I say, I'm pretty sure most fat people have 2,3 or even 4 skinny people captured in their creases. We'll never know, something really has to be done about this.

Fat People 179

Everything about fat people pisses me off. The smell, the bitchiness, most of the things already said. But most of all:

How they are trying to say "Oh, I'm beautiful, you should EMBRACE who you are!" Um, NO, you SHOULDN'T -- being fat means you will probably have a ton of health problems and take money away from the rest of us to take care of your asses when you have a heart attack. Fat people, do NOT embrace who you are, because who you are is going to KILL you!! Jeez! It is NOT ok to be fat, or obese!! Do NOT become comfortable with it or you will DIE!

This woman really ticks me off, the "Body Peace Consultant" for Seventeen magazine. She's pictured, looking confident and happy, and, oh yeah, morbidly obese. This woman should NOT set an example for young girls. These fat girls, looking through their Seventeen magazines, should not listen to this woman saying they should all look like her! It's selfish women trying to push the "It's ok to be obese and fabulous" attitude that's KILLING future America!!!

Also, just SHUT UP sister!! My sister makes me SO ANGRY, she's fat but feels like every time I try to suggest a weight loss plan it's a personal insult, and she cries and goes on and on.

STOP projecting your insecurities on us skinny people, it's just sad and we can see right through the act.

Fat people 180

I am angry at myself because I am fat. Yeah, I've been through a lot of crap, but who hasn't?! My oldest has told me that I need to be thin since he was a preschooler, and he's right. It's just a matter of time before my toddler tells me the same. No matter what fat people say...it is not healthy or sexy! Rolls are not cute! Never have anything to wear because you're such a wide load is pure stupidity on my part. My health has improved, my living conditions are better, and my youngest is two, I have NO reason to weigh less than what I do now. If I can't handle junk food then I shouldn't keep it in the house. If I have any kind of time whatsoever it should be used for reading, writing, loving on my family, praying or working on beautifying myself even to include physical activity NOT being a glutton! What kind of a Christian witness am I for being so fat? A horrible one! God help me to walk in love, self control, and to take advantage of all the adventure in this life that surrounds me. I am sorry to Jesus, my husband, and kids, and to all the others I have let down, and griped to, I have been totally WRONG! When I fail I MUST pick myself up and start over again right away.. over and over, no matter what!

Fat people 181

I'm sick of fat women or those women who call themselves "average" because most women of their country is their size...instead of just accepting that it's just more people are getting fat.

Don't give me dirty looks because I can fit into all the nice clothes. Stop sulking that your boyfriend is checking me out. Shut up using the "You're a stupid skinny b*tch anyway. I'm a REAL woman and I'm better than you because I'm bigger!" excuse. If you were truly happy with your body you wouldn't care what other people looked like.

Put down that pie and lose some weight. That or shut the fuck up!

Fat "curvy" women 182

It just pisses me right off when I get massive lazy slobs preaching that "curves are sexy" and "no man likes a bone". Just because men (quite rightly) think curvy 10-12 beautiful women such as Kelly brook and beyonce are sexy doesn't give lard arses the right to spill into size 20 jeans and scorn healthy slim women. Sick to fucking death of being called "anorexic" by these fat wastes of spaces for maintaining a BMI of 19.5 and fitting into a size 8-10 through healthy diet and exercise through their own insecurities. I have friends who are curvy 12-14s who tone their bodies through exercise who men DO find attractive so there really is no excuse for you to have a fucking three numbered BMI in the name of "curves". Just not fair that these oversized whales can slag off healthy sized women when no one is allowed to refer to them as "fat". These jokes to the female body need to wake up and realise that no one, whether a fan of skinny or curvy, will ever find a round size 20 attractive and they are not only grotesquely unattractive but seriously unhealthy...

