Fortnite Haters 1

I am so angry at gamers who get angry over Fortnite, why do you guys hate it so much? Fortnite is supposed to be the latest new trend in gaming but yet here i see people saying Fortnite sucks, Fortnite is Trash, Real Gamers don't play Fortnite. Enough I get it Fortnite is talked about on the internet a lot but my god this game gets so much unnecessary hate it's ridiculous, you know you don't half to fucking play the game just let others who do play it enjoy it and stop being an asshole to people who do play Fortnite. Mr. Webmaster care to show us your Fortnite Dance Moves?

*Note from Anger Central
Sorry, no one here plays it or has heard of it.

Dumbass Gamers 2

I am so angry at gamers who try to act like they have a superiority complex and bash your favorite game series and then get defensive when you say shit about theirs or their favorite console. The ones i'm talking about are the dumbass pot smoking, never disciplined, kids who spend more time disrupting class in school than learning anything and talk a lot of trash to other players on Fortnite and would most likely get their face punched in if they said any of that to the person in real life.

Some dumbass kiss on Xbox going around talking shit about an amazing RPG like Persona 5 by saying it's for Pedophiles/ Hey retard I bet you are playing Fortnite with a Pedophile did you ever think about that? Of course you didn't because you're too stupid to know what a Pedophile is; in fact I bet your one of those losers who goes around bashing anime and if you are than I feel bad for a loser like you because it must be very nice if your sole existance is to hate on stuff people love and make others feel bad for it; I bet you are also the type of dumbass kid that goes on deviantART to attack artists for drawing anime art and accusing them of being pedophiles. Kid there's a certain place for fucktards like you and that's on Beyond Scared Straight and any child that accuses any adult of Pedophilia should be tried as an adult because you're trying to use that Pedophilia excuse to get your way and play victim when you're in the wrong. Hell I bet you lie about your parents abusing you; you know what kids like that should be sent to jail and have inmates and Cops getting in their faces on Beyond Scared Straight. I bet you all probably have had the sick thoughts of raping girls in your class and you know what that's exactly where all of these troubles youths who play Fortnite on XBox attack games like Persona 5 and Anime Fans by calling them Pedophiles belong is in the Beyond Scared Straight Program.

Also another thing that pisses me off are the Console Wars where the owner of a Console will attacks players of another Console by talking about why their's is better. Not all consoles are perfect and they all have flaws XBox One has the slowest install times of any modern game system, the PS4 has errors up the ass, and the Nintendo Switch has Horrible Online Service. Then there is the PC Fans who hate consoles and act like their Computers are better. Most PC Games use a keyboard and are a pain in the ass to maneuver with compared to a traditional game controller not only that but most game consoles cost $300 where a Gaming PC costs $2,000 and guess what everytime these idiots lose in Fortnite they break their damn computers. Yeah Don't insult console players when your dumbass paid $2,000 for a computer you destroyed because you're a sore loser; oh and I forgot to mention PC Gamers have a Superiority Complex and always try to shove it down everyone's throats and it's these dumbass PC Players is what gives Gamers a bad name along with the rest of these Console Wars.

Everyone please grow up if you don't like a game or console don't like it but don't try to make others feel bad or have a superiority complex over others and make yourself and all gamers look like dumbasses.

Stupid Idiots Complaining about Persona 5 Royal 3

I am so angry at a bunch of morons who are up in arms over a controversial scene from the Video Game Persona 5 being altered in it's update Persona 5 Royal where the Protagonist Ren Amimiya/Joker ditches his best friend Ryuji Sakamoto/Skull to be sexually assaulted by two Gay Men. Now Atlus received a lot of shit about this and they changed it so it wouldn't give gay people a bad look. It shouldn't and also If I could make any changes it would be to have the Protagonist Ren save his best friend Ryuji from being sexually assaulted . I don't really see why people are making a big fuss over a scene in a video game that doesn't really effect the story that much. Now you have idiots whining on Social Media saying they won't buy the game over that one change. Jesus Christ people Grow the Fuck Up; you talk about Going Woke means Going Broke yet telling people not to buy a video game because you think it's bending the knee to SJWs is very Hypocritical.

I should also point out that Atlus the developers of Persona 5 Royal also fixed a part in the game where the Protagonist Ren/Joker can also choose to date his best friend Ryuji which was something a lot of players from the original version hated. I mean after all there should be a choice that you get to choose who you date whether it's Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke or any of the other Phantom Thieves, and if anybody has a problem with that than I say don't buy the game but don't tell people who are going to buy it to not all because you think it's pushing an agenda when it's not, you fucking idiots.

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