Fat slobbos 183

In Britain, the typical fatty is a loudmouth ignorant fuck, who cannot accept that they actually are fat. They must actually buy mirrors that knock 300 pounds off them. They also get thousands of pounds of free treatment on the health service, taking up time and money when people who need transplants wait in a queue. They make me fucking sick. i shall tell you what annoys me about these fat "people". the main problem is that they fucking twine that they are fat. WAKE THE FUCK UP! you were not born as a 950KG monster, fat is something that accumulates over time, a vast amount of time at that. if it bothers you so much GO THE FUCKING GYM or get lipo! another solution however would be to just simply stop eating excessively.

Fat people 184

I'm so angry at fat people, especially the one I met in train earlier. FYI, I had two huge groceries and sitting next to you in the train won't help me get comfortable. So what if I passed your seat and chose another one? I have every right to sit wherever I want. And I wanted to save both you and I from the suffering of squishing between groceries in a crowded train. You, on the other hand, do not have a right to yell at me and blame my race for it. I didn't even say a word to you, I didn't make faces, I just passed your seat and decided to pop my bags somewhere else. What's your fucking problem?? I am sick, sick of you fat people trying to lash your low self esteem on the nearest person.

people who are angry at skinny people 185

right im angry because u fucking completely ignore that while u were sitting on the couch catching up on your fucking jerry springer or whatever it is fatties who actually care enough to have a tantrum on this website watch, skinny/healthy/normal/not fat lazy shits, actuallly were out excercising or going to the beach, or just fucking moving around a bit instead of wallowing in misery, your fat coz of genetics?? REALITY CHECK MORON, unless 'eat 20 pounds of twisties a day" is in your fucking genetic code, making you the ONLY FUCKING PERSON EVER, you could still lose weight and be a normal, healthy person. hear of any genetically fat cave men? no, so take responsibility for your own fucking descisions and problems and dont lash out at people who either have no problems or very different problems to you with food. everyone fucking crapping on that anorexics/skinny people (coz there the same thing eh) die of all these health complaints? get off this site, go check out the statistics on obesity then come back and rant about some fucking "omg anti fat people health conspiracy, fucking government whinge whinge". Id tell u to go for a run while im at it but hey lets face it, if ud done that in the first place/ever, you probably wouldnt be on this page bitching about people who look better than you. its called jealousy and it makes you pathetic. have an awesome life chunky munkies, butterballs, fatasses, haha wait no, i wont waste my time with names - youve heard them all! :)

Fat People 186

I despise fat people. Everything about them gets me angry, the way they walk, breath, how they try to fit into shirts two sizes to small. They are so disgusting, now im not saying Im perfect but at least my waist is 24in and I look nice in almost everything. What pisses me off so much is that they put themselves up on a pedostool thinking they can get away with shit cause they have a weight "problem". Its like well shut the hell up and do something about it stop bitching. I rarely see fat people trying to lose weight and when I do I feel like hell froze over. God just everything about them makes me want to throw up. I hope an overweight person reads this crys and stops eating all together, cause like honestly you had enough food think about the kids in Africa.

Fat People 187

I'm so sick of fat women saying they can't lose weight because of a thryoid condition. I have one, and even though it's become harder after having kids, losing weight is simple, thyroid problems or not. Calories in should be less than calories out. Do some fucking math and figure out how many calories you need to eat every day to maintain your weight, then subtract about 500. Then STOP EATING MORE THAN THAT.

And if you want to criticize me for my weight and complain that it's just good genetics, then I will complain about how much money you are costing me and the rest of the country to accommodate your fat ass.

Fat People 188

I hate people who have no idea what they are shovelling down their gape holes. They gorge on sugar and fatty foods and then whine and whine that they are not losing weight, or complain that they are fat in a humours way.

Learn the basics of nutrition, the Kcal in fat, carb and protein. Learn the vitamins we need, etc. It is a lack of self care in my opinion. It is like they put their trust in the corporations that create ready meals and processed foods. They don't check to see the salt or sodium content.

I also hate the nation that thinks instantly "high blood pressure, pop a pill". OK, maybe that is needed initially WHILST you begin an exercise program and cut down on salt. But they assume they can gorge away on the same foods whilst the liver and kidneys have to process these pills, which are dangerous, albeit not so bad as a heart attack, which makes it viable to do. Come on, please...

fat people 189

I am freaking angry cause i have a group filled with fat retards!!! In the start we all were just friends and later on those crazy fat bitches started hitting on me and when i just rejected them

they all whine "why?? cause im fat??" yes!!! ofcourse cause youre fat!! and then they wear all those mini skirts and stuff thinking theyre the babes! yup! it rather looks like u have the babes inside ya!!! (babies)..... well but the sad part is were friends from a long time and now theyre acting like this.

Fat People 190

People suck. Does everyone know that? Good. People make me angry.

The people who rant about skinny people make me angry, this isnt actually about fat people but the object is suppose to be brief so fat people is close enough to fat people ranting about skinny people.

I was on google and found the fat people rant page (which I love) then I went to the homepage and found the skinny people rant page, By gods, there were fat people trying to justify their fatness with the exact same excuses loads of people were bitching about in the fat people rants. So either the fat people were trying to justify themselves with "It's genetics" "food's an addiction" "It's metabolism" or "It's not as easy as calories in and calories out" or they were bitching about whores. They weren't actually ranting about skinny people, but skinny people being whores and sluts. So really, they are just ranting about skanks, not skinny people, they are just throwing in the skinny people in their because they are jealous they can't be skinny and act like skanks themselves.

Admittedly, I'm sure their are people who are mean, rude, stupid, etc., etc., but those are just the way people are, it doesn't have anything to do with their weight. Really they seem to be ranting about how people don't like them. We have reasons to dislike fat people, They ruin our appetites (sounds, smells, looks) they take up space, they are forever complaining about bring fat yet when lunch time comes around there goes half of a pizza, they attempt to pass off their inability to eat less as something else, and the list continues. Point is, on the fat people rant page people are ranting about things that is attributed to ALL fat people, while on the skinny people page they are just ranting about people and their faults in general and not about skinny people.

Their is nothing wrong with skinny people! Unless a person is really underweight people don't get disgusted by skinny people, skinny people don't take up loads of room, on average fat people smell while skinny people don't, and again on average skinny people have better table manners. Reading through the skinny people page pisses me off, they are just ranting about experiences they have had with rude people that happen to be skinny, they aren't actually ranting about things that skinny people do, like, I dunno, promote exercise. So, fat people ranting about skinny people piss me off, unless they are seriously ranting about someone who doesn't have ten extra pounds of fat hanging off their arms and how that pisses them off.

Well, I feel a whole lot better now ^^

Fat people 191

I am SO DISGUSTINGLY ANGRY at fat people. They really are an abomination. Instead of letting fat acceptance groups win you over with campaign slogans such as "fat people are still people," "fat people need love too," etc. wise up and see the facts. THAT INCLUDES YOU TOO, FAT PEOPLE. READ THIS AND LEARN.

-There is NO DISEASE which causes you to be a tremendous fatass. Absolutely NONE. Thyroid conditions might make it marginally harder to lose weight, some pills might cause you to retain water, but in the end NOTHING FORCES YOU TO WEIGH MORE THAN A HEALTHY WEIGHT.

-It really is as simple as calories in vs. calories out. Whine, complain, cry, and deny it all you want, but it's true. Until you realize it, I mean REALLY realize it, you're going to be a disgusting, fat blob for the rest of your miserable life.
-Exercise isn't a "luxury." Yes, you can get away with not exercising, but the human body is meant to move. You don't have to spend hours at the gym; lead a lifestyle that encorporates walking, biking, etc. and you'll be fine.

Fat people are a disgrace to the human figure and a disgrace to society. They're gluttons. They lack self-control and respect for their bodies. They don't have consideration for the rest of the world; they inconvenience us by taking up more space than is necessary, forcing us to view their aesthetically-unappealing bodies, and draining billions of our tax dollars to fuel their dispicable lifestyle choices.

If you think this is hatespeech, think again. 100% of this is true. If you are a fat person and you disagree, really take a good look at yourself. Are you happy with your life? Are you happy with your figure? Can you say that you're as healthy as you could be? Are you making excuses for yourself? Don't you ever think of the others you're hurting in the process of your trainwreck eating habits?

Fat is NOT beautiful. Fat is NOT acceptable. Fat is NOT healthy. Fat is NOT natural. Fat is a distortion. Fat is a deviation. Fat is a self-served poison. Fat is SUICIDE.

After seeing people (not just children) literally starving in other nations but STILL being completely functioning, contributing members of society, I have absolutely no respect for fat people. Eating more than you need is GREEDINESS. Fat people are GREEDY, EVIL ASSHOLES. The only thing making you eat more than you need to survive is YOU. YOU ALONE DO IT. No illness, no "genetics," no socially-constraining factors involved. IT IS ALL YOU.


Sorry for caps, but the point needs to be driven home. I am so, so, SO angry at fat people. I wish every single one of them could read this and really understand it. NO ONE has to be fat. It does NOT have to define your life. You CAN change, but only YOU can do it.

Fat people losing weight, you have my respect. Keep going. Fat people living in denial, you can go and do society the only favour you'll ever do for it: drop dead.

fat people 192

Some fat girls really piss me off. Not all skinny girls are anorexic and throw up their food. I'm 5'5" and 115 pounds and I've been called anorexic and a twig but i eat and i keep everything down, i have a nice shape and I'm pretty damn happy with my body but i don't dress like a slut to show it off. Yes, some skinny girls do wear slutty clothes but so do fat girls. Yes, some skinny girls are stuck up but there are some stuck up fat girls too. I'm sick of fat girls who call themselves curvy and "womanly" like skinny girls aren't real women. You're a woman if you have a vagina. Your body size and shape has nothing to do with your gender.


Everyone thinks that if you call a skinny person anorexic it's okay but if you call a fat person obese like OH MY GOD!! overweight girls treat thin girls like shit because they're jealous...seriously stop hating and go to the gym and work out your anger and jealousy.

Fat fucks 193

Why am I so damn angry? Fucking fat people! Particularly those fucks that try to claim that they're fat because they have a "medical disorder" or whatever. I suspect that most of the people who give that excuse don't even know any conditions that cause obesity beyond "my thyroid is, like, not working right, or something." They tell you over and over and over that they can't lose a single pound, in spite of the fact that they jog 10 miles a day and eat healthier than a fitness guru - of course, this usually amounts to them power walking up and down their street once every few weeks and ordering the salad in addition to the ten or twelve Big Macs they have every day.

Also, I especially hate it when fatties say things like "yeah most obese people could lose weight but they don't, but I'm different because I have a medical condition, so it's not my fault, and there's no possible way that I could just be lazy because I can't lose any weight no matter whaaaat". The chances of you having a medical condition that causes you to be fat are between about 1% and 5% - you PROBABLY don't have hypothyroidism or whatever. What you do have is a really severe case of laziness, with a secondary infection of denial. You fat fucks. You fat, fat, fat, fat, obese, irresponsible, lazy, mentally defective fucks.

Oh yeah, and then there are the fat apologists who just can't understand why anybody wouldn't want to stick their dick between somebody else's fat rolls. And they use all kinds of retarded euphemisms for "fat": "curvy", "plump", "rubenesque", and so on... "Big women are beautiful!!!" Yeah, no. There is nothing beautiful about anyone whose fat rolls are so massive you could go spelunking between them. Unfortunately, fat women tend to gravitate towards this idea because it allows them to feel good without actually doing anything, which is why we have women weighing upwards of 500 pounds waddling around on beaches wearing nothing but a string bikini and genuinely thinking they're attractive to people who aren't completely insane.

Worst of all are the fatties who think anyone who points out how fat they are is roughly equivalent to a neo-nazi. I'm all for freedom of lifestyle, but don't expect me to condone your eating five boxes of powdered sugar donuts a day under the guise of a medical disorder. When I go outside, I do not want to find myself surrounded by obese people with asses wider than I am tall, whose weight impedes their maintenance of a reasonable level of bodily hygiene. It is disgusting. Apparently, this means that I possess a smoldering, irrational hatred for all fat people and would like to dump them all into enormous furnaces and watch them melt into an ocean of bubbling fat. This is, in fact, untrue. Just because I am disgusted by your cascading mounds of adipose tissue and your disrespect for your personal health doesn't mean I hate everything else about you, you stupid fucks.

If you can't get on an airplane because you're too fat, you may want to consider the possibility that, perhaps, you should go on a diet - that perhaps, instead of suing everyone and his cat for making you fat and for discriminating against your fat body and for not hand-feeding you deep-fried balls of fat dipped in more fat, you could actually put some effort into trying to not being fat anymore.

Fat People in Buffets 194

I went into an all you can eat Buffet the other day. Ten Minutes later, a huge group of Fat nasty women came in and ordered the Buffet. They cleaned it out. All the fried chicken, all the roast beef, all the damn meatloaf was gone. There was none left for the regular sized people. How can you let a group of Sumo women go into an all you can eat Buffet like that? These porkers had the entire buffet at their table!!

Fat People 195

I walked into Mc Donalds and low and behold, there glued to the seat was Jabba The Hut from star wars. I was so excited as i clutched my mc nuggets in my hand i ran over to Jabba, looking for a fan photo. ''Jabba, my queen, can i get a photo with you?''

NOM nOM was the response :O

to my horror it was a fat ugly bitch. She farted with excitement when she saw me trying to take a snap of her. I thought it was jabba. I did not know it was some fat imposter.

As i recoiled in horror, the fat bitch continued to fart and jump up and down smiling. It was so embaraasing. The smell of eggs and cheese wafted in the air, and her tight trousers became wetter and browner with each jump. She soiled her pants. she urinated and secreted her dinner all over her xxxxxxxL self.

I was so damn angry i threw my mc nuggets into her mouth and ran.

I cried myself to sleep that night. I am so scared of fat people. Everytime i see jabba i feel cheated. I cannot Masturbate anymore because everytime i close my eyes i see the fat slob. I cannot bear to go back to the mc donalds.
What will i do? get Fatfear theraphy?

*Note from Anger Central
When this came it it obviously didn't fit here, but after everyone stopped laughing we decided to make an exception. :D

Fat fucking fucks 196

I have to live with a fat person. I won't say how or why she came to be here, that's another rant for another day. Suffice it to say, it's all bullshit and it should have never happened.

She doesn't do jack shit around the house, unless you count the odd dish washing or cooking of the supper. She'd much rather cook food than wash the dishes you put the food on. She's about 5'10" and probably tips the scales at anywhere from 250 to 285 (no exaggerations). When she gets up in the morning, she (of course) has to have, JUST HAS TO HAVE, breakfast. Perfect excuse to get up and eat some more. Gotta eat that food, someone else might get at that shit! It's disgusting. And it's never a small breakfast either. God, no. She has to have a sandwich or two, a bowl of cereal and whatever else she manages to find in the refrigerator.

She has no table manners. Whenever she eats, she makes sure to make plenty of slurping, slopping sounds. And lots of smacks, too; plenty of those! FUCK, it makes me so mad.

Her clothes don't fit. Her shirts stop just underneath her belly button (not that you can see it, of course). Whenever she stretches, she raises her arms up, and of course her shirt goes up with her arms, so you get to see all that wonderful fucking flab. It's so damn disgusting. Her pants are always (somehow) falling off her ass. I would be absolutely ashamed of having a body that looked like that.

She sat down next to me once when we over at a friend of mine's place. She's a lot bigger sitting down than I am (I'm 5'10", around 130 lbs.). It was like sitting next to a damn statue of Buddha or some shit. Absolutely fucking ridiculous. She's somehow bigger sitting than standing.

And of course, there's the breathing. Everyone knows how fat people breathe. Well, she does it too and fuck yeah it's so irritating. She doesn't breathe through her nose, it's always the mouth. She claims she's "sick", but that's an excuse.

I just don't see how she lives with herself. If I were that big, I wouldn't be able to. I probably would have committed suicide by now. That may seem harsh and/or cruel, but it's the truth; I simply could not stand looking at myself in the mirror and seeing big fucking 7" love handles poking out of the sides of my shirt. And let's not forget the innertube she walks around with in the bottom of her shirt.

Just disgusting.

Weight 197

I'm angry at people who are over weight and complain about it, but do nothing about it. I go into school and there's girls all like "Ohhhhh I'm so fat! I hate my life!"

Well unless there's a medical reason why you're so fat, then get on a fucking treadmill and stop eating fatty foods! I also hate it when people who are proud of being large have a go about thin people,and say it's wrong to under weight. Well you're proud to be large? Big and beautiful and all that? Well I love being thin. I work hard for it and devote a lot of time to being my weight, because I think it looks NICE. And then they say "But you're putting your health at risk by being under weight"

NEWSFLASH- so are you by being over weight. And why's it anyone elses business? If I like my weight then deal with it.

But back to my first complaint, if you're not happy with your weight, do something about it.
If someone else likes their own weight, butt out.

Weight Obsessed People 198

I get really fucking angry when I think of all those people that are obsessed with their weight and feel the need to inform others (mainly me) about their said obsession.

News Flash Bitches I DON'T CARE

You can go on and on about how fat you are, how your mum thinks your fat, you think you fat and your crush probably thinks your fat. And stop complaining about being to skinny as well, sure your metabolism is high. I dont care, I dont need to hear word-for-word about the 7 Big Macs you ate last night and you don't even feel bloated.

For fucks sake please stop bitching to me about your shit.


I mean seriously, do I look like the kind of girl who gives a shit about you, because last time I checked I didn't care about you and your fucking self-esteem issues. GO FUCK A CHEESEBURGER OR A CELERY STICK EITHER WAY STOP TELLING ME ABOUT YOUR FUCKING WEIGHT!!!

Fat People 199

I am so angry with this one specific fat person, I have lived with this person as a college roommate for four years now. At first he was kind of fat, now that he was cut from our college team he has gotten even fatter. He was cut because he got worse overtime at the sport and its because he progressively got out of shape. It really revs my engine that he blames our coach instead of his fat self and now as I write this I can hear him breathing like a cow across the house. GOD does he anger the hell out of me.

fat people 200

I share a house with a relative who is morbidly obese, we're talking 450+ lbs. She's fat because she is compulsive eater and has no concept of proper nutrition. All she eats is chips, bags of candy, fatty meat, cheese on everything, fast food, & drinks a liter of 'diet' soda a day. She complains about being fat and plays herself off as a victim. It's not her fault, she can't help it, blah blah blah. I'm a 155lbs & I have Crohn's disease. I'm sick all the time, and have tons of health issues. She talks constant shit on skinny people, and makes comments to me about my constantly losing weight. She's like "MUST BE NICE". Must be nice? My life SUCKS. I'm in pain every time I eat something. I eat a limited diet and have to fight to not be a walking fucking skeleton. Don't even be fucking jealous of that, that's so fucked up! If you got off your fat fucking ass and stopped shoving your face with shit you wouldn't such a fat fuck. Jesus fucking christ I hate her for being an ignorant stupid fat fuck!!!

